In the dawn of the twentieth century, there was almost no controversy about the quiddity of Western nations. In the age following that time–sometimes called the postcolonial age–the world saw a radical change in the texture of Western nations and societies. The nations and peoples once defined without difficulty were challenged with a question of identity caused by new notions about the Western societies, which under influence of modernist creeds were inclined to establish egalitarian and heterogeneous reconstructions of society. In Europe and anywhere else inhabited by Western people different historical paths led to the modern multiethnic societies arising out of their historical nations.

Being born and raised in a Middle-Eastern nation and culture, in the following writing I will summarize my observations on the Western world and discuss the question of Western identity in the contemporary age. In this specific viewpoint, the historical construct of the West according to an Oriental person’s view will be compared with the compositions that have shaped present Western nations. Bias and modern cultural taboos may be used to obscure the logic that bases the opinions that propose the definition of Western identity as in the following writing. Hence, I invite the reader to pursue the truth as the ultimate virtue and to avoid any censorship of facts, imposed by any social or political agenda anywhere.

To distinguish the Western identity from what it’s not, basic definitions and explanations in the domain of a people’s collective identity will be discussed. The individual within the groups which he finds life are correlated by the natural relations. The very basis of these ties is biology and facts of birth and human origin. The reason that the identity of a person is an absolute and unchangeable truth is this: that the hereditary facts with which a person has come into being make a human individual what he or she is.


Nation, tribe, country, folk, et cetera, are all universals. The first natural relation that defines the identity of a person is the parental relationship which gives birth to a family. Human instincts that are determined facts of our nature bond male and female parents as natural sexual partners and consequently with the birth of children, the instincts define the parental relationship raised on the impulse to keep and rear a child. Next generations through common ancestry make a wider familial kinship that ultimately makes larger units of human society like tribe and folk.

The word nation in English comes from Latin and the root of nasci which means “to be born”. The members of a nation by literal interpretation are people of common birth, which means people of common genealogical origin. Moreover, people who are born in one environment also undergo a common birth. Accordingly the common birth denotes the dualism of the common biology of birth and the common place of birth. A nation is made up of a group of people who are bonded by blood and soil.


An entity that defines the identity of an individual next to family, tribe, and nation to a wider extent is race. Despite many attempts in the contemporary age that have been undertaken to present race as a false or obsolete science, the very facts of anthropology are perceptible by any man of education, and common sense assures us about the reality of race. Altogether it is a scientific reality because it has no origin other than the observable biology. Race is a basic and primordial finding of biology.

All men can recognize the similarities and specialties that members of certain groups of humankind have with one another. The biological characteristics that reflect the common genetic qualities of larger groups define races. The physical traits of people native to Europe, Africa, Oceania, East Asia, the Near East, the Americas and others common within their group make them scientific racial entities. Based on the number of shared physical traits that are taken to define a racial group, we may have several sub-groups within a larger race, and hence, we will distinguish smaller ethnic groups. Ethnicity and race have been always proposed as real entities in the history of progress of thought and culture in the Western world—up until the modern era.

To imagine a multi-racial nation is intrinsically impossible because it is self-contradictory that a body of people of common birth have two or more different races. Race is a larger division of humankind, and people of one race are often divided into several nations and ethnicities.


To observe the origin of Western people and their civilization leads us to an indisputable definition of Western identity. The peoples of Europe who make up the West have always existed in ethnic or national entities. To scrutinize the origin of European people, both the tribal compositions of early Europeans and the linguistic traits can be evidential. We can determine with certainty the ethnic composition of native Europeans. Classification of different ethnicities of early Europeans such as Germans, Slavs, Romans, and Celts has been done through historical development of those tribes and nations. Certain nations can be classified as members of a larger ethnic group based on their common linguistic lineage. Henceforth, we can have ethnic entities such as the Slavic people made up of Russians, Poles, and others. Germanic peoples that had populated most of central and northern Europe with cognate linguistic structures comprise a large portion of the Western identity.

The physical characteristics of all native European nations and also their linguistic kinship that is called Indo-European language family, indicate the genetic kinship of most of them that are often named Caucasian race. Their racial kinship with Indic and Iranic ethnicities gives European nations the name of Aryan, which in ancient Indic languages meant “noble” and was the name given to ancient Iranians as a nation. The Aryan–otherwise called Indo-European–race is the great race of several European nations and Middle East and Indian subcontinent. There have been, as early as the late Roman Empire age, some foreign ethnic groups living in Europe among Aryans, such as Jews and Gypsies. They have been a part of the demography of the West, but they do not share the Western identity because they moved to Europe through displacement and migration. They are aliens settled among the Aryans of the West.

