Hans-Hermann Hoppe said that no one can talk seriously about society without a working knowledge of economics, and he was right.

But its importance shouldn’t be overestimated, especially given that it has become more and more interwoven with state politics since 1929.

Today, the economic elite’s outlook is characterised by short-termism. It is promoting policies that will undermine its rule in the long run.

The economic elite comprises three rival ethnic components: Europeans (in the racial sense), East Asians, and Ashkenazi Jews. Though it is on the short run in the interest of some of its members to root for mass immigration from Africa, the Middle East and South America (but only because they outsource the costs to the Welfare State they pay for, which is for the whole elite a zero-sum game), it will more and more affect its dominance. Not only because it will bring the economy down, but also because this elite is intellectually unable of answering the challenges posed by what visionary Lothrop Stoddard termed “the rising tide of color.” Only ethno-nationalists do.

Why does the economic elite act against its own long-term interests? Well, because as everybody, they’re influenced by culture and politics. And I’d even say that they’re more influenced by it than bookworm Bohemians like you and me, who have time to filter this influence. Today, billionaires give money to Cultural Marxists who might have softened their original economic views, but still hold egalitarian beliefs that necessarily conflict with the very idea of an economic aristocracy.

Final remark: you should take more interest in heretical thought. I know you have a doctoral dissertation to write, but academic thought alone desiccates the mind. Besides, a system that teaches “gender theory” as if biological evidence didn’t matter shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Hold your place at the center… but never forget that all creation (yes, all creation) always comes from the periphery.