Postmodern art has reached a unprecedented level of sophistication with a new sculpture of the Virgin Mary made out of (get ready) vagina sweat.

Here’s more:

Belgian olfactory artist Peter De Cupere’s latest pungent work is an ice statue in the image of Lady Madonna made in a German laboratory from real vaginal sweat.

Aptly called “The Deflowering”, it sees participants walk into a room with the statue in the middle, smell the statue as it melts and consider the deep connections between femininity, spirituality and the human condition

“The smell of pussy is real vaginal scent conserved as odorous substance and realized by a professional lab in Germany. The smell is produced by movement and sweating in the female intimate area. It took years to manage to capture the treasured organic vaginal scent,” he said on his website…

“The scent is a mix of different women, of different origin and is a tribute to the freedom of being a free woman, exploring your sexual desires.”

What more do you need?