Turns out they really are crazy. A new report from the National Center for Health Statistics shows women of every age group are more far more likely than men to suffer from severe mental health issues. As the blogger Heartiste snarks, “Feminism and the sexual revolution have done wonders for American women’s mental health.” And while the “one in four” rape statistic is completely bogus, one study showed one in four American women actually are on prescription medication for mental illness.

What is needed are some cold, hard, empirical studies on whether there are different rates of mental illness between proud and strong modern women who do “badass” things like be offended and beg for money on Twitter from men and those weak, pathetic, and retrograde women who do boring things like bear children, create strong families, and serve as the bedrock for functional communities. But based on anecdotal evidence (and, in truth, my own ideological predisposition,) this is what I’d expect.

Modern feminism is defined by what can only be called an outright mental illness. It’s no longer a surprise when you read reports of women inventing mystical “rape” stories and seemingly convincing themselves it’s true. The screeching activist with garish hair, a Tumblr account filled with obscenity and a sense of perpetual outrage isn’t so much a stereotype as a subculture in its own right. When reading tales of hysterical shrews who claim PTSD from people disagreeing with them on social networking, one can only wonder how these people who constantly boast about their own strength manage to even feed themselves. (And unfortunately, in many cases, manage to feed themselves a little too well.)  

Modern men are facing their own crisis. But the collapse of masculinity, especially among Whites (and the Japanese), is of a different character than what’s happening to Western women. While masculinity is fading (or being deliberately driven out), certain inherent characteristics of femininity are being skewed and exaggerated to the point they are becoming dominant and destructive. Weak men are essentially becoming women in psychological temperament and outlook, and women themselves are becoming caricatures of irrationality and hysteria, especially when it comes to morality and “pathological altruism.”

Pathological Altruism is defined as a sincere attempt to help others that instead harms others or oneself. Writing on the phenomenon, Jared Taylor observes some people believe Pathological Altruism is the result of an “excessively female brain.”

Women are more likely than men to be co-dependents and have eating disorders. Girls are more compliant than boys, better behaved, and more eager to please. They are better able to figure out the needs of others. They are politically more “liberal,” and more likely to think that an important function of government is to take care of people. Low levels of testosterone in the womb during fetal development is associated with higher levels of empathy in both sexes.

As Taylor notes, the male equivalent on the other side of the spectrum is autism, far more common in men than women.

Yet the strength of culture is reflected in the way it can incorporate and even take advantage of “dysfunctional” impulses. Just as autists can make huge contributions to human society (but shouldn’t necessarily be running the show), we see case after case of women displaying what we might call “pathological altruism” but having it funneled into productive ends. You can’t save everyone, and people who want to save everyone drive themselves insane. But you can make productive use of these people.

The Catholic nun laboring away for the poor and unfortunate in various charitable institutions and hospitals is an example of how an emotional addiction to altruism, sublimated under discipline, can be transformed into the basis of organizations that help people. Today, however, this impulse is less funneled into direct charitable or humanitarian endeavors than into political activism. We see an especially destructive form of this in our discussion of immigration.

Many women (and men for that matter) don’t so much want to help people as they want to be seen helping people (hence, Humanitarians of Tinder). But the people who truly frighten me are those who actually mean it. They are political Cat Ladies.

A real Cat Lady isn’t an old feminist (her grey hair dyed pink) sitting at home with her cats: it’s a mentally unstable women who “rescues” animals she can’t care for. Again, Taylor:

They fill their houses with “rescued” pets but fail to look after them. They declare their love for animals even as they step over the bodies of dogs and cats that have died of malnutrition. They often neglect their own health, living in tumble-down houses filled with animal filth. 

The Cat Lady doesn’t actually help of the creatures she claims she loves. She also destroys her own life. But because of the emotional satisfaction she receives from these “rescues” and the deep psychological needs that are fulfilled, she can’t stop herself.

This particular form psychosis came to mind when watching Ann Coulter’s remarkable interview with the openly anti-White (and needless to say, White skinned and blue eyed) Jorge Ramos to promote her new book Adios America. The highlight came when a mujer gorda, an illegal immigrant and member of the Parasite Class, waddled to the microphone and demanded to give Coulter a hug as a symbol of “my humanity and yours.” Like a character from Akira, Coulter was able to avoid being absorbed into the bulbous mass of flesh, but the “undocumented activist,” like so many of those “living in the shadows,” immediately hit the interview circuit to be praised about how courageous she is for repeating establishment talking points.

One can only the imagine the reaction if a man demanded to give a female liberal pundit a hug as a symbol of shared humanity–he’d probably be charged with rape on the spot. Yet the invader’s clumsy attempt at emotional blackmail was portrayed as a great triumph for the pro-Amnesty cause, even though her very presence on national television shows illegals face no danger from immigration law enforcement.

