The town of McKinney will suffer the fate of Ferguson after “hundreds” of mostly black teenagers crashed a private pool. The overwhelmed security guard called police; the police officer was caught on video restraining a “child;” and now the eye of Soros has fallen on a hapless Texas suburb besieged by hundreds of “protesters” ready for handouts, journalists eager for scalps, and the Parasite Class lusting for new sources of funding. If you bought property in McKinney, it’s time to sell. 

Perhaps that’s an unacceptably bourgeois way to look at it. And yet it’s impossible to see this story as anything other than the tragedy of American suburbia in action, the last stand of Economic Man. In fact, some of the best testimony we have from the event comes from one Benet Embry, an African-American man who lived in the neighborhood and declared the incident had nothing to do with race. Instead, he charged, it was about people who jumped a fence, attacked people, and damaged property. For his trouble, he is being called an Uncle Tom. 

Another man, Bryan Gestner, accused the teens of attacking mothers and children, smoking weed and drinking, refusing to listen to any adults, and invading “our neighborhood.” Gestner has even commended the officer for “handling the situation.” Naturally, he is also pleading that it has “nothing to do with race.” He is being called the “next George Zimmerman” and is getting the usual threats. The neighborhood in general is now the target of vandalism, auto thefts, and property destruction. 

In contrast, let’s see who set up the event. The “party” was set up by a black amateur “promoter” named Tatiana Rhodes. Being a “promoter” does not mean securing a venue, but simply assuming access to someone else’s pool and announcing on Twitter that everyone should just show up. Naturally, that’s what the diversity coalition did, turning the pool into a scene of violence and chaos. Security called the police, which led to the confrontation. The confrontation itself was then taped by a White teenager, who was very upset the police officer skipped over him and told “my African-American friends to go sit down.”

Here, we have the contradictions of the American way of life fully exposed. As you might expect, the neighborhood is not rallying to White Identity. Instead, they are pleading to be left alone. After all, they say, the neighborhood is diverse, and everyone gets along. And why would they do otherwise? A man like Benet Embry, for example, was a normal member of the community who will be just as victimized as everyone else by what’s coming.

At the same time, you have a community that is implicitly White, invaded by an outside group that is implicitly black. As you can see in videos of the event, the (White) locals are furious at what they see as the destruction of their community and their own children being endangered, while the outsiders react with hostility and contempt. When law enforcement forcefully responds, the black outsiders then on the role of pitiable victims and children throwing righteous temper tantrums. They are assisted in this by younger Whites who have less of a stake in the preservation of community order, first the young man moral-preening in his defense of his “African-American friends” and then the content generators at sites like Gawker or the Huffington Post. 

The White residents are being roundly mocked for being “afraid” of “black bodies” infecting their precious, pure, White pool. But the reason we even have mostly White suburbs, gated pools with controlled access, and sprawl is because of the destruction of public institutions following desegregation.

It’s why Whites can’t go to malls anymore. It’s why you can’t have a bike sharing program in a diverse city. It’s the same reason, Martin Luther King, why we evil Whites didn’t let your daughter come to an amusement park like Funtown–once it is integrated, blacks ruin it. Diversity is just another way of saying we can’t have nice things.

And one of the important battlegrounds in all of this were the public pools. As Jeff Wiltse chronicles in “Contested Waters: A History of Swimming Pools in America,” desegregation all but destroyed public swimming pools in much of America. Naturally, Wiltse pushes a theory about the “eroticized space” of swimming pools making White men afraid of blacks looking at our women. The controlled media’s #HotTake on the situation largely consists of recycling this thesis, with the arm flappers over at Vox cawing, “Keeping black people away from White swimming pools is an American tradition.” 

As a Traditionalist, I have a simpler explanation for the phenomenon than Wiltse’s fapping material. Once blacks are admitted into a public space, be it an “eroticized” one or a McDonalds, you have to deal with violence, screaming, cursing, and other kinds of destructive and vulgar behavior middle class White families don’t want to be around. And it was precisely this kind of behavior that sparked the situation in McKinney. 

