Our next three issues of Radix Journal will ship in succession, beginning at the end of January. We have three more planned for 2015. So never fear, long-suffering charter subscribers!

Radix II

Hero Complex: The Man of Tomorrow in Pulp Culture

Edited by Richard Spencer

Roman Bernard
Mark Brahmin
Jack Donovan
Gregory Hood
Greg Johnson
Colin Liddell
Richard Spencer

These are all original essays. (As you might remember, the working title for this volume was “Pop Fascism”)

Radix III

The Great Purge—The Deformation of the Conservative Movement

Edited by Paul E. Gottfried

Essays by…
Lee Congdon
Peter Brimelow
John Derbyshire
Samuel T. Francis
Paul E. Gottfried
James Kalb
Keith Preston
William H. Regnery
Richard B. Spencer

Among these original essays is a classic work by Sam Francis on the neoconservatives and managerial democracy.

Radix IV

Race and the American Prospect: Racial Realities in the 21st Century

Edited by Samuel Francis

Essays by…
Samuel G. Dickson
Joseph E. Fallon
Richard Faussette
Samuel Francis
Robert Griffin
Kevin Lamb
Wayne Lutton
Richard Lynn
Richard McCulloch
Kevin MacDonald
Brent Nelson
Jared Taylor
Derek Turner
J. L. Woodruff

This issue is a rediscovery of Samuel Francis’s final project before his death in 2005. Race and the American Prospect has been out of print for too long and deserves a beautiful new edition.