Two months after the shooting of Michael Brown by a White police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, the entire St. Louis area is still embroiled in racial tension

Last week saw a wave of new developments that shook up the area. A performance by the St. Louis Symphony was disrupted by racial activists and a verbal “confrontation” occurred at a Cardinals baseball game between fans and protesters. To top it off, another allegedly “unarmed” Black man was gunned down by police–sparking a new wave of protests.

Needless to say, the city has become a racial battleground–where only side is showing up.

To the Whites in the area, the whole scenario doesn’t make sense. They claim they don’t see race and they had no idea that Blacks in the area saw race and it formed the core of their worldview. This mentality is captured by a Washington Post story penned by the paper’s “social issues” reporter (we can’t make up these titles or journalistic focuses).

In the report, Whites in Ferguson express their shock that Blacks would show racial solidarity and express their grievances as one. They had no idea there were racial issues at all…despite the majority of Whites fleeing the area since 1990 as the number of Blacks rose. I suppose that was just due to rising crime and schools going bad–not anything racial.

The article showcases how the battle in Ferguson pits one aggressive, unified side against an opponent that is totally unable to articulate a defense for itself, or even see itself as a side at all:

“I keep a lot of African American friends — some of my dearest friends — but when we hang out at the brew house, we don’t talk about these issues, ” said Mayor James Knowles III. “A lot of residents are going, ‘Damn, I never realized my friends felt that way or had these experiences.’ ”

Knowles has been criticized locally and nationally for asserting that his city does not have a race problem. The tension in Ferguson, he said, is the result of an economic imbalance between renters and homeowners. Most renters, he said, just happen to be black…

And there’s Faraci’s, where Singen buys her pizza. A few weeks ago the owner, Jim Marshall, confronted a group of mostly black protesters about hurting small businesses. Curse words flew, both sides acknowledged. But then, protesters said, he flashed a gun at them. They called for a boycott, saying the owners were racist and supporters of Wilson.

Marshall’s wife, Dawne, tries not to talk about the incident; it makes her too angry. One day last week, she stopped kneading dough and addressed her patrons.

“We are not the type of people who they say we are!” she said. She pointed to two black residents sitting in her restaurant. “When I see you, I see you,” she said as she began to cry. “I don’t see color!”

“I don’t see color” is the key line expressing the mentality of many Middle American Whites. They prefer to call themselves unhyphenated Americans and have little understanding of racial identity–despite being White through and through. Even though it was clearly Black protesters with a Black agenda who were threatening their business, the owners still fail to realize that this is all about race. You might not see color, but color sees you.

The article gets more tragic when it interviews a friend of the owners about the situation and how he wonders why people don’t believe in the American System like he does:

“My biggest gripe is that no one is giving the justice system a chance to work out,” Hart said. “We don’t know all the facts, but there is an investigation and a process. This is America.”

He could not fathom looters being from Ferguson. He tried to understand the perspective of his black neighbors but kept finding exceptions. Yes, twice as many black people are arrested during traffic stops in Ferguson — but then again, he gets tickets, too. Yes, he knows city leadership is predominantly white — but he figured maybe black people were not running for office.

Hart believes that this is just the Justice system doing its job and there’s nothing broken in America. That’s why he’s on the side of law and order–but from a “colorblind” position that fails to explicitly account for the interests of Whites in general.

And this is why the Whites of St. Louis are losing.

Here’s another resident’s response to the aggressive rhetoric of the pro-Brown side:

Together, the crowd chanted, “Mike Brown means we’ve got to fight back!”

Vicki Salsman and her husband, Tim, attended a town hall meeting a few days later addressing relations with the police. They appreciated the setting — intimate and closed to the media — because “it felt safe.” They walked to the parking lot and heard the protesters using the same chant.

“Do you hear that?” asked Tim, “‘Fight back.’ That’s scary to me.”

Of course, it’s scary. Blacks are willing to fight for their interests, while these Whites only want to flee and watch the Cardinals play ball.

The incident at the baseball game played out just like Salsman’s reaction to fight back. A group of protesters/dancers chanted and made a commotion in front of a much larger crowd of White Cardinals fans. One older gentleman could only muster “These people need to work” and that’s what’s wrong with them. Clearly the kosher way of saying that what’s wrong with Blacks is cultural rather than racial. But that didn’t stop the smarmy cameraman from saying that it was ugly racism. When the demonstrators started chanting “Justice for Mike Brown!” the crowd disgustingly responded with “Let’s Go Cardinals!”–implying that we shouldn’t focus on important issues and just watch the ball game. Ain’t that White America? A few intrepid fellows responded with “Let’s Go Darren!” (the name of the police officer who shot Brown) but they were the minority. One blonde woman confronted the protesters with some great lines like “We’re the ones who fucking gave all y’all all the freedoms that you have!” and responded to their chants of “U.S.A!” with “Africa!” We admire her courage to speak the truth but she, like the pro-Darren dudes, was a minority among the “Let’s Go Cards” crowd.

The upper class responded with similar befuddlement when activists disrupted a performance of Brahms’ German Requiem with “Requiem for Michael Brown.” The confused and dejected looks seem ripped straight out of a Civil Rights porn film when the snobby Whites are confronted with their prejuidice–while the anti-racists look like noble heroes. Another loss for Whites.

Right now, protests continue to express outrage that police would kill a man who fired three shots at an officer. Even though the narrative depicts the gunned down man as just carrying a sandwich, we know what the track record is for the authenticity of these “innocent Black victim” tales.

But the truth doesn’t matter. Blacks are rallying together for their own interests while Whites just want to root for the Cardinals and have this go away as soon as possible. Unfortunately for Whites in St. Louis, this isn’t going away and they’re in a war, whether they like it or not. Though it is a battle that only side is showing up to and is willing to fight in. That’s why that side is winning in the culture and their version of events will be remembered by history. Michael Brown will go down as a gentle giant who was shot in cold blood by a hateful cop. The latest victim will have that sandwich in his hand when his story is told ten years later. And it’s all because one side fights for its racial interests. Already, Ferguson has conceded to Blacks by forgiving several outstanding warrants and promising further reforms. The protesters are likely to get more as they show no sign of backing down. Meanwhile, Whites will have to move further outside of the city to protect themselves and depend more on militarized status quo for their safety. Whites lose, non-Whites win.

And that’s what should happen in a country that values equality as the highest good. Whites can never win in a society dedicated to egalitarianism. The pro-Brown crowd have equality on their side, Whites have nothing except the facts. Equality always trumps facts. The protesters have vision and ideals, Whites have status quo. Ideals (no matter how insidious) always trumps status quo. Get the picture?

This vicious cycle has to stop. Whites have to dig their heads out of the sand and start seeing race. The only side that’s colorblind is the losing side–and there’s certainly a correlation there. The System that Whites put so much faith in is about to turn against them as the country’s demographics shift and racial activists demand more for their respective peoples. Whites are not going to get a fair shake from the justice system in the future.

The only solution is to start seeing ourselves as a distinct people—just like every race does. If we don’t, we will become the willing slaves of a decadent System that despises us and exploits us for the benefit of other peoples. The System may hate Whites, but it needs Whites to survive. More Whites waking up could turn things around and even lead to the Ethnostate. But there can be no change without racial consciousness. We do have our own interests–and it doesn’t involve the Cardinals winning the World Series.

In the one-sided battle, Whites are the unarmed innocents getting shot by racially-minded minorities. That has to stop.