During the trials and tribulations of the Budapest Conference, one site managed to publish up-to-date and accurate reports from the ground in Hungary. That was VDARE.

In case you didn’t know, there’s some differences between us and Peter Brimelow’s project. We’ll leave it at how Brimelow put it in his response to why they covered the NPI conference(one correction though: we don’t take an editorial stance in relation to the Ukrainian conflict):

Nevertheless, the plain fact is that all of us on the Dissident Right are now NPI’s Richard B. Spencer, jailed, brutalized, deported and reportedly barred for three years from most of the European Union for…the peaceful expression of political opinion.

At VDARE.com, we are regularly urged by readers who think they live in a free society to hold conferences. (We have managed a private webinar). Well, this is the reason we have not—we have no faith that modern governments will defend our rights and enforce the equal protection of the law. We live under what the late Sam Francis called “anarcho-tyranny.”

While we may disagree on many things, we are all in the same boat and rebelling against the reigning orthodoxy. When it comes to important issues and crises–like the situation in Budapest–we are able to put aside our differences and come together for a unified cause. NPI and Radix is glad we could count on their support during this time.

VDARE and Radix will likely have professional disagreements on issues and matters going into the future–but that doesn’t mean we aren’t allies. We thank all of our friends and allies who gave us support during this time (especially Jared Taylor) and ensured the conference persevered in the face of incredible adversity.