America may have finally caught up to Nigeria and halted the spread of Ebola–for now. But the reign of Ebola is far from over, as the refusal of Liberians to believe in racist concepts like “germ theory” instead of anti-White conspiracies (helpfully spread by Africans teaching at American universities) means the disease will continue as a threat for some time.

The prospect of a Biblical plague in the United States was always unlikely, as much as our society may deserve it by Old Testament standards. And the insistence by many on what passes for the American Right that the apocalypse was just around the corner makes it easy for progressives to sneer. But what’s even more important than the disease itself is the reaction of “our” government and its media courtiers, who have constantly portrayed the fear of Ebola as racist and paranoid—the exact same thing they say about anyone who questions Obamacare, mass immigration, or even government spending. Fearing Ebola is now a social faux pas, something slightly less severe than not screaming at your Republican relatives about White privilege every Thanksgiving.

Of course, if Ebola was coming from, say, Iceland, the President would have already set up a travel ban as well as a blockade and Slate would be running articles about how the island’s lack of mass immigration and genetic diversity is the root cause of the disease. Instead, Ebola is a fashionable disease, a politically correct cause linked with helpless Africans, something pop-Christian cuckolds and SWPL race scolds can both get behind.

As we transition into a controlled culture where normative beliefs are prescribed for every aspect of human experience, even diseases fall into a kind of PC ranking system. HIV used to be at the top of the pyramid but is now rather passé. The academics are doing their best to reframe its legacy as a gay Holocaust that will be taught in schools, presumably with Ronald Reagan as Hitler. However, it doesn’t have the panache of the disease du jour. Breast cancer is a perennial favorite, as “fighting” it is less about treating a disease than providing a welcome opportunity to shriek at men to deconstruct their masculinity.

Ebola is interesting because it has actually transformed its image with this latest outbreak. With its symptoms out of Lovecraftian horror–blood pouring out of every orifice and organs transformed into puddles of fetid ooze—Ebola was the original Hollywood disease designed to strike fear into the heart of Middle America. It was the medical nightmare we were told to dread. A thinly veiled version of it (Motaba) was at the center of the 1995 film Outbreak and Tom Clancy had his United Islamic Republic unleash a weaponized version of it on Jack Ryan’s America in Executive Orders. The theme of an unstoppable disease that would wreak havoc on the American people was also a theme of Contagion, where anyone annoyed at Gwyneth Paltrow offering her goop to Barack Obama can watch her untimely demise as one of the first victims.

Even though these and other recent fictional treatments of outbreaks have a strong pro-government message, Americans have essentially been trained to expect and fear a disaster that will someday kill us all. Therefore, when the President decides to repeatedly allow Ebola infected patients into the country, refuses to implement the kind of travel ban that African countries credit with sparing their own lands, and sends American troops into Africa with cursory training on how to handle the disease, you can forgive people for being a little concerned. After all, Hollywood assured us our government would take this seriously.

Reporters have shown no tolerance towards such grumbling from the peasants. The Parasitic Class is busy crafting the Narrative that racism is the real disease (the boys at theGrio can feel free to help themselves to that little bon mot). Ebola is a “crazy, racist dog-whistle” according to Raw Story and a “racist moral panic” according to Jezebel. The best one yet comes from a social liability in human form that Ethiopian and Eritrean immigrants dumped on us, one “black feminist” named Hannah Giorgis. She offers some dogma heavy duckspeak about Ebola being a stand in for “African-ness” that will “ruin the perceived purity of western bodies and borders.” (Place your bets about how easy her college courses were.)

But Giorgis does have a point in that every time we hear something about Africa, it carries a political and racial meaning. Of course, thanks to people like her, hearing or saying anything about the Dark Continent imposes an obligation on Europeans.

If we see a picture of a modern African skyline (Durban, South Africa here, which regularly competes for murder capital of the world), it’s usually done with the purpose of shaming those who think of Africa as primitive. If you see a picture of Africans in traditional garb, it’s to show them as Magical Negroes who have sources of wisdom and morality evil Whites can’t understand. If an African country competently handles a crisis, that shows how evil Whites are for thinking of African countries as disease-ridden wastelands that can’t do anything right on their own. But if they screw it up, not immediately sending more aid and taking charge is also proof of racism.

Whites are familiar with this “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” problem.

If you move into a black neighborhood, you’re gentrifying, which is racist.

If you leave, you’re engaging in White flight, which is also racist.

