After yet another migrant boat capsized in the Mediterranean–killing nearly a thousand Africans–one British woman seems to be the only person voicing the proper solution to the refugee flotilla: gun ships.

Here’s Katie Hopkins of The Sun in her own words:

It’s time to get Australian. Bring on the gunships, force migrants back to their shores and burn the boats.

She also mentions how the people on board will be portrayed as helpless victims even though if they made it to shore, they’d turn into “aggressive young men at Calais, spreading like norovirus on a cruise ship.”

This awesome truth bomb was of course met with rabid outrage and over 200,000 people have signed a petition for The Sun to drop her. In addition, a few groups are reporting Ms. Hopkins for hate speech due to her column.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time she dropped truth in the public sphere. In March, Hopkins noted the disturbing link between Pakistani men and sexual abuse (see Rotherham) when one local town decided to raise Pakistan’s flag in the UK. That got her accused of inciting racial hatred.

She also once proved how fat people are fat due to their own poor decisions and lifestyle choices, as she gained 50 pounds and then promptly every single pound added. Her point: obesity is due to laziness and lack of willpower. In her opinion, “what fat people need is a kick up the ass.”

Keep kicking ass, Katie Hopkins.