”. . .And it’s ever so wrong to dare to be strong,” Sol Invictus sang on their ode to priestly morality “Kneel to the Cross.” But apparently in our age, it’s also wrong for a self-confident blonde to tell untermenschen brutal truths.

That’s the gist of the recent flare-up surrounding ESPN reporter Britt McHenry. McHenry was caught on tape berating a towing company clerk—telling her she was fat, ugly, stupid, and had virtually no real job skills. While it’s likely true that this towing employee is all of these things, the media is attacking McHenry with a passion usually reserved for White racists.

The Huffington Post blasted her for “fat shaming.” Salon labelled her an entitled brat. USA Today said her one-week suspension was not enough. Deadspin declared the sports personality had a history of being “rude as hell.”

Not surprisingly though, the woman McHenry belittled is very fat and very ugly. The “victim” also works for a company with a notorious record of doing its utmost to piss people off and she shopped around the video of the verbal assault for nearly two weeks. In addition, there’s a substantial amount of evidence that this towing company treats their “custormers” like dogshit and the video of McHenry’s outburst is selectively edited to only show her responses, not those of the clerk. The mean remarks could’ve been rebuttals to the rudeness of the woman behind the counter. It’s safe to say that this cashier deserved every insult she received from her famous foe and it is odd that the less famous clerk is receiving so much positive attention.

When do we take the side of towing companies against people they probably fucked over?

Well, when that person happens to be a hot, successful blonde who has no problem deriding her inferiors. This whole story is driven by ressentiment against those who are endowed by nature with superior traits and aren’t afraid to show them off. But we don’t want people to dare to be strong or dare to be beautiful—unless of course the ones daring to do so are actually ugly or weak.

Britt McHenry is being attacked because she’s prettier than most and is proud of it. The media wants to bring her low for calling a spade a spade (or in this case, a fatty a fatty) and shame her for being better than you. Make no mistake, if a chubby Black woman went on the same tirade against a towing company clerk, the media response would be “You go, girl!” and celebrate it as an act of speaking truth to power.

But McHenry is held to a different standard because we are taught to hate people like her. We think pretty blondes are inherently dumb, entitled women who deserve to be taken down a notch. Unless women like McHenry go on rants against racism, fat shaming, or some other SJW cause, we don’t support them. At the same time, every TV network—whether local or national—uses women like McHenry to sell their stories. America still wants to see pretty women on TV, not shoggoths like the tow truck lady. Yes, they are hired for their looks and not for their journalistic skills, and yes, it is unfair. But life is unfair and looks are distributed unequally. Beauty is where egalitarianism goes to die and the cold hand of nature can’t be denied.

But to overcome that unwelcome fact, our society promotes the idea that good-looking people are inferior when it comes to “inner beauty” in comparison with ugly people. Inner beauty is an utterly stupid concept that is taught simply to undermine the facts of nature. Most ugly people are also ugly on the inside, and, in many ways, physical features are a reflection of lifestyle, personality, and character. Being a blonde bombshell says that person is healthy, positive, and makes good life decisions. On the other hand, being a fat ass reflects low willpower, low impulse control, and poor life decisions. The whole purpose of “inner beauty” is to subvert our ideas of real beauty and to comfort the dregs. It only exists deep in the minds of resentful pests and is a classic example of Nietzsche’s priestly morality at work.

Fortunately for McHenry, she only got a week-long suspension, she still has her good looks intact, and her apology wasn’t addressed to the low-life her tirade was directed at. Meanwhile, her antagonist still works a shitty job and remains ugly. Sometimes the beautiful people do win in the end.