Of course #BlackLivesDontMatter, not even to the people who make a career out of claiming they do.

Following the Narrative Collapse in Ferguson and the predictable implosion of the “fraternity gang rape” story at the University of Virginia, the mainstream media has opportunistically regrouped around the death of one Eric Garner. Garner supposedly met his end because of a “chokehold” by police. #ICantBreathe is your social justice tweet of the week and you should be really angry at how White police officers are brutally persecuting all those innocent blacks in their own neighborhoods.

Gentle reader, as you undoubtedly have already read, most of what people think they know about the #ICantBreathe case isn’t true.

  • Garner didn’t die of asphyxiation from a chokehold–his death was largely the result of pre-existing conditions.
  • He was not “simply minding his own business” as he claimed, but was being arrested for the 31st time. His offense in this case was the admittedly stupid offense of selling individual cigarettes–but this is precisely the kind of nanny state legislation beloved by progressives. After all, weren’t we just talking about the need to outlaw “catcalling?” And who do you think that would “disproportionately affect?” The fact that courtiers like Jon Stewart are mocking conservatives for pointing this out doesn’t change the reality that police enforce the laws politicians make and can’t pick and choose what they will and will not enforce. (Apparently, only President Obama can do that.)
  • Garner was resisting arrest, which is what precipitated the confrontation. And while SJW’s are quoting him saying “leave me alone” as proof that he was being unfairly accosted, even a cisgendered blonde haired blue eyed male with a 0 on the Kinsey scale can’t make law enforcement go away by simply ordering them to.

Yet let’s ignore all this. Even though Garner’s actions precipitated the fatal confrontation, let’s grant that this is nothing like the Michael Brown case and Garner’s death could have been prevented. So what? If you consistently have confrontations between law enforcement and career criminals, eventually bad things are going to result, especially when the criminals are 300 pounds and suffer from chronic health problems.

Leftists seem to be suggesting that what the Eric Garner case really proves is that police should stop arresting people for “minor” crimes altogether, especially in minority neighborhoods. After all, “broken windows” policing is “racist” and classist.

The problem with this theory is that when police officers stop practicing “broken windows” policing and punishing quality-of-life offenses, they are immediately besieged with complaints about them “abandoning” certain neighborhoods.

As Heather MacDonald notes, “[W]hen officers pulled back on misdemeanor policing in the Staten Island neighborhood where Garner was killed, crime and disorder skyrocketed, leading to complaints from business owners and residents about police inaction.” After all, it wasn’t long ago when the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson was accusing the nation of abandoning Chicago and demanding patrols by the Department of Homeland Security. Now, we are supposed to believe that it is precisely paying attention to crime that is the problem.

The hard fact is that it was aggressive policing that reduced crime in New York City, and racist Rudy Giuliani saved more black lives than David Dinkins, including reducing police shootings. The decline largely continued under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who, whatever his other failings, was an active defender of “stop-and-frisk” policies.

Yet this damned if you do, damned if you don’t approach is common when it comes to dealing with the “black community.” Nor is this limited to questions of crime and punishment.

  • When banks were refusing to lend to minorities with low credit scores, they were being discriminatory. But when they did make loans, they were practicing “predatory lending.”
  • If conservative Whites oppose the agenda of a black politician (like, say, Obama), they are being racist and discriminatory. However, if conservative Whites support a black politician (like, say, Herman Cain, Mia Love, Tim Scott, or Ben Carson) to avoid being called racist, that is “dangerous.”
  • In cinema, film and television, there aren’t enough black characters. Damn racists. However, if a White writer or director does use black characters, that is also racist.
  • In video games, there’s a serious problem because there aren’t enough black protagonists. However, if there is a black protagonist, that fuels racism.
  • Genres of music like classical or metal are racist because there aren’t enough blacks. Styles of dance (like ballroom) are also racist and “rooted in colonialism.” However, Whites participating in hip hop and in stereotypically black dancing is “cultural appropriation,” and also racist. (Just ask Miley Cyrus.)
  • If there aren’t enough blacks in higher education, that is obviously racist. However, if blacks are admitted under affirmative action, that’s racist and condescending. Just ask Michelle Obama.
  • And finally, if Whites have their own neighborhoods and want to preserve them, that is racist. However, if they move into a minority neighborhood, that is even more racist because it’s “gentrifying” and changing the culture.