A similar case occurred in Philadelphia a few years ago. As a result of a well-meaning charitable gesture, a group of black “youth” was brought to a private pool in the city. The guests said the blacks were causing a disturbance and creating an unsafe environment; the blacks then said the Whites were being racist. The result was an antifa campaign against the pool; the Department of Justice (of course) got involved, the pool ended up paying out millions of dollars to various people, and the establishment declared bankruptcy. Pool’s closed–thanks to diversity.

(Don’t worry – the Valley Swim Club was eventually sold to a new owner. A synagogue.)

The attempt by European-Americans to escape the consequences of diversity is  what drove the development of modern conservatism, especially in the South. Whites who once supported public institutions like schools, mass transportation and parks suddenly found after desegregation such investments were wasted. As a result, they retreated into Beltway Right libertarian and free market rhetoric, trying to insulate themselves from diversity even as open opposition was no longer permitted. But because Whites can’t simply say it is about race, the result is ideological incoherence. 

One of the great moments of unintentional comedy in conservative
history is Milton Friedman praising Virginia in Capitalism & Freedom for closing the public schools, predicting that even though Southerners did it to avoid desegregation, it would actually lead to a great increase in educational diversity and quality. Actually, all that happened is segregation was restored de facto by European-Americans moving as far away from diversity as possible. Even though race is the root of the American Right’s power base (as the American Left well knows), its ideological expression always had to framed in terms of economics, taxes, or other ostensibly race-neutral issues.

Ironically, this leads to more overt repression than we would have in a society where freedom of association, restrictive covenants, and other forms of voluntary segregation were permitted. Since Whites aren’t allowed to live in their own neighborhoods or have their own schools, they are forced to rely on aggressive, militarized police to keep away the mostly non-White underclass. 

In most of the #BlackLivesMattter cases that have developed from Travyon Martin, to Eric Garner, to Michael Brown, the criminal Negro in question was more of a hapless prole than a vicious criminal mastermind. Martin skulking about high, Garner illegally peddling cigarettes, and Brown stealing cigarillos, committing assault and walking in the middle of the street (while also high)are not shooting offenses. However, as anyone who has lived in a black neighborhood knows, such petty lawlessness (microaggressions?) and low-level violence eventually lead to neighborhoods that are dangerous, poorly maintained, and generally bad for businesses and families.

This is the theory behind “broken windows” policing, the very tactic now being targeted by the #BlackLivesMatter protests. Since crime is already skyrocketing in Baltimore and other cities, we can see what happens when the police back off. The brutal reality and unspoken (except in the comment sections) assumption is that many Whites don’t care about the death of black “thugs” because we know their removal from society makes our lives better. After all, much of our way of life is built around trying to avoid them.

What about non-White exceptions, like Mr. Embry in McKinney? As we see in the current climate, once issues are framed in terms of zero sum games between competing groups, individual exceptions fade away. Thus, even though Mr. Embry is just trying to preserve his community and make a common sense protest against criminality, he finds himself characterized as a traitor to his race because he stands in the way of “blacks” gaining access to a “White” institution.

And even though none of the Whites in the community probably have a shred of racial awareness, they are universally condemned as racists. White Identity will be forced even on the unwilling.

Here, no one was killed, or even injured. But let’s look to what will happen next. The police officer in question has already resigned and the next step will presumably be a payoff of some kind. The pool, having learned its lesson, will be less eager to call the police the next time a group of loud, feral blacks shows up. And as the clientele is “enriched” by diversity, families will stay away.

In a larger sense, this is what will happen to the community. Police are less likely to intervene in dangerous situations, Whites (and some non-Whites) will be unwilling to tell young degenerates to stop, those who can afford it will move away, those who can’t will be stuck, and within a few years, you’ll have another Ferguson with only those trapped in underwater mortgages remaining. Another triumph for diversity.

