If you believe in the System, you end up like Darren Wilson. 

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice finally conceded in its recent report what we knew all along. #HandsUpDontShoot never happened, Ferguson was destroyed for no reason, and Darren Wilson did nothing wrong. Yet Officer Wilson will remain hunted for the rest of his life. He is driven from his profession, exiled from his own community, and subject to a never ending hate campaign by a hysterical American press.

The instantaneous dismissal of the media’s interest in the facts of the Michael Brown case and the sudden pivot to the “racism” of the Ferguson Police Department is a case not of “liberal bias,” but post-structuralism. The Narrative Collapse in Ferguson has not stopped or even retarded the Totaler Krieg against an obscure Missouri suburb.

Instead, the offensive has actually gained strength, and figures from the U.S. Attorney General to his wrist flapping publicists at Slate and Salon are claiming a victory because a comprehensive investigation showed some people forwarded mean emails. (If only the Ferguson police had followed the lead of Hillary Clinton and kept it on Gmail.) Needless to say, those individuals have also lost their jobs, which led to another round of triumphant braying from the Fourth Estate.

It’s worth taking a step back and seeing what really happened in Ferguson. Ferguson has systematically been transformed from a prosperous and overwhelmingly White suburb to a majority black city within only a few decades. The catalyst in this transformation was Section 8 housing and the deliberate importation of a criminal class that devastated property values, eradicated social capital, and created permanent and insolvable racial conflict. Any Whites living in Ferguson know they are on borrowed time, but they may be chained by their mortgages to real estate worth far less than what they paid for it. Ferguson is the proof of the old saying that diversity is simply that period of time between when the first black families move in and the last White families move out.

It’s important to remember that this is state policy, not a failure of government. The theory of “Cultural Marxism” and the related hypothesis of the Jewish Culture of Critique tells us that the West is a victim of an ideological offensive designed to deliberately undermine our culture and civilization. You can go back further and blame it on some kind of Christian heresy or even on Christianity itself. But whatever the influence of ideas, hostile (and alien) elites, or conspiracies, there’s also something more mundane at work.

Under our system of managerial democracy, the political class derives power and resources from social dysfunction. Even if everyone in the United States was transformed into Europeans tomorrow, the nature of our system would demand that a new “oppressed” class would have to be invented and new forms of degradation and degeneracy would be subsidized.

It’s sometimes said on the Alternative Right that what we have now is kakistocracy, or rule of the worst. But that’s not true. Instead, we have rule for the worst, where high IQ, competent, and educated people systematically implement policies designed to reward destructive behavior and actively punish productive citizens. Our leaders aren’t stupid, as many kosher conservatives imagine. From the point of view of their own interests, what they are doing makes perfect sense—at least in the short term.

To be sure, race is a biological reality, ideas matter, and we aren’t simply facing a problem of a mistaken political structure. But the United States of America resembles nothing so much as a huge negative feedback loop. The greater efforts patriots make to “retake America” or implement wise policies that would benefit citizens, the fewer benefits are actually created—because the only people who benefit from American power and prosperity are those creating the problems in the first place.

Worse, decision makers seem to understand how this process functions and are gradually seceding from the larger society. Barack Obama’s supposed lack of feeling for the country was creating headlines only a few weeks ago, but you could make the same charge (possibly with greater truth) against Jeb Bush, whose only interest in the United States is mercenary. More importantly, it is precisely because Barack Obama doesn’t identify with or care about the “historic American nation” that many affluent and educated Whites support him. The same could be said about Chamber of Commerce Republicans, for whom “patriotism” is an obstacle to profits and racial feeling, a barrier to securing cheap labor. They have their own candidate in Ol’ Jeb.

Consider the latest media spectacle in Selma, where Barack Obama told the country that “our march is not yet over” and referred to Ferguson as the kind of thing that gave rise to the original “Civil Rights Movement.” Yet Selma is now practically a Third World wasteland, unable even to support a movie theater that could screen the film designed to celebrate the city’s supposedly historic civil-rights victory. Is this something to celebrate, even to these people?

And what is the solution proposed by those who have power and influence? The adulterer and extorter Jesse Jackson believes the “only way” to keep the White businesses owners subject to the black politicians is for government to intervene so those who actually create the tax revenue aren’t allowed to leave. We’ve gone from Black Power to demanding Whitey stay and run our crappy dollar marts because we can’t do it ourselves.  

Obama said that the American slaves were the “slaves that built the White House” and the economy. But any wealth that slaves created was destroyed in the War Between the States, and since then, each new minority group, insofar as it remains an officially designated and protected “minority group,” simply constitutes another drag on what remains of European America.