Even Whites who want to preen about their anti-racist credentials are learning this lesson. Whites who don’t show up to protests are racist, of course, but the ones who do show up are “co-opting” the protests and “acting like cops.” One old, lefty goober in Berekley who can probably remember Pete Seeger’s “If I had a hammer” had one introduced to his face. Another reportedly lost a few teeth. And these are just the ones we have on video.

Call it “Gnostic Egalitarianism.” Like Sufi Islam, it is mystical and subjective, hard to put into words but grasping an essential truth seemingly understood by the initiated and incomprehensible to the unenlightened. And like many occult schools of thought, it wins the allegiance of those seeking to prove their spiritual superiority.

Well, those people and anyone who wants a job. What all of this theory boils down to in practice is “racial socialism,” the transfer of resources from Whites to non-Whites with the multicultural nomenklatura helping themselves to a cut. In every case, it’s less about the well-being of blacks and more about imposing costs on Whites, usually costs that can be transformed into revenue for an increasing army of professional activists, human resource managers, affirmative action academics, and social justice warriors. And as “White privilege” theory hardens and is backed by institutionalized power in academia, the media, and government, those Whites who haven’t managed to cut into the more profitable castes are under attack for simply existing.

Most European-Americans are quite willing to go along with this, tearfully pleading they “don’t see race,” (which today is simply proof of racism.) Yet while denying their racial identity, most European-Americans still seek what can be called bourgeois comfort in mostly White neighborhoods. Rather than push back against an ideological attack, European-Americans simply try to avoid having to deal with these kinds of conflicts altogether.

And who can blame them? If you are a normal American, you can still put together a life allowing you to avoid most of this. But it’s not easy. It’s hard enough raising a family, preserving a marriage, and holding down a job without trying to reverse the Death of the West. And as the marginal costs for maintaining a “middle class” life will increase, European-Americans, like Boxer in Animal Farm, will simply mutter “I will work harder.”

But the realities of multiculturalism ensure that the costs will eventually be unsustainable. Think of how unstable this country is when every interaction between local law enforcement and the black population requires Presidential statements and mass protests. White advocates often sneer that that Euro-Americans won’t wake up until they can no longer stupefy themselves with alcohol and watch blacks throw a ball on the television. Well, now even Lebron is lecturing the Big Fans of the world that they are racist and will not be allowed to avoid dealing with it for much longer. And protests show no sign of slowing down.

The goal is to make sure the smaller “quality of life” style crimes are simply no longer punished, just like violations of immigration law. One of the most underreported aspects of life in a black “community” is the consistent presence of petty violence and lawbreaking, with the ever present threat of escalation. Henceforth, this will simply be tolerated.

Take how the Ferguson confrontation began–Michael Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson (now a government employee) were walking in the middle of the road and responded with defiance when told to move. This is a near constant in these areas. A White man inconvenienced by this has the choice of either submitting to this power play or escalating a pointless confrontation. If he does escalate, he risks violence to his own person. If he wins the resulting confrontation, he just committed a hate crime.

Now think of an act of petty shoplifting (another aspect of Ferguson). Or vandalism. Or constant loud noises and screaming. Or open drug dealing. Or threats or insults. Or shoves. None of this is worth fighting over necessarily–but having it as a constant fact of life grates if you live in such a community.

“A bad neighborhood” isn’t just defined by major crimes like breaking and entering or murder (though it’s that too)–it’s the overall feeling of safety and peace simply absent in any American community that has fallen to the Third World.

