Baltimore burns, and an army of redcoats didn’t do it this time. Instead, it’s Dindus pillaging and burning Charm City, while the State has stood by and watched.

Rioting first broke out in Baltimore on Saturday when a part of the peace-loving Black Undertow made its way to an upscale area of town and wreaked havoc. After that incident, the Black Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, told reporters she wanted to give the demonstrators “who wished to destroy” space to, well, destroy.

On Monday, the Undertow had ample space to do so. Nursing homes, convenience stores, cop cars, liquor joints all received the torch last night as the city descended into a third world hellhole. During this outburst, the Mayor was denouncing the “thugs” who were devastating the city and promising stern measures to restore order. But it was too late to act like a figure of authority and the Dindus knew they had a blank check to rampage and get away with it. The unrest stems from an incident where a Black man, Freddie Gray (not Frederick, apparently), died as a result of injuries suffered while in police custody. Police knew that a tough response would only further exacerbate the mayhem and stoke the ever-present media rage at their actions, especially on the same day as Gray’s funeral. While rioters ran wild on Saturday, an unfunny female comedian ripped on police racism at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner held only a few miles away, to the knowing chuckles of her elite audience. The urban elves have already picked a side—and they’re not with police. Their attitude was encapsulated by The Huffington Post’s Tuesday morning headline: “Baltimore Burns. Cop Throws Rock At Protester.”

With the media and local government implying the rage of Baltimore’s Blacks was justified, why are we surprised that they went into full-blown anarchy yesterday? It’s a cliché in our circles to cite Sam Francis’s concept of anarcho-tyranny, but there is no better way to describe what is happening in Baltimore and other cities beset by Black unrest. Cops are automatically seen as the villains in this narrative and are thoroughly demonized—even though they are the System’s only barrier separating order from chaos. As America’s demographics continue to darken and more and more non-whites enroll on welfare as their jobs disappear, we’re seeing the creation of a new class that is entirely dependent on the government, yet has no respect for the government or its laws.

Instead of trying to resolve this problem, the government and the media continue to coddle and apologize for this growing underclass while that same class continues to demand more and more from its White benefactors. The latest demand is the cessation of tough police measures that made cities like New York and Washington livable for Whites once again. When the race riots that sent many American cities downhill broke out in the late 60s, Whites demanded that law and order be restored. That cry was echoed by Richard Nixon, George Wallace, Spiro Agnew, and a host of other politicians, and they were rewarded at the ballot box. Today, White America has no idea what to do about these riots and just directs more anger at “Obama’s America.” Even our politicians (read: Republicans) have no answer for these riots. . .except for Rand Paul, and his answer is to end mandatory sentencing so more violent felons can return to their communities and demilitarize police so towns can endure more violent unrest. The first response from Whites to all of these cases of supposed police brutality is blind belief and outrage at the apparent injustice, even from conservatives. As it eventually turns out that the cases were trumped up and largely false, we then get a somewhat fairer look at the event, but always with caveats that Black anger with police is still justified and reasonable. There’s still a problem with the police while those communities just need to be empowered, turn to God, or learn about the wonders of the free market in order to succeed. It is fitting that the community center for the elderly that was burnt down was a Southern Baptist project—the same denomination that’s trying to sell “race reconciliation” to well-meaning Whites and integrate its churches. The result of conservative attempts to reach out to Blacks is illustrated by the community center’s smoldering ruin.

The mindset of instantly siding with Black grievance undermines the authority of police and gives Blacks a free pass to riot whenever they’re upset. When the idea that police are racist and unjust is drilled into the minds of non-whites, it’s not shocking that they now riot over any incident that results in a Black man dying while cops are around. What we’re seeing here is the System throwing its own grunts under the bus and turning them into scapegoats for the harsh measures that provide stability for an unstable, multiracial society. The System benefits when police have tanks to quell riots and drug dealers receive long, mandatory sentences. But it also has a dependent underclass that it has to appease and provide for. Additionally, this underclass has the sympathy of the chattering class and Blacks as a whole are granted a moral superiority over Whites in any given situation. Thus, the System is taking the side of the Black underclass against its own foot soldiers. The managerial elite knows that the Black Undertow is subsidized by the government and that they can’t live outside of the state, so they see no apparent threat from letting them run wild and wreck a city like Baltimore. While this seems to threaten the System’s legitimacy and its appearance of providing order, its managers understand that Blacks will return to the fold after any violent outburst. After all, the Los Angeles Riots in 1992 ceased after its perpetrators lined up to receive their welfare checks, courtesy of the State.

But what this means is that the System is willing to allow a small degree of chaos and undermine its ability to contain it if it empowers and soothes its dependent class. We saw this in the first few days of Ferguson rioting before the tanks arrived. We saw this last weekend and last night in Baltimore. The System hardly has the stomach to unleash the full-force of the state on those righteous Blacks, unless they get too out of hand. But even it that comes with claims of police overreach. There are no politicians running on a platform of restoring law and order and both liberals and conservatives—even Maryland’s Republican Governor who’s vowing to clamp down on rioting “thugs”—are clamoring for “justice” to redress the wrongs of cops just doing their jobs. All of the momentum and moral high ground is in the corner of those wanting to sap police power and acquiesce to Black demands. We see this when it is now perfectly acceptable for Black commentators to encourage rioting on national TV and endlessly repeat Martin Luther King’s admonition that “a riot is the language of the unheard.”

What we are currently witnessing in Baltimore is the escalation of anarcho-tyranny. When the System and its minions are more concerned with punishing White fraternity brothers who say “nigger” rather than Black rioters, you know you have anarcho-tyranny. When we spend more time hand-wringing over using the term “thug” than dealing with thugs, you know you have anarcho-tyranny. When Baltimore burns and the media frets over a single police officer throwing a rock, you know you have anarcho-tyranny.

Last year, I wrote of the militarized status quo America is beginning to accept to deal with racial chaos. It is now on its way to Baltimore in the form of 5,000 National Guardsmen. The State will tolerate violence and disorder on a small-scale, but it will employ military-grade tech to prevent cities from turning into Dresden and to ensure Blacks don’t harm the economy too much. We’ll see how this plays out tonight as the city is reinforced with more cops, well-armed troops, and the eyes of the nation glued on to its every move.

But this will not resolve the growing unrest festering in America’s ghettoes and forgotten neighborhoods—and summer hasn’t even begun. . .

There’s a fire rising in America—but will Whites be awakened by its flame?