If you thought the “pigeon posture” was the latest dance fad amongst ironic hipsters, you’re mistaken. In reality, it’s one of the many mindboggling tortures inflicted upon the hapless inmates of North Korea’s gulag system.

Crude illustrations reveal the horrors of the torture and are the cornerstone of the UN’s report on North Korea’s extensive human rights violations.

The Commission on the Inquiry of Human Rights condemned the abuse and said that this was the worse case since…wait for it…the Nazis!!

Yes, the ultimate evil has been invoked and is out of the bag. The Smithsonian even had a headline that made it seem like the ultimate putdown.

“The United Nations Just Compared North Korea to the Nazis.”

Take that Kim Jong-Un!

Considering we’ve all been taught that if the West had invaded Germany before 1939, we could’ve averted the Holocaust, you kinda wonder what response the UN has in mind for North Korea.

Nuclear strike? Joint US-China Invasion? A Google Doodle denouncing the state?

Well, Kim Jong-Un must be shaking in his booties because he’s getting referred to the United Nations International Criminal Court. That’s a punishment any kindergartener might fear.

What’s the likelihood anything might happen to North Korea? About the same chance any of the prisoners might start enjoying the “pigeon posture.”

China has already denounced the report and is expected to ensure that it doesn’t go any further than being merely a piece of paper.

Here’s Forbes on the matter:

That’s because, contrary to the report’s recommendation, neither the report nor the evidence presented within its 372 pages will ever be presented to the UN’s International Court of Justice or the International Criminal Court, both in the Hague, or any other judicial body.

China, North Korea’s ally, the source of most of its fuel and half its food, emphatically refused to endorse the report on the grounds that “issues concerning human rights should be solved through a constructive dialogue on an equal footing.” As one of five nations, along with the U.S., Britain, Russia and France, holding veto power in the UN Security Council, China can block the report from going anywhere.

Well that blows, but maybe we can still hope something will be done because the Nazi menace has been invoked:

A central issue is the need to act against North Korea as soon as possible. Kirby likened the DPRK’s transgressions to the slaughter of millions of people in Nazi Germany’s concentration camps during World War II. Although conditions had become known well before the war ended, Germany’s foes did nothing about them until Germany’s surrender. Kirby stopped short of saying that foreign forces should free the prisoners rather than wait for the regime to collapse, but the inference was plain: something must be done, hopefully by legal action.

It’s quite laughable that a body that was created to prevent so-called human atrocities, proves a nation commits those atrocities beyond a reasonable doubt, and then can’t do a tangible thing about it.

In the words of Bashar al-Assad: “Who said that the United Nations is a credible institution?”