Indeed, Ramos stubbornly refused to answer the question posted by Coulter about whether there is any limit to how many Mexicans are expected to be admitted by the United States. Ramos, after initially letting slip he thought 30 million illegals were in America before retreating back to the more palatable figure of 11 million, essentially admitted there should be no limits. He did recycle the traditional claim the only reason Mexicans are in the country
is “economics,” implying that immigration will continue as long as Mexico remains economically inferior to the United States. And as that inferiority is likely to last forever (or at least until America is actually transformed into just another extension of Mexico), America is obligated to accept unlimited numbers of migrants for all time.

The rationale behind this is pure Cat Lady morality. Because the average individual’s life is “better” in America or Europe than in the Third World, it follows that all people must be allowed to enter the country. This is the justification behind the “rescue missions” being launched by smug Cat Ladies to bring African boat people to Europe, even though these “migrants” tend to be males of military age rather than helpless women and children. Similarly, because all White Americans arrived in the Western Hemisphere from Europe at some point, as Alan Colmes lectured Peter Brimelow, limits on immigration are unfair.

The logical conclusion is for America as a legal entity to simply abolish any concept of citizenship and allow both unlimited immigration and voting by illegals. And a majority of Democrats and a significant number of Republicans actually believe this, with almost a full third of likely U.S. voters agreeing illegals should vote as long as they pay taxes. (They don’t, at least not anything close to what Americans pay, although illegals still get “refunds” even if they don’t pay.)

The assumption here is that the prosperity and high quality of life in White nations can be sustained forever, even if the actual population of those countries is completely replaced. And it’s not that the “new Americans” are simply interchangeable with Europeans or European-Americans, they are actually superior as they will redeem the West’s history of racism and exclusion.

The cynical motivations behind all of this, from the corporate desire for cheap labor, the Left’s need for welfare dependent votes, the economic motivations for Christian “refugee” groups that are actually for-profit businesses, and the sneering contempt for Whites by organized Jewish groups are all part of this. But we should not underestimate the degree to which many Europeans and European-Americans really believe this and take pleasure from the dispossession of their own people. Self-hatred is obviously part of it, but a greater motivation seems to be the pleasure people derive from “helping” Third World unfortunates who are perceived as lacking agency. And it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that the unhinged women leading so many of these egalitarian crusades lack children of their own, instead transferring their empathy to moral mascots they only have to talk to when they are slumming it.

Today, there’s no pleasure to be found in helping an equal or rallying to a superior; real pleasure is to be found to liberating the agency-free “oppressed,” so long as you don’t have to deal with the messy reality of actually improving their lives. This is also why the immigration issue, unlike transportation or health care, is not a public policy issue so much as a moralistic, sacred cause to Open Borders advocates. The SPLC, for example, is indignantly demanding Coulter be cut off from all access to television and radio.

Most of these “social justice campaigns,” from foreign aid to Africa to cracking down on the police in Baltimore, actually hurt the very people they are designed to help. But that’s beside the point to every wide eyed Cat Lady who fancies herself Daenerys Targaryen. Rising rates of crime in the inner city, the support of corruption in the Third World, or economic collapse in communities welfare programs are supposed to be “helping” don’t register any more than rotting kitty carcasses in the living room bother a crazed woman who has devoted her life to animal “rescue.” And just as the neighbors have to live with consequences of a hoarder’s insanity, so Whites generally have to deal with the crime, economic collapse, and societal disintegration caused by the desire of unstable people to feel good about themselves.

These impulses are eternal and will never fully be removed. It’s not about exterminating those Whites who hate us but reorienting them. A functional society isn’t just the one that’s most “right wing” but one that can incorporate these different motivations and impulses in such a way that everyone can still be a productive and beneficial member of their society.

In our society, we end up with SJWs and their Cat Lady morality destroying their own people in order to feed their mental illness. In a based society with proper leadership, even an excess of a “horizontal” temperament can be put under discipline to help those vulnerable members of the folk who need it.

Western society is so heavily feminized (as even Bill Maher admitted) that redressing the balance and restoring masculine virtue is the first step to imposing any kind of political sanity. But even if that is accomplished, as Richard Spencer has said in the past, you are never going to get rid of “Right” and “Left.” Or as Jack Donovan might put it, the more masculine “Vertical” and more feminine “Horizontal” viewpoint. The necessity isn’t domination, it’s obtaining an Exit by any means necessary and using the opportunity to create a superior system.

After all, what do we have left? The more talk there is about solidarity and universal empathy, the more social trust and actual community is destroyed. When we hear someone babbling about “self-evident” truths like “human rights,” we know we are hearing a sales pitch just as cynical as any attempt to push another high interest credit card. And when you let Cat Ladies who get off on suffering run your country, you don’t end up with a Great Society filled with compassion, but a Great Slum containing only filth and failure, fit only for demolition.