The Western identity is entirely Indo-European.


In the contemporary age following the decline of earlier social systems, egalitarian and international social policies overwhelmed Western nations. Aliens who live among Western people have come to these nations by historical courses like slave importation and processes like alien immigration continue today. Together with the loss of historical national identities, alien racial and ethnic groups destabilize the society and civilization of Western countries. Observable rates of crimes committed by non-White minorities is an indication of the ultimate failure of these modern systems. The first policy employed to impose the modern multiracial culture is to keep silent and sensor the facts about the real differences races have according to the facts of nature. Study of biology, psychology, sociology and history of racial groups finds a sound view about the facts of races and their innate differences. Ignorance or denial of these facts has been the first step towards the present chaos.

Prior to the contemporary age people of every culture were generally race aware. All could immediately distinguish the identity of their own from aliens. It is not only nature that imparts this information of human racial populations. Mythology and religion in many cultures usually gave metaphysical explanations of the concept of races and tribes. By tradition and by reason, race is a reality. The modern apostasy that has brought about chaos and confusion denies and rejects race. Scientific racialism most often is misused as racism and is developed into a social taboo. Lower rate of procreation among Whites gradually changes the texture of their societies and their nations will finally fall and consequently alien nations will form in their countries. Human life will be destined to death by the mergence of races.


If we consider an act of love something done for benefit and welfare of human beings, any attempt to survive and sustain the life of the whole or any smaller division of humankind is by nature an act of love, while any attempt to undermine, weaken, repress or mortify them is the opposite, is an act of hate. To estimate a social or political doctrine or ideology, the benevolence that it expresses to humankind should be measured.

To evaluate the opposite sides of rational racialism and illogical egalitarianism we must observe what happens in each camp. We can see the dichotomy of love and hate in the opposite positions of each side in the matters of controversy: Ongoing invasion through violating virtual borders of nations by mixture of racial and ethnic populations vs. mutual respect and coexistence of nations and races within their territories; perseverance of subgroups of humankind vs. malice toward one certain subgroup of humankind and attempt to exterminate it by miscegenation and dissolution of its collective cultural identity; to inspire the sense of human worth and righteousness vs. to infect them with the sense of guilt and self-reproach for the alleged crimes of the White race; to aid and maintain achievements and glories of people by creating pride and self-esteem vs. denial or minimization of advantages and potentials of some peoples by degrading a race in order to bring about equality with other races; equity in judgments and critique of the faults and mischiefs of different cultures vs. partiality manifested in attempting to magnify the shortages and imperfections of more civilized cultures simultaneous with attempting to justify and conceal the definite vices of barbarian cultures; to teach new generations their cultural heritage and make them familiar with foreign cultures and teach them to coexist peacefully with other nations vs. to poison their mind with self-alienation and continuous suppression of their own identity.

The real hate is “anti-racism”!


To survive, human beings living in the chaos that the modern world has developed, to discern the problem and discuss it with other members of the folk is the crucial groundwork. An enlightened and aware folk can determine a future that will have passed the fatal problems of our age. Whereas the problem is the loss of identity by multiethnicity and multiculturalism, separation of races preferably in distinct countries and states shaped by single racial populations is absolutely essential, and the foundation of racial countries must be the goal of Western people ahead. They must avoid any moderation that may allow other races to continue to live among them. This will lead to the birth of all-White countries in the Western world. It must be the objective of White people also in countries founded by White people, such as United States of America, those countries in which Whites have lost the majority, Brazil for instance, and also countries in which Whites form a racial minority such as South Africa and Rhodesia.

The process that Western nations must take to form racial nations with Aryan identity can be determined through scientific and rational speculation. In all possible paths to this goal the awareness and unity of the folk is the indispensable cornerstone. The masterpiece of God and nature is the evolution of humankind and Indo-Europeans mark the uttermost manifestation of the evolution of the contemporary human. The contribution of Western people to the history of humanity has been magnificent. All humanitarian endeavors should be bestowed to survive and enhance Western civilization. Life is the purpose and the end of all biological actions and stimuli, and the collective life of a community of human beings is the most significant value and incentive of people working for a sane world.