Originally published at With the Heart of a Wolf

There is no such thing as “human rights.” Every day, everywhere, people are bleating like wounded lambs about this “right” or that “right” being infringed upon by some new horror, some tyrannical or fascist oppressor that seeks to take away their precious little whatever-it-is.

They have been convinced by the seductive voice of equality and universalism that they are “entitled” to these “rights,” such things as freedom, recognition, fairness, leisure and so on. They have been taught that these are realities that no one and nothing should be allowed to take away from them- and it is this exact sense of entitlement that has made modern civilized man feeble, dependent, stomach-churningly weak and incapable.

Man is an animal–brutal, savage, violent, aggressive and primal. This is the natural state he has existed in for millions of years, by necessity–but within the State, he is docile, deferential, gentle, passive and servile. He has become so because he truly believes that his “rights” will be defended for him by the benevolent masters who rule his world, those kind and philanthropic members of the Ascended Caste who keep his best interests in mind and pick him up and dust him off when he falls with a warm smile and a helpful word.

He has come to believe that this is natural, and he gnashes his teeth and weeps at the rampant “injustice” still left in the world when some event arises and goes against his carefully planned weltanschauung. He is comfortable in the thought that this will never happen to him, however, and he goes about his life in blissful ignorance of the complete fallacy of his understanding of the world around him, totally unprepared for the eventuality that he will one day come face to face with natural law.

Does the wolf have a “right” to eat a deer, or to live free from the hunter’s rifle or the trapper’s snare? Does he have the right to be treated equal to the alpha-male? Of course not. He must kill the deer, he must prove to be more than the deer’s equal in order to eat and survive. He must evade the bullet, and out-wit the snare. Who will he petition or complain to when he is “unfairly” treated by the other members of the pack? He will not. He will continue to attempt to prove his place through cunning, savagery, ferocity- he will show himself a worthy member of the pack through merit, because in nature, the weak and unfit die, or are cast out.

Why do we as humans feel that we can demand equal treatment with mewling words? We must obtain respect with our actions, not as a right, but with a cold fury, fully capable and willing to display why and how we will demand the treatment we desire- we have to be prepared to fight for our place in this world, to kill for it, if necessary- with the full knowledge that there are those who would kill us without a second thought to our belief in liberty, equality or “fair treatment.”

Freedom of speech? Certainly. Say what you like, and decide whether the bullet ripping through your skull was worth it. Recognize that even the spoken word is not a right to speak with impunity, it is a choice you have made and a potential repercussion you must deal with. We have to take responsibility for our actions and understand that in this world, only might makes right.

”If you are lost, and have no connection with the world around you and nature anymore, you get ill, and ill men die.” – Sága Saiwawolfe