When I first took to these pages, as part of my argument against the idea and ideal of the
European Imperium, and in favor Ethnonationalism and Particularism, I cautioned against an
overemphasis on practical tactics. At this (hopefully) early stage in our movement, the greatest
part of our energy ought to be devoted to developing an attractive ideology. We need our share of the top ten percent of twenty-somethings; as always, the future will be what these people make it. There are two ways to encourage these people to do your bidding: 1.) Buy them. 2.) Convince them to want what you want. And since we don’t have any money, our choice has already been made for us. Which is just as well; it’s more fun this way anyways. That said, if the nations of Europe are to preserve themselves individually, a heightened sense of pan-White identity will be necessary… for practical reasons.

Specifically, ethnonationalists of Western Europe need to embrace large-scale White immigration (with an emphasis on attracting the young, obviously). Should any given country in Western Europe go ethnonationalist tomorrow, it will still be 5-20% non-White, and even more among the young. Expulsion of illegal immigrants and incentives for others to emigrate may have an effect, but if the goal is to reduce the non-White share of the population to statistical insignificance, this will not be enough, unless it is carried out over multiple generations. And the longer it drags on, the greater the risk of backsliding. White ethnostates ought to be as aggressive as possible about removing non-Whites, but it must be humane, and that means it must not be forced. Brutality—and forced repatriation/removal definitely qualifies as such—would undermine our moral legitimacy. So, to put it bluntly, White immigration is needed to demographically overwhelm the remaining non-Whites.

Petty nationalists often balk at this ‘rootless American racialism,’ but this compromise is key to
preserving the greatest part of their national vision, and it is not even really a compromise at all.
For the European Ethnonationalist, this is more a change of mindset than a change in the actual
composition of his nation.

Ethnonationalists do not have to abandon ethnicity; Europeans can continue to think of
themselves as French, German, and English, and form or reform their states on this basis, but it
must be recognized that the children of a Frenchman are capable of being German and vice
versa. This attitude is a practical necessity, but more than that, it is the truth. Yes, taken as a
whole, the German nation, like the Czechs or Poles, or any other ethnic nation, has a cultural and biological cohesiveness that marks it off from all others. At the individual level however, the
definition of German has always been much less comprehensive: a German is a White person
who thinks in German.

This does not mean that the White ethnostate should have a nondiscrimination policy towards all potential White immigrants. The White ethnostate may, to a greater or lesser extent, discriminate on the basis of religion or ethnic proximity or whatever. And, clearly, it would be wise to guard against immigrants from a single country becoming too-large-a-share of the population. To encourage assimilation, they could also discriminate on the basis of sex in order to prevent people from marrying within their own nationality i.e. heavily favor women from x country and men from y country. But every Western European country needs White immigrants.

In general, they should take these (White) immigrants from wherever they can (to a point), but priority should be given to attracting those from the New World (to a point). Given the low birthrates in Eastern Europe and the fact that intra-Western-European immigration is a zero-sum game, immigration from the New World is a necessity. And since immigrating to France is a much greater dislocation for someone from Rio than it is to someone from Madrid, New World immigrants and their descendants will probably lose their ties to their old country that much faster. Several generations ago, New World countries used immigration from Europe to whiten their populations; the situation today calls for the reverse.

Ryan Andrews is the author of The Birth of Prudence, which was published by VDare earlier this year.