If you treat your black friends like your White friends, you’re using the White privilege of acting colorblind, which is racist.

However, trying to be culturally understanding and fighting for social justice is condescending, because you’re trying to be the White liberal savior. So you’re racist there, too.

Not dating blacks is obviously racist.

However, marrying blacks is also racist, because you’re trying to impose White expectations on the oppressed.

Most Whites just deal with this insanity by trying to run away and watch the game, or adopt the more fashionable Urban Elf tactic of hipsterdom. Some Whites go full blue pill and simply become self-loathing, anti-White activists who actively, consciously, and proudly seek to destroy their own bloodline, even though they are still regarded as racists and occasionally attacked by their dusky brethren. But some become so frustrated and even nihilistic that they don’t care anymore. And it is this last group that has promise.

From Live Aid to “Bring Back ‘Our’ Girls,” there’s only so much insincere, pointless, and useless moralpreening empathy that the First World can channel. It’s like trying to care about Iraqi children after more than two decades of making things worse. And as our Third World President has declared that his “larger role” is making sure Africans are safe, the System is clearly doubling down on our already depleted stores of empathy for agency-free, melanin rich moral mascots.

More than that, even though Ebola may be contained for now, the next disaster is only one news cycle away. A four year old boy in New Jersey has already died from the enterovirus D-68, a disease which emerged seemingly out of nowhere. In what’s probably just a coincidence, the rise of the disease coincided with the placement of unscreened Central American “refugees” in schools around the country. Other vibrant diseases like TB are making a comeback. And this doesn’t include the various hospitals which are closing in the Southwest, which may include the Texas facility that treated “Ebola Guy” Thomas Duncan now that his family is suing the hospital for only spending half a million dollars to save his life. (Needless to say, they are alleging racism.)

Rush Limbaugh got into some trouble when he suggested (as have other conservatives like Phyllis Schlafly) that Obama is deliberately inviting in these diseases to punish the country. While it’s dangerous to ascribe to malice what can be explained by stupidity, the larger truth is that if Obama was deliberately trying to hurt the country and get Americans killed, he wouldn’t be doing anything different than what he is doing now.

The only time Obama even goes through the motions of governance is when politics forces him to pretend to act like the President of the United States. Once those PR imperatives are out of the way, he can do what he wants to do—like impose a mass amnesty after the mid-term elections. Given this combination of hypocritical moral grandstanding, political cynicism, and government malfeasance, it’s simply hard to care about sick Africans anymore unless you are deliberately trying to seek status among liberal Whites.

Enter Ebola-Chan, the loving and perky goddess of pestilence and death (complete with a Warhammer 40K Blood Angels logo). Ebola-Chan is a graphical representation of the disease which spawned a moral panic among the great and the good in the form of various elaborations on the theme of “Wow, just wow.” Bustle tries to get us all worked up about how “horrifying” it all is, but it has become too hard to care. The intent is to trick Africans into thinking Ebola-Chan is a White plot against them, which seems redundant, as many seem to believe that anyway. More than that, Ebola-Chan is a personalization of the spread of the plague, which well-wishers urge on with “GOOD LUCK EBOLA-CHAN!”

Ebola-Chan may be about trolling, or about racism, screwing with the media, or all of the above. But more than anything, Our Lady of the Boiling Organs is about simple exhaustion with racial egalitarianism and PC tokenism. No matter what happens in Africa or anywhere else, it’s always our fault—so screw it. Let it all fall apart. The people in charge don’t care that they are killing us anyway. And they don’t really care about the people in the Third World—they only care about being seen trying to help and proving how great they are.

Our government treats our own lives and country like a joke—why not treat a Third World plague the same way? And when all is said and done, why should we care about what happens in Africa when expressing concern about what happens in your own country or even your own children turns you into an Enemy of Polite Society?

Ebola-Chan may be fading for now. But she’ll be back. And other daughters of Nurgle will follow. But even the exciting new maladies we’ll enjoy as the newest part of the Third World are just a part of the ever increasing burden America is dumping on its European population.

As the government cuts off the retreat to White communities, imports tens of millions of dependents, and declares that the fate of the benighted from Biafra to Baghdad is of urgent concern to us, more Whites will see the futility of universal empathy.

We can only hope so, because the idealism we need must be preceded by cynicism, disillusionment, and contempt for what exists today. Ebola-Chan isn’t an avenging angel. She’s the prophet of what comes next.