Race and the UVA Rape Hoax

Rolling Stone should pat themselves on the back. Their elaborate tale of gang rape at the University of Virginia instantly became the defining story of campus “rape culture”—until it was realized it was one, giant fable concocted by a deranged girl trying to win over a freshman crush.

Round of applause for the national media falling for Jackie’s grand delusion. It’s no mystery why Sabrina Rubin Erdely, the author of the piece, went with this story without proper investigation—it was just too good to pass up. The culprits were White frat boys at a prestigious institution, not Black football players at a no-name state school. The rape sounded like it was ripped straight from a movie… which it turned out to be. It also fully encapsulated the idea of rape culture and how college campuses are breeding grounds for psychopathic White males (definitely not for those harmless non-Whites on athletic scholarships), letting them have free reign to prey on innocent women.

Of course it was all bullshit and Jackie was likely never raped at all. That doesn’t matter. It supports a narrative accepted by the media as fact and beyond skepticism. Rape culture is a problem and the blame for it lies completely with White men. One false story won’t hinder the crusade against it. And if you think this is a campaign against all men and not just White men, compare the media hysteria around this story with the rape allegations surrounding Black Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston.

Winston was able to get a fair hearing from the media when he was originally investigated for rape in 2013. He even had numerous voices running to his defense and claiming the alleged victim was just a jealous girl lashing out an alpha male. (You’ll only hear this claim when it involves a Black man and a White woman.) Winston was cleared of criminal charges and the media buried the claims… until the New York Times discovered that local police conducted virtually no investigation and charges weren’t pressed due to the predetermined bias of the cops, that bias amounting to blind support for “their” Seminoles. The Times also uncovered new details about the incident that made it more likely that the star quarterback got away with rape. Over the last year, even more details emerged that made the claim stronger that Winston raped a White girl, and his fellow Black team mates covered for him. But when the testimonies of the two friends were originally reported by the media, they were never considered fictional accounts of an incident that could harm their buddy and fellow Black man—even to the unprecedented point (for a liberal college campus) of trumping the allegation of the White victim.

Not only did Winston possibly get away with rape in this case, there’s evidence he raped another girl. But that female didn’t press charges and sought “counseling” instead.

Unfortunately, the facts haven’t dissuaded the largely White Florida State fanbase from rabidly defending Winston. In their minds, warped by endless hours of watching Blacks run and catch footballs, they believe that this is all just a plot to ruin FSU’s chances of another national title. Paul Kersey has a point when he calls college football the “Opiate of America.” Along with their “activism,” the media’s treatment of the allegations against Jameis Winston is fair and withholds judgment as to whether he went to town on a poor White girl. More importantly, Winston’s affair has never been depicted as a part of the raging “rape culture” terrorizing college campuses.

In contrast, the UVA rape hoax was covered and promoted as the rape culture story. Despite an unbelievable story and outlandish facts, this tale of gang rape was portrayed as the norm at American colleges, implying that this will happen to every innocent girl if she allows herself to go to a fraternity party. Wave after wave of journalistic outrage burst upon the media’s shore and we were all told that this was a problem of dire importance. “No more Jackies” became the cry of every SJW in the land and you were a “rape denier” for questioning the story. Rape culture was now defined as seven White guys gang raping with impunity. And it was all a lie.

So with the discovery that the story was 100% false, could there be the possibility that Winston will replace it as the poster boy for rape culture? Hell no.

Nor will any Black athlete ever become the face of rape culture—even though they actually exist, unlike the frat boy gang rapists in Jackie’s imagination. And in case you think the support and partiality for Winston only pertain to him because he won the Heisman, take a look at a recent case from Tennessee. Two Black University of Tennessee players, one of whom is a popular starter, were charged with rape in November. Just like Winston, the starter has received an unthinkable amount of support.” The media hasn’t rushed to judge him and are awaiting for the details to emerge in court. Imagine if he was White. Do you think he would receive a fair shake then?

The phenomenon of college athlete rape is a growing, yet underreported concern. It’s not hard to tell why when you find out the race for the majority of the suspects.

Which brings us to the real question at hand: What if the accused in the UVA hoax were Black?

Firstly, it might’ve actually happened. Besides the growing Black athlete rape problem on college campuses, there’s also the growing Black gang rape problem.

Think Progress had an unintentionally great piece that tried to prove that gang rape is a serious campus issue. They succeeded by showing several real cases of it occurring, but unlike the UVA hoax, all of the suspects involved were Black. While the article tries to claim a link between White fraternity culture and the “epidemic,” it falls flat when you take the time to examine the cases. For example, the alleged rape at a Johns Hopkins “frat party” was not committed by frat boys, but by two Black, non-students who wandered into the party and took advantage of a drunk 16 year old. The Vanderbilt case mentioned in the article did involve one White assailant, but all of the other ones charged in the case are Black. Not surprisingly, the one White perp has garnered the lion’s share of attention.

Also not mentioned in the story is a gang rape out of the Naval Academy where three Black cadets assaulted a White classmate.

Even though the whole premise of the Think Progress article is attempting to demonstrate a link between White fraternities and gang rape, it fails when you take into account the opinion of fraternity expert (and critic) Caitlin Flanagan who said, “In all my time studying fraternity rapes for my own essay, I didn’t come across a single report of anything like this.”

Nice try, but we all know who really commits gang rape on campus—and they’re not decked out in Brooks Brothers.

Secondly, the media would barely cover it, because it wouldn’t fit the rape culture narrative. The narrative, as previously stated, imagines White males using their White male privilege to victimize future feminists, all with the support of a patriarchal system. Black males mess up the narrative and are considered peace-loving victims , since universities are also bastions of White supremacy (ignore the multicultural centers and Black Studies departments though). In the mind of your average leftist, the thought that Black men would exploit their affirmative action/athletic scholarship to prey on White women just doesn’t make any sense. Except when you include common sense and facts, then it makes sense.

As demonstrated by the kerfuffle around the catcall video, a public threat to women only generates outrage when the villains are White males. When they are non-Whites—as in the street harassment episode—they are quickly shoved under the rug and ignored. But in pretty much all cases, the real threat to women in America is virile non-Whites who give zero fucks about the rules of White society. Good luck expecting a Rolling Stone expose on that truth though.

The reason rape culture is discussed at length and painted as a major social problem is solely due to the image of the perpetrators as White frat boys. Feminism is an anti-White ideology that seeks to ensure White people are unable to thrive. White men are stripped of their masculinity and White women are encouraged to become sex-obsessed alcoholics. None of these characters are fit to raise a family, which is the point. The thrust of the rape culture crusade is to further strengthen the sexual power of women and fiercely curbing White masculinity.

Let’s be clear: rape culture hysteria is not about protecting women from real threats on campus—it’s all about making White men afraid of exerting themselves. Vox founder Ezra Klein admittedthat, without directly saying it only applied to White males. But we all know he doesn’t want to make Black and Hispanic men afraid of anything.

If these activists were serious about stopping rape, they would come to terms with who the real assailants are, not desperately hunting for the “Great White Rapist.” Of course, that’s only a fool’s dream. Instead, we will witness more hoaxes like UVA and the Duke Lacrosse case hitting the attention stratosphere while more Blacks will continue to commit rape with little notice.

Talk about rape culture.