Editor’s note: Recently, Jean-Marie Le Pen was interviewed by a major Russian newspaper, Komsomolskaia Pravda, about several subjects, including the “Charlie Hebdo” attacks and the relationship between the EU, U.S., and Russia. Selectively quoted, this interview caused a major uproar in the French media, making Le Pen retract some of his statements. Here it is reproduced in full.

Jean-Marie Le Pen: We Need a United Europe from Paris to Vladivostok. Otherwise, We Will Become a U.S. Colony

Interviewed by Daria Aslamova

This 86-year-old politician is a French legend. Jean-Marie Le Pen is the founder of the Front National party and a member of the European Parliament. As a teenager, he participated in the French Resistance. He fought in the airborne troops in Indochina and Algeria. This old man gets up from his chair with difficulty and politely reaches for my hand. His left eye was damaged in a street brawl, but he sees women perfectly well with his right one. A Frenchman is a Frenchman. “A beauty, who came to us out of the Russian cold,” he says to me politely. This is flattery, of course, but what woman does not melt from such compliments?

Monsieur Le Pen, you were the first to make the statement, “I am not Charlie.” Why?
I am not Charlie Hebdo. This anarchist rag was a direct enemy of our party, the National Front, and a few years ago its journalists were collecting signatures for a petition demanding to shut us down. And all these politicians, who attended the demonstration: they are not Charlie, but Charlot! (Comedians or clowns in France.—Interviewer.) They can organize a show with a powerful media attack and the slogan “I am Charlie,” temporarily mobilizing the nation, but they are incapable of protecting the country from the influx of immigrants from the south. I would like to be Charlie Martel. (This was the battleship in the French naval forces named after the French military leader Charles Martel. –Interviewer) Martel, this brilliant French warrior, stopped the Arab invasion at Poitiers in 732.

But this is 2015!
Yes, and there are 15-20 million Muslims living in France. All French governments, both the Left and Right, allowed immigration and even encouraged it. Every year sees the arrival of 300,000 people, and they are not searching for work. In France, six to eight million people are on welfare, which suggests that this immigration is not about guest workers and labor, but about conquest. This is the result of the general Christian and European decadence. Europe banned borders within the EU. And now, hundreds of thousands of people enter France from the south, which no one defends. This is what internal European betrayal looks like.

But, in part, France itself is to blame. People escape from war and chaos. After all, it was France that turned Libya into ruins!
Getting involved in a war with Libya was true insanity. French planes bombed Gaddafi’s tanks at the time when he was preparing to take Benghazi, which was the main stronghold of the Salafis (Wahhabis). Today, total anarchy reigns in Libya. From there, weapons spread all across North Africa, and the French leaders such as Sarkozy are directly responsible for this.

What do you think about the Ukrainian crisis that divided Europe and Russia?
It was NATO that instigated the Ukrainian crisis in an attempt to get closer to Russia’s borders. Our party’s position is as follows: the conflict between the Russians and Ukrainians is a family feud. After all, Russia was born in Kiev. Neither Europeans, nor Americans should get involved in this family drama. Russians and Ukrainians can sort this out themselves. There is no doubt that the U.S. continues to view Russia as the old USSR and attempts to shake up your government with both Georgia and Ukraine.

You are a member of the European Parliament’s committee that is investigating the MH17 crash. What do you think about this crime?
I am surprised about the fact that the investigation is taking place in an atmosphere of great secrecy. I’m no expert, but it is clear that carrying out this kind of terrorist act requires military professionals of the highest caliber and high-precision weapons, which the militia [in Donetsk] simply did not have. And then there is the obvious question: why was a civilian aircraft flying through a war zone? Who let this happen?

This year, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement between the U.S. and the European Union will be signed. How will this benefit Europe?
In no way whatsoever. This will be a catastrophe! We will turn into America’s economic colony. The EU is moving in the wrong direction—westward, whereas it is necessary to turn toward the east, Russia. We need a united Europe—from the Atlantic to the Pacific, but this must be the Europe of sovereign nations. Russia has demographic problems, and it is increasingly difficult for it to keep Siberia. Siberia, however, is a geo-strategic location, and it is absolutely necessary for the survival of Europe in its entirety. We need a strong alliance between Europe with its technology and Russia with its resources. This is our duty of historic proportions. If we fail to do so, then our continent with its demographic depression will simply disappear in the cultural and economic sense.

Look at Germany: this is a gold-plated coffin stuffed with dead bodies. Germans are a dying nation. How many children are born in Europe? On average, there are 1.3 children per woman. We require 2.5 in order to barely maintain the previous population level. Now let us have a look at the world around us. There are 3 to 5 children per woman in Muslim countries and India. And I’ve said nothing about China. If China completely cancels its one-child policy, its population would explode, shaking up the entire planet. But Europe must be saved on its own, without relying on bureaucrats in Brussels. France should withdraw from the EU, limit immigration, and solve our economic problems on our own. We need to get the French to understand that our salvation lies in national sovereignty.

But your party, Front National, was not even invited to the public protest against terrorism!
Because we are the defenders of the national idea. We should have been in the front row, since it is Front National that has been talking about the growing immigration problems for many years! About the possibility of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism.

However, the Charlie Hebdo case has many missing parts.
Agreed. These forgotten passports of the Kouachi brothers remind me of the miraculously surviving passport belonging to a terrorist that fell out of a burning plane on September 11, 2001. New York was in flames, but the passport was clean. We are now being told that the terrorists are idiots, which is why they left their documents in the car. The Charlie Hebdo shooting has the modus operandi of the special ops, but we have no proof. I don’t think that the French government acted as the organizer of this crime, but they allowed this crime to take place. This is only a guess.

Why did Charlie Hebdo constantly offend Muslims and Christians, but practically avoided the Jews?
Because the Jews can defend themselves. Take Femen, for instance. They can run around naked in front of the Pope, take off their clothes in the Notre Dame, but they have never dared to enter a synagogue.

Europe mourns the dead cartoonists, but ignores the deaths of Russian journalists in Donbass.
Because these are true journalists rather than Trotskyists and anarchists from Charlie. Even if their colleagues from another French newspaper were the ones murdered, Charlie Hebdo would have enjoyed “making fun” of others’ deaths.

As a result of this tragedy, the previously unpopular president Hollande is rapidly gaining ground in France. How well does your daughter, Marine Le Pen, fare in the next presidential election?
Yes, she might win, but I’m afraid that she’ll inherit this country in ruins. Economically, France is inexorably heading into the abyss.