In my last essay, I outlined the essential aspects of White Nationalism–that White people are unique capable of Western civilization, and that the current trends of demographic decline and replacement have dire implications. This is the number one concern for White Nationalists. Nothing else matters. We can discuss things like public health, economics, and foreign policy, and we often do, and usually trend conservatively, but these are minor issues in the greater scheme of White survival.

Yet, despite the growing awareness within the public sphere that Whites are a dying breed, there has been surprisingly little response. By “response” I mean searching for a solution. There is plenty of sentiment that Whites have had their time, and it is our duty to go gently into the good night, but this is literally asking for polite genocide, an unconscionable request.

When racially aware Whites protest this, they become social and political pariahs. It is “racist” to object to our own decline. Why is this? No other race is shamed and demonized for caring about the long term survival of their culture and their people. Yet, here we are. It is demoralizing, but truth speakers are often reviled. We are the Cassandras of the modern world, doomed to be ignored until the final hour. At the same time, myself and others believe that there is hope. It is not five minutes until midnight, but five minutes past. We have time, despite the direness of our predictions.

The problems that we are discussing have long range implications. Whites will not achieve projected minority-majority status until around 2030. A lot can change in fifteen years, and that’s why it is important to discuss these problems now. If White Nationalists are correct, then the West, as it is manifest here in the States, will continue to decline as more non-Whites are imported. The remaining Whites in this country will be forced to take action, lest they fade into history. So what are we to do?

There exist no mainstream political institutions that share our view. Our only chance, if we were to operate through existing channels, would be to either pursue either the Democratic or Republican party. Yet, this is largely impossible. If we look at politics through the lens of race and class, the reason for this quickly becomes clear.

The Democratic Party is truly the party of the non-White. It exists for advancing the interests of Hispanic, Black, female, and gay interests, while pursuing a generally socialist agenda. The socialist label is by no means an attempt to slight the Democrats or their interests, this is simply a statement of fact. The Democratic Party acts to rectify real or imagined instances of social and economic inequality by means of the of government. Because Whites have been the dominant political force in America, most Democratic interests are directly contra White interests.

Since this was a historically White country, it is only natural that the institution of the USA would favor Whites. Consider what would happen if you were to move to Japan: You would find that the system was “racist” in that the existing structures favored the Japanese. This is exactly what we had here in this country: a system by and for Whites. And there is nothing to apologize for. Make no mistake, this is our country. Everyone else, despite their citizenship status, is merely a guest.

The fact that the Democratic Party opposes the above statement at the most fundamental level renders it an impossible avenue for advancing the cause of White Nationalism. For this reason, I will spend no more time on it.

It is tempting to posit that the Republican Party is the White party. Republicans are often stereotyped as rich, old, White men, and in some sense this is true, and, seeing as how most White Nationalists are at least moderately conservative, to conflate the two seems like the obvious answer. Yet, there is something to the Republican stereotype that it is all about big business, because it really is all about big business. The alignment of White and Republican interests are incidental, not intentional.

Why do I say this? Well, the simplest answer is that the Republican Party has historically not supported White interests. The mainstream purview of the GOP is twofold: economic and foreign policy.

On the economic side of things, there is deregulation and lowering taxes. On the surface, this may seem like it would help White interests, but the majority of this is done for the purpose of aiding multinational corporations, who exist in an international limbo that does little for helping material circumstances here in America. After all, most Whites are not billionaires, nor even millionaires. White per capita income is a mere $57,009, hardly the wealth that Republicans policies cater to. If such policies do aid Whites in any meaningful way, this is merely a side effect, and not the intended consequence.

If we look at foreign policy, the Republican Party has consistently acted in favor of further involvement in the Middle East. This hawkish intrusion into the Muslim world is partly financial, partly religious, and partly political.

The financial side of things is simply oil. How much money companies like Chevron expend in lobbying and financing political campaign, I have no idea. What I do know is that the Republicans exist to serve their corporate masters. But I spoke on this earlier, and will leave it at that.

The political and religious justifications for Republican foreign policy are a little more convoluted. Intelligent, politically savvy, pro-Israel Jews have aligned themselves with zealous Christians seeking to immanentize the eschaton detailed in Revelations. This marriage of Judaism and Christianity has led to the buzz word, “Judeo-Christian,” as well as the seeming desire for unending war in the Middle East.

We are not corporate wage slaves laboring for the parasitic, transnational corporation, nor tools of war to be used by Jews or Christians for petty ethnic squabbles or apocalyptic ruminations.

And yet, Whites overwhelmingly vote Republican, against their own self-interest. Why this is, I am not really sure. Most liberals I know are overwhelmingly disappointed with the current lineup of Democratic politicians, and most conservatives do not actually like any of the Republican counterparts.

My suspicion is that most Whites unconsciously understand they they lack their own party. They tell themselves, “I don’t like the Republicans much, but by God at least aren’t Democrats.” This leads to a political identification that does not really stand for anything but simply sets itself up in opposition to something else. And that’s a dead end.

But it’s because of this that I’m so positive about the future. Events like the Ferguson and Baltimore riots, as well as pervasive anti-White sentiment coming from media, academia, and government can only lead to White disenfranchisement, all compounded with endless foreign wars and a government that no longer supports its people are exactly what we need.

At times it may seem hopeless, but understand that desperation is the impetus for change. It would be one thing if White Nationalists were whining about things that had no real world implications. If Blacks were truly just like us, or if Democrats weren’t anti-Whit
e, or Republicans weren’t a big business, Judeo-Christian cabal, then none of this would matter. But the evidence is on our side, and all the evidence points to a United States culture and government that does not even bother to cater to its own people.

When Whites realize this, and more importantly realize that it is okay to be racially aware and work in their own self-interest (as all other ethnic and religious groups have done for all of human history), only then real change can happen.

I am not going to suggest what solutions White Nationalists might propose. Plenty of that has been done already, from the wildly speculative to the imminently practical. What I do know, however, is that the first step is destigmatizing the movement. Much of that is simply moving White Nationalist issues into a more mainstream lens, and not cowing or apologizing to allegations of racism while at the same time working to avoid being categorized as fringe politics.

None of this happens overnight, and patience will be the mother of success. Ideas take time to percolate, but the world moves in our favor. If you find yourself disgusted by the marginalization of our people, then take heart. Everything, from the unending riots to the unfair affirmative action cases to the myriad other anti-White policies and sentiments serve us in the long term.

Democrats are wont to point out that American military involvement overseas radicalizes peaceful Muslims. Well, the exact same thing is happening here in the homeland. We are losing our country, and it makes us mad. Ordinary Whites who would have zero interest in racial politics are forced to turn to it as the current situation necessitates it.

If you feel angry and disenfranchised, good! You rage will be instrument of our salvation. But never feel alone. There are millions of Whites who are just as fed up and tired of a country where we, the architects of this nation, are marginalized and discounted.

We are the sons and daughters of Europa. Heirs to the greatest civilization that the world has ever known. But somehow, we’ve been lulled to sleep and the reins of power have slipped from our hands. We need merely to reawaken, because when we do, we will take the world by storm.