What’s incredible is that the Narrative of the American Left is increasingly comfortable with the parasitic role of non-Whites, using the thin and ill-defined ideology of White privilege to justify a naked grab for resources and power. It is racial socialism with European-Americans in the eternal role of kulak. The role of government is not to protect life and property or safeguard the existence of community, but to actively break down communities and jeopardize the life and property of Whites in order to safeguard the existence of those who can only exist through the confiscated wealth of our people. Insofar as there is a non-White middle or upper class, it is overwhelmingly the creation of artificial government jobs, state mandated set asides, or cultural affirmative-action in the form of professional sports and Hollywood’s lazy agitprop.  

And where does that leave American patriotism? Incredibly, it is still Whites—and only Whites—who automatically rally to the Red, White, and Blue. At the bottom, Black protesters in Ferguson, who are only in the city because of Section 8 housing, are sustained by EBT, and receive privileges in jobs and education (if they could be bothered to fill out a form) burned American flags. At the top, mostly minority students in a student government body at the University
of California-Irvine voted to ban the American flag because of its associations with “colonialism and imperialism.” Meanwhile, those European-Americans who are utterly despised by their government and spat upon by the media still proudly fly Old Glory outside their depreciating homes and produce the Chris Kyles of the world who keep the Hollow Empire limping along.

It’s easy to simply say for Whites to live, America must die. But most European-Americans don’t see it that way and any movement that claims to speak for Whites or even in the interest of American Whites must reckon with that reality. When European-Americans say “America,” they have something in mind other than the policies of the federal government, even as they worship the soldiers who make those actions possible.

That may change with time as the symbolism of the Regime will take on an increasingly anti-White character. As Sam Francis predicted, just as the Confederate flags were purged from Southern institutions, we can expect to see problematic icons of American history sent down the memory hole in the coming years. Maybe some God n’ Country Whites will start getting second thoughts when Rosa Parks is on the $20 bill instead of Andrew Jackson.

But they most likely won’t. It seems more likely that American patriotism will take on an even more hucksterish quality in the years to come. And as the more intelligent and calculating make their separate peace with the Regime, American patriotism and conservatism will become even less intellectual and intelligible than it is today. Glenn Beck may be looked upon as some kind of philosopher king compared to what is coming. What’s worse, whatever mongrel creed develops will still be viewed as implicitly “White,” even as it becomes ever more explicitly anti-White. Most Millennials are breaking away from identifying themselves as “American,” but only because they see that identity as insufficiently egalitarian and democratic.

Despite the infighting and self-sabotage, the metapolitical framework is slowly coming together. The solution is not just an ideological break with “America” or ever more exaggerated adventures in online militancy.  The real problem is connecting the principles of the emerging New Right with the very real and practical ways that racial egalitarianism are ripping the heart out of the European-American middle class.

European Americans are watching their children have their lives destroyed by student loan debt, their wealth destroyed because of demographic assault on their neighborhoods, and their families and friends lose jobs because of an ever more rigid politically correct orthodoxy. The American genius for self-organization has to be trapped for Whites in North America to build closed institutions that can secure jobs, insurance, labor polls, education, and fraternal solidarity in the midst of a country that is now explicitly hostile to our physical existence.

Ideological revolution has to be connected to practical action in the here and now, things that every single person can do to improve themselves and their people every day. We have to take advantage of the reality that no one actually believes in democracy and equality, at least not within their own lives.

And while I have no illusions about the possibility of taking political power within this system, we should at least be talking about the kinds of specific policies that we would use to improve the lives of ordinary European-Americans, from the approachable (securing the castle doctrine in all fifty states) to the ambitious (restoring freedom of association) to the transformative (unilaterally abolishing student loan debt or forcing Civil Rights groups to pay reparations for what they have done to communities like Ferguson). Revolution can’t just be slogan or a symbol. It has to be something that ordinary people can understand will radically improve their own lives.

The cost of our dispossession isn’t just about grand sweeping trends of history or our destiny as a Race. It’s about an old man in Ferguson who is trapped in a dangerous neighborhood because his government betrayed him, or an IT professional who has to train his government subsidized foreign replacement, or the White soldier sent to die to make the world safe for degenerates at home and hostile foreigners abroad. These things are happening every day, and while the media loses its collective mind every time a graduate student posts an attention seeking note on Twitter, our people are being cast into a living hell all the more terrible because the powers that be openly mock and encourage their suffering. We will win when we have something to offer them besides demands.

We are dreamers of the day, and pursue an Ideal, not a platform. But Waking Up From the American Dream isn’t about escaping from one fantasy into another. Revolution is practical; it is the status quo that is absurd and unacceptable.

And if you’re just some ordinary White guy, the System won’t let you simply exist much longer. Just ask Darren Wilson.