The hunt for more White scapegoats will continue. A White woman grappling with one of the teens in the video has lost her job. Another woman who posted on Facebook that black people were causing racial tension and should be kept away “almost to the point of waning them all segregated” is now the source of national news, even after she deleted it. (It should be noted she ended her call for almost-segregation with the hashtag #imnotaracist.) 

Success in the current American environment relies upon skillfully navigating racial hypocrisy. You can’t be stupid enough to act like you believe in equality, even if you tell yourself you really do. A landlord or employer who believes “race doesn’t matter” will find his diverse tenants destroying his property or diverse employees stealing from his business. But you also have to be smart enough to fake it, lest you fall under the Eye and be targeted for destruction.

The model American city of today is Montgomery, Alabama, a once proud Southern metropolis, now an economic ruin featuring a depressing string of empty buildings—except for cash advance scams, pawn shops, dollar stores, and of course, the opulent headquarters of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Everyone wants to be the one living in the Palace, even if you are surrounded by a desolation that they call Equality.

And this is the great trap for the respectable Right. If middle class, bourgeois, responsible Whites wanted to preserve their communities, they’d support race realist organizations that provide a rationale for opposing black crime, state-driven desegregation, and enforced multiculturalism. But they don’t because the same temperament that makes you want to live in a nice suburb and raise well-behaved, successful children also makes it difficult for you to endure public criticism, suffer economic punishment for your beliefs, or stand up to threats of violence, intimidation, and character destruction, not to mention condemnation from your local noodle-armed, jeans-wearing pastor or priest

For this reason, anti-fascist activism isn’t really directed against true believers so much as it is against casual acquaintances or supporters, in the hope of scaring them off and preventing the growth of a movement big enough for people to “hide” in. As the System’s enforcers know, once a movement is big enough so people can participate in it and still feel “safe,” it’s much harder to stop. 

Of course, an “honor” culture and an anti-bourgeois ethos presents its own challenges. And even the most heroic spirit who dreams of glorious battle against the enemies of his people will find issues like “good schools” and “property values” serious concerns instead of punchlines once he (like a good White man) starts having children and wants to raise them in a safe place.

The great silent horror haunting American life is the slowly spreading awareness that a “normal” life is simply no longer allowed. With the current situation in law, culture, economics, sexuality, relationships, and especially in the postmodern terrorism of anti-White media campaigns, there is not a single European-American anywhere who can comfortably take his position for granted. Even if by some incredible odds he manages to secure a wife, house, two and a half kids, and a dog, it can all be taken away tomorrow by a lawsuit or media campaign based on causes any other generatio
n would have found risible. 

And this may reveal our salvation. Revolutions occur when the smartest and most ambitious members of a society feel artificially thwarted by a social system that prevents them from rising to what they feel as their “rightful” place. (The British Empire would have saved itself a great deal of trouble if it had given George Washington the Army commission he so desperately wanted.)

Many (perhaps most) young European-Americans either believe they can still climb their way up the cursus honorum of the multicultural state, and others believe Nordic style socialism is the solution to economic despair. But the accelerating frenzy of anti-White hatred even against White liberals and the slow motion collapse of “model” societies like Sweden because of immigration suggest these alternatives will not be around much longer.

They are not going to let you drop out—or even let you work much longer. The academic culture for openly seizing White wealth and redistributing it, what Peter Brimelow has called “Racial Socialism,” already exists. The legal framework will soon follow, and then the inevitable policy changes will complete the process.

If the base of the movements that took power in Europe in the 1930’s were disgruntled veterans, the base of our movement for the next ten years will be the veterans of the anti-White and anti-male culture war. An entire generation of White men has no real expectation of economic progress, is told by every institution in society they are utter scum for simply existing, and are rapidly learning that even if they achieve the “American Dream” of suburban life, it can be taken away overnight. In short, the Left is giving us a group of smart, capable, angry people with nothing to lose.

So mourn for the people of McKinney, and for the people of whatever city comes next. But celebrate as well. Because the way White Americans have always dealt with diversity is to run. And they aren’t going to be able to run for much longer–and it’s about time they are forced to fight.