“The trolls are winning the battle for the Internet,” sniffed Ellen Pao in the Washington Post. Pao, who resembles a younger, Asian, and more masculine version of John Kerry, was forced out of Reddit after trying to crack down on “hate speech” and encountering unexpected pushback. While many may see this as a political battle, the truth is that Reddit’s war against “offensive” groups isn’t about principles, but profit. In order to monetize the site, certain groups need to be killed off. Consumers need a “safe space” in order see ads and spend their shekels in peace. “Trolls,” in short, disrupt the smooth functioning of an exploitative system.

Now we are seeing a similar phenomenon in politics, as at least for now, the trolls are winning the battle for the Presidency. A newly released poll shows Donald Trump remains the leading candidate for the Republican nomination for President. The mainstream press is divided on whether to dismiss The Donald or hysterically attack him. Either way, Trump is not backing down, even refusing to apologize after attacking John McCain’s record in Vietnam.

More than Ron Paul ever was, Trump is the candidate of the Internet. He can be credited with the first “doxxing” of a political opponent in history, as Trump retaliated against mincing catamite Lindsey Graham by releasing his phone number in front of a campaign rally.

He can’t be called a skilled politician, as Trump blunders wildly from one unforced error to another, from tweeting out pictures of SS re-enactors (unless that was a huge dog whistle) to pictures of murderers. He told an audience of evangelicals in Iowa he had never asked God for forgiveness. His campaign seems completely disorganized, and there is no follow up with potential volunteers and supporters. Even his comments on immigration may have been utterly accidental and spontaneous.

And yet he continues to gain support because, unlike every other politician in the United States, and certainly every other politician on the American Right, Trump never apologizes. He keeps attacking. He has penetrated the OODA loop of the political process, forcing the press, his Republican primary opponents, and even the activist Left to constantly react to his latest broadside, never allowing himself to be put on the defensive. And the crowd loves it.

In truth, this posture allows Trump to get away with ideological deviations no other Republican would be permitted. Trump has never been particularly conservative and was a generous donor to both Republicans and Democrats. In terms of his stated positions, Trump has at various times defended gun control, socialized healthcare, and abortion, and has wobbled on amnesty. Libertarians and limited government conservatives point out that, as a real-estate developer, Trump aggressively used eminent domain. On paper, Trump is to the left of Jeb Bush.

To this, there can be only one response—I don’t care. Nor should anyone else. The current American system makes questions about a politician’s “true” positions or beliefs utterly irrelevant. From Barack Obama defending traditional marriage because of his “faith,” George W. Bush and his “humble” foreign policy, or Rand Paul posturing as a border hawk, an amnesty advocate, and a hawk again, the nature of our system practically disallows any political leader from taking a principled stance. Democracy asks us to be mind-readers, supporting politicians based on hints, intuition, and symbolic gestures rather than plain statements of where someone stands.

The politician qua politician is a nullity, defined by subordinating his personality to his ambition, “playing the game” in the immortal words of Jack Hunter. But the conservative movement has been “playing the game” for a half century, and all it has to show for it is a Third World embarrassment far more degraded than any Soviet occupied puppet state emanating from the fever dreams of a 1950s John Bircher.

Since the Republican Party’s crushing victory in the 2014 midterms, gay marriage has been mandated nationwide, Congