Ahh, UC Davis–my old alma mater, located in scenic nothern California, only an hour’s drive from San Francisco. We were nicknamed the Aggies, for our agricultural and veterinary programs par excellence. Little did I know that my old college would also become a microcosm of the larger Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Maybe they should instead call us the Haijis…

On February 2nd, the student government, which has slowly been taken over by a Muslim majority, decided to pass a resolution to urge the college to divest itself from businesses that had dealings with Israel. This was probably more a symbolic gesture than anything else, but it had the expected outcome–it enraged the Jewish students, who then went down to protest. The meeting ended with the Jews being shouted down by cries of “Allah Akhbar” and swastikas were later found painted on a Jewish fraternity building.

All things considered, this is not too surprising. Universities lately have had a long history of admitting highly inbred, mildly retarded Middle Eastern students and other non-Whites in their long march of progress. Now, they are reaping what they’ve sown. What strikes me as fascinating about the liberal notions of equality is the level of delusion required to believe in it. To quote George Orwell, “some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.”

There was a very feel-good notion that admitting non-Whites would give these minorities a chance at a better life that had been denied them by their socio-economic status, but what we have ended up doing is importing their baggage. You can take the man out of the third world, but you can’t the third world out of the man. To those SJWs and SWPLs who have sneered at “first world problems,” please enjoy the considerably more violent third world problems, all in the luxury of your own country.

I do not want to dwell any longer on this problem though, because the perils of non-White immigration has been covered to death in the various alt right and libertarian nationalist publications. What I want to touch on instead is what William S Lind has referred to as “Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW).” To those who are not familiar with Lind’s frameworks, I strongly recommending reading this excellent Radix article by Brent Gerrity.

Lind calls 4GW a type of warfare that consists of non-state actors who challenge the legitimacy of states, where third generation warfare (3GW) is seen as a war between legitimate states. 3GW loses to 4GW, because it operates under principles that 4GW considers oudated. I would like to cast a different light on this.

I see 4GW and 3GW as representing stability and instability, respectively. 3GW is orderly, even in its acts of violence; 4GW is disorderly, and meant to create havoc. I believe that 4GW is the sum total of many of the crises facing the modern structure, including but not limited to: Islamic terrorism, the failing economy of the West, the coming demographic crisis, and our traitorous, multicultural, globalist elites. All of these factors are related somehow, although I have yet to really discern the connection, but these aforementioned problems are different heads of the hydra that is 4GW.

With the UC Davis incident, we are seeing how immigration and diversity end up creating a non-unified culture, and the inevitable tensions that arise between groups that hate each other. But, what we have done is take some of the most dangerous and destructive elements of the Middle East to our doorstep.

My fear is that 4GW has a contagious quality. As one element of 4GW grows, it reinforces others, leading to increased instability, social distrust and violence. All of this happens as the State finds itself either incapable or unwilling to take the necessary steps to attack these various non-state actors. The real danger in this is that we are not prepared to deal with 4GW on a state level, and the result is that the people must deal with 4GW war in their own ways, which in turn creates a deeper divide between the State and its citizens.

A perfect example of this would be 9/11 and the ongoing Global War on Terror (GWOT). Every act we’ve taken in GWOT has been the case of an ordered system attempting to fight something that is inherently chaotic. The responses to GWOT have not just been conventional wars, but also crack downs on security and more importantly, more and more restrictions in personal freedom. The United States, in its quest to become the Safe States, ended up becoming the Police State. This is dealing with the problems of 4GW on a very superficial level that only gives the illusion of fighting terrorism. In reality, the United States is only succeeding in progressing 4GW here in America by further delegitimizing itself and making ever more tenuous the bond between nation and government. I ask you, could things like the Tea Party and various Patriot groups exist if the US government actually represented the will of the people? Would the Cliven Bundy incident ever have happened? We are seeing various groups become non-state actors and engaging in 4GW as their government fails them.

Futhermore, the only group of people who even have a small chance of reversing the current trends are considered so extreme by mainstream politics that they are maligned with the worst epithets that the modern world can imagine–words like “racist,” “Islamophobic,” “misogynist,” and the worst of the worst, “antisemitic.” To even mention things like mass deportation or limiting immigration is repugnant to most of polite society. It is almost as if Godwin’s Law has become a fixture in the collective unconscious of the Western mind. Any thought that bears even the slightest semblance to “fascism” is immediately shut down. Truly, we have all become masters of doublethink…

It is dark days indeed when the only people who can save the West are absolutely hated by the established system. To paint a picture of how the mainstream thinks of us, just look at what was said about the AltRight in an article just a few years ago: 

“In March 2010, Spencer was interviewed by Tim Mak of FrumForum, the online magazine of George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum. Mak concluded that AltRight’s “ideas belong in some sort of padded room.”

“Padded room”, you say? Clearly the mainstream wants to no part of us, even if we are the only ones who could theoretically pull a Hail Mary and save this sinking ship. Yet, this is exactly what 4GW “wants” to happen. We, the White men of the United States (and Europe) are so spat upon by the powers that be that we in turn abandon them, only to further the decline as the system loses its greatest assets.

Make no mistake, 4GW is one of the most dangerous things to come to the Western world. It is instability incarnate, and represents an existential threat to the current power structures. The only answer to extremism is extremism. In our case, it would call for mass deportation of non-White citizens, sealing the borders, and rescinding about one hundred years of legislation. Yet, this will never happen.

To be perfectly honest, I am afraid that 4GW and the chaos that it brings with it are going to prove an insurmountable challenge for the existing power structures. It comes at a time when we are so afraid of appearing fascistic that we will die rather than resemble, no matter how little, Nazi Germany.

The eventual collapse may take twenty years, fifty years, or even a hundred years, but things are going to get far worse before they get better. Expe
ct more terrorism, more immigration, and a concomitant, repressive crackdown by the government until the liberty and social trust we once enjoyed become a distant memory.

I know that some of you are probably hoping for an all-out collapse, but that idea is very frightening. The power vaccuum and ensuing violence that follow would be hideous, and something that I want no part of. Yet, it also seems inevitable. At any rate, it’s up to us–men among the ruins–as it were, to carry the torch and hold fast through the long night.