If the beginning of 2015 holds any premonitions, we should be in for another year of explosive rape accusations. The first major rape charge of this year goes for the crown, literally.

Prince Andrew, second son of Britain’s reigning Queen Elizabeth II, stands accused of participating in an international child sex ring where he reportedly raped an underage girl on multiple occasions. That girl, now an adult, is suing him and others for allegedly abusing her while she was a child. No surprise, but the specter of rape hanging around a man fifth-in-line for King of England is now huge news all over the world.

Like all of the defendants in these cases—whether they are royals or college lacrosse players—Prince Andrew is guilty until proven innocent and has already had his conviction in the public eye. Not a soul outside of Buckingham Palace is defending His Highness and the onslaught of ink already spilled has very well ruined his name for all time.

But there is one man accused with Andrew who’s receiving strong support and the media is allowing the public to hear his side. That’s retired Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz, both Jewish and staunchly pro-Israel, has come out swinging against the charges against him and has threatened to sue the woman at the center of this controversy.

Par the course, Dershowitz brought up the trademark counter-charge of anti-Semitism against his foes. “The anti-Semites are crawling out from under their rocks, they are loving this. And the anti-Israel zealots are loving this,” Dershowitz told the friendly Jerusalem Post about the effects of this ordeal. And he’s not alone in his defense.

Popular American Rabbi Shmuley Boteach rushed to the lawyer’s defense and urged all Jews to do the same. Why is it so important for “all Jews” to stand up for Dershowitz against sex abuse charges? Because he is an ardent defender of Israel and the Jewish people. Rabbi Shmuley even discounts the matter of whether it the charges are true or false weigh in the matter. Instead, the absolute, primary reason Jewish leaders should come to the Harvard professor’s aid is because he is an important Jew. Shmuley doesn’t begin his op-ed addressing the charges, rather he begins with a long recitation of his record of defending Israel, claiming the Holocaust was the worst crime in man’s history, and how brilliant of a thinker he is. He only gets around to the charges in the fifth paragraph, and it is only a brief summation.

The Rabbi then switches gears and tries to shame the Jewish community with allusions to blood libels and the Dolchstosslegende, placing the accusations against Dershowitz in the same category. That’s quite the stretch, but Shmuley also believes Jews run away from scandal “like the plagues”, so don’t expect too much accuracy here.

What his whole argument boils down to is that this Jewish leader, who has spent his whole defending his people’s interests and homeland, deserves the support, solidarity, and voice of all Jewish people—regardless of whether he committed the crime or not—for that reason alone.

Compare Shmuley’s firebreathing essay with that of Buckingham Palace’s lukewarm defense of their own family member. Prince Andrew is a part of the living embodiment of the British nation and his sins tarnish that of his entire country. You would expect full-throated counter-attacks and hyperbolic apologetics for the Prince, from both the royal family and the British people. What is the word of one girl against a man who is of the same blood as the monarch? Alas, it is not so and I have yet to find anything remotely similar to the defenses for Dershowitz. It’s worth saying that Dershowitz is not the only public defender Israel has(not by a very long shot) and he is neither a leader of the state nor does his disgrace jeopardize the existence of the Jewish people. All he is a lawyer (albeit, a prominent one) with access to the media and a deep love for his people. Yet, he still receives far more support than that of a man who literally represents his country.

This a textbook example of what’s wrong with White people in comparison with that of others, particularly Jews. Nearly every group, except Whites, lives by the dictum “my people, right or wrong.” Older Whites might be familiar with and lived by the similar phrase “my country, right or wrong,” but the treatment of Prince Andrew proves that is a dying creed amongst our folk.

The reason Dershowitz is getting any support is not simply because he is Jewish and Jews rush to the aid of any of their people under attack. If that was true, you would be seeing more defenses of the man at the heart of this whole story, Jeffrey Epstein, who has powerful connections and immense wealth. But Jews don’t defend him because he is not as important to their people. Dershowitz, on the other hand, is synonymous with Jewish interests and defending Israel. Letting him become tarred as a child rapist would hurt those causes and undermine (to a degree) the ability Jews have to defend their homeland in American media. His shame is not only his to bear, but is borne by all Jews desiring a future for their identity.

Modern Whites haven’t woken up to this notion—even though every White person is taught to feel guilt for the crimes of their ancestors. European Identity in the minds of Whites is a completely negative concept. In our eyes, it’s “my people, always wrong.” Our universalism and hyperindividualism only further exacerbate this problem by not allowing us to see fellow Whites as our racial brethren. We see them only as fellow members of the non-existent “human race” and we evaluate their behavior only in regards to abstract values and beliefs. This doesn’t mean that every White would face the same treatment as Prince Andrew (his crucifixion is more due to rape culture hysteria). What it means is that we would not defend His Highness against these charges, in spite of the harm it would cause the country in allowing a man with royal blood to be labelled a pedophile. We care too much for the abstract “Truth” to stand up for ourselves. That’s what separates us from all the other races. We think of ourselves too much as isolated individuals rather than members of a larger community.

To counteract this, we need to become more ethnocentric. We need to stop caring for these values and “human rights” that deny our identity and allow others to exploit us. We need to stop having a solely negative identity and embrace the achievements of Europeans as the achievements of Europeans, not conceding them to “humanity.” We need to accept ourselves as one people, and no matter what our faults or supposed crimes, this is who we are—and there’s nothing wrong with loving your own kind.

Now, in fairness, “my people, right or wrong” does not entail that we defend White leaders who are, in fact, pedophiles. It also certainly doesn’t mean we need to rush to the defense of Prince Andrew. Andrew is a part of a corrupt monarchy that has done a poor job of representing its country and looking after its preservation, unlike what Dershowitz has done for Israel. The only ones who should concern themselves with defending Andrew are those who wish for the well-being of the modern, multicultural British state. We’re not in that category.

What it entails is that we at least give our support to those who represent us and champion our interests, like Rabbi Shmuley urges his people to do for Alan Dershowitz. Running away from them and letting the lions devour those who have given their all to Whites is downright shameful, and that’s the same logic that Shmuley uses to defend his Jewish brother.

We can complain all we want that this episode shows how dishonest and tribal Jews are when their own folks suffer attacks, but this is why they succeed. This is how Israel ensures its needed support, in spite of abusing those “human rights” and garnering the hatred of their neighbors. This is how they were able to create and maintain a homeland of their own. Instead of bemoaning this, we should understand it and take lessons from it. To build off the full phrase of the man behind “my country, right or wrong,” we’d keep right what is right about Whites and set what’s wrong with us right.

If we lived by this ethos, we’d have a homeland of our own.