Chalk up another victory for the GOP in the Culture War!

Jim Treacher at The Daily Caller:

Kudos to Nikki Haley. Democrats created what we now call the Confederate flag, and Democrats voted to fly that flag in South Carolina. It took a Republican governor to bring it down. […]

This is a striking rebuke to the Democrats, the party of slavery. Say goodbye to your beloved symbol of hatred, Democrats. The rest of us have moved on.

The tone of this blog, particularly the last paragraph, strikes me as sarcastic, as if Treacher is aware of how stupid his argument is, aware of how much he’s become a parody of a “cuckservative.”


Obviously, the association of the Confederate Battle Flag with Republicans has very little to do with Democrats’ covering up their racist tracks. The people who cast 90 percent of Republican votes are “like” the people who, 50 years ago, supported and participated in segregation. In South Carolina, the people who vote Republican are the actual descendants of segregationists.

Liberals rightly view political parties as vehicles for people. It is the people who are important. Cuckservatives equate political parties with abstract and vague notions, like “liberty” and “free markets.” It is the abstract and vague notions that are important. People are interchangeable. Thus, Nikki Halley is a great “Southern conservative,” because she talks about freedom and drinks sweet tea.