A keyboard warrior may cry, “Well, why not fight?” If you fight, you’ll be subject to the kind of targeted prosecutions that are specifically designed to break any White resistance. Ask George Zimmerman how his crime fighting efforts turned out.

Sam Francis wrote, “There is no foe in the war against drugs that could not be well met by a county sheriff armed with a wad of Red Man, a couple of .12-gauges, a local posse, and a few yards of strong rope.” But removing the authority of sheriffs and local law enforcement is precisely what the current controversy is all about. Instead, every law enforcement agency will operate like Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. Quality of life crimes will be tolerated. Thoughtcrime will be persecuted.

All of this is part of what can be called the defining idea of the present regime–no one will be allowed to escape from diversity. From the abolition of immigration law to breaking up White communities to having the DOJ lecture on White privilege, you can’t get away. After all, as even the “expectation of safety” is just an expression of White privilege, who are we to expect that the federal government has an interest in protecting the lives and properties of citizens?

Mark Steyn wrote, “The measure of a civilized society is how easily you can insulate yourself from its snarling underclass.” Today, the System is actually doing its best to make such insulation impossible. More than that, it’s actually working to make sure the underclass expands by importing more non-Whites and actively rewarding destructive behavior among all races.

In the short-term, this will actually help the mainstream conservative movement. After all, modern American conservatism can actually be defined as the creative elaboration of non-racial explanations of White withdrawal from newly integrated public institutions. In the absence of racial solidarity, money is the only means for Whites to avoid living among the “snarling underclass,” and as incomes continue to decrease, that will be harder and harder to do.

Eric Garner should not have been killed. But that doesn’t change the reality that civilization is largely about carving out a safe space away from the Eric Garners–the criminals, hustlers, and thugs that make entire cities de facto parts of the T
hird World. In the protests that followed Garner’s death, agitators swore to burn down the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. The reality is that the Christmas Tree in New York provides more social value than all that which is contained within the entirety of certain zip codes. Civilization exists for the civilized.

Of course, the real perpetrators, I can already hear the leftists saying, are the very rich, the bankers, and plutocrats who are truly responsible for destroying the American middle class. Just so. But multiculturalism is as an indispensable part of the plutocratic program, as necessary as exporting jobs or obtaining corporate welfare. The only kind of population that can be hallowed out is one that is deracinated, dispossessed, and constantly at war with itself.

The danger of these protests is that they will force European-Americans into their traditional position–defending the system that hates them. The Left is both the System and its opposition. To stand against “riots” and for “law enforcement,” is ultimately to defend the enforcers of multiracial government. It’s the same trap as the flag waving union workers who took to the streets to attack hippies, waving signs that said “God Bless the Establishment.” The reaction then came in the form of Richard Nixon–who went on to impose anti-White racial policies.

We can’t fall into the trap of claiming a “silent majority.” The solution is Identity. The future of European-America, if there is to be a future, depends on the restoration of community. However, it can’t be the same old story of American Whites trying to save their hapless black and brown “fellow citizens” from themselves. Nor can it be trying to remove ourselves as powerless individuals. The best way to restore community is by a final withdrawal, a conscious consolidation of Whites culturally, geographically, and economically. It’s our community–and no one else’s. And this effort may receive an involuntary assist by a government seemingly forcing racial consciousness upon Whites whether they want it or not.

Needless to say, certain Whites will always feel the need to play the Great White Savior. Like FW de Klerk, they are irrelevant within a generation and are determined to be a footnote to someone else’s history. It’s doubtful we can save all of our wayward brethren from themselves.

But maybe we can convince them to leave the rest of us out. After all, if they want social status, maybe we should just try to replace the racial socialist welfare state with a giant Kickstarter to cover the expenses of every non-White in the country. That way, SWPL’s can proudly display how compassionately they are taking care of everyone but their own kind. And the rest of us can get to work building a real nation and community–for Ourselves Alone.