Now even the Washington Post hates millennials.

Five Really Good Reasons to Hate Millennials

By Christopher Ingraham

1. Millennials are the least patriotic generation

Less than a third of millennials say the United States is the greatest country in the world, according to the Pew Research Center. By contrast, 48 percent of Gen Xers, 50 percent of Boomers, and 64 percent of the Silent Generation said that America is Number 1. And only 70 percent of millennials identified as “patriotic,” compared to 80 to 90 percent of people in other generations. […]

2. Millennials are just as racist as their elders

Whatever expectation that millennials’ diverse racial makeup would spawn especially tolerant views has not yet come true, [Scott Clement] concludes.[…]

3. Millennials are the generation least informed about the news

Millennials performed the poorest in a recent Pew Research Center study of the public’s knowledge of current events. […]

4. Millennials are the nation’s leading vaccine skeptics

Millennials are twice as likely as seniors to say that parents should be able to opt out of giving their kids childhood vaccines.

5. Millennials care less about free speech than other generations

Just yesterday I reported on a Pew survey showing that 18- to 29-year-olds were the generation least likely to say it’s okay for news outlets to publish cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. […]

Reading articles like this, it becomes clear that the problem with millennials is that they threaten a certain American consensus, a certain script WaPo would like them to follow.

Let’s reformulate this list.

Five Really Good Reasons to Have Hope For Millennials

1. They’re not patriotards

Throughout the Dubya administration, there was a flurry of books and shrill NPR commentaries about the rise of “American Theocracy” or “Christian fascism,” and a dread that conservative Republicans were too powerful and ruthless, and that the Democrats were too weak-kneed to contain them. What really happened was that the hyper-patriotism of the Bush years was a last gasp or self-parody of the “American Century.” The least one can say is that Bush indelibly linked flag-waving and American nationalism with lunatic foreign wars and public displays of stupidity.

Not being patriotic simply means that millennials have taste. Also, in what way is America “#1”? Are we scoring this in bombs dropped by flying robots?

2. Millennials are becoming racially conscious, sort of

Believe it or not, having diversity forced upon you does not lead you to believe that race doesn’t exist.

3. Millennials are unplugged from the gatekeeper media

Who cares if millennials wouldn’t do well on Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! This is not a sign of their lack of intelligence or depth of knowledge; it’s a sign that we don’t live in a world in which everyone watches the Nightly News, or reads the Washington Post.

4. Millennials Are Skeptical and Searching for Authenticiy

I personally think the anti-vaccine movement is misguided; however, what lies behind it—as well as what lies behind the the organic, “slow food,” and environmentalist movements—is interesting. Millennials are seeking something real, something deep, and something traditional. Let’s see where this leads. . .

5. Millennials Are Not Classical Liberal Fags

No one on earth really believes in complete free speech. There is always a line to be drawn. But everyone likes to talk about their devotion to free speech (particularly, Classical Liberal Fags). There is no reason to believe that millennials are any more or less committed to free speech than their parents. They are simply not interested in flagrant and crude incitements of Muslims in a liberal culture war. Who could blame them?