You’ve probably already seen the obnoxious College Humor video on “columbusing.”

Featuring a “well-spoken” and well-dressed black dude with a nerdy, effeminate White male (can’t call him a man) of the Kali-Yuga, its humor relies on the shared belief that Whites have never invented anything and steal cool things from ingenious non-Whites.

CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos

It’s no surprise that left-leaning blogs have fallen in love with the concept of “columbusing.” For those not in the know, “columbusing” refers to when White people discover something for the first time and claim it as our own.

The humor is dependent on White self-hatred and the idolization of the “natural genius” blacks and other non-Whites–namely typical traits of White liberals.

But since we all know that aside from a few things like twerking and WorldStar Hip-Hop, Whites have invented the vast majority of concepts, products, and ideas that the entire world uses to function in a modern capacity. Yet we rarely get credit for inventing anything.

So shouldn’t we have a term for non-Whites using our creations without acknowledging our efforts?

F.C. Stoughton at Counter-Currents suggests we should call this “cargo culting“:

I have an idea. Whenever non-whites adopt the cultural productions of whites, let us say that they are guilty of Cargo Culting.

So Aisha Harris [Slate blogger who praised the “columbising” video] will have to remind herself, when driving home at night, that she should wholeheartedly express her appreciation that her automobile, invented by whites, had been Cargo Culted for her and her race. But does she ever? Does she think to give us whites what we are ready to give to blacks for twerking?—that is to say, credit?

And how about when she takes an elevator to her apartment? Or when she texts her friends? Or when she uses her apartment’s central heating and plumbing systems? Any gratitude from Harris? Any acknowledgement that these things were Cargo Culted?

Let us take the briefest of tours across the seemingly endless island of the Cargo Cult.

So the next time a non-white speaks or writes in English or French or Spanish or German; or uses a wheel; or purchases electrical appliances; or watches television; or sees a movie or listens to the radio; or gets a satellite feed; or notes that it is Wednesday or any other day of the week; or looks at representational art; or mentions the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius; or is confronted with three-dimensional perspective in a line drawing; or rides a bicycle; or walks on concrete; or stands under an arch; or thinks philosophically, scientifically, or historically; or is the beneficiary of antibiotics or penicillin or any other product of western medicine—you’ll be ready. You can call them on their Cargo Culting.

We like the idea behind it–but I can’t help thinking there might be a better term than “cargo culting.” While a good term, this is such an important idea for us that we need to create a phrase that utterly eviscerates the opposition.

With that in mind, we’re asking our readers to submit their own ideas for what we should call non-White appropriation of White creations. Share your ideas in the comments section or email them and we will publish the best ideas on our site.

Good luck and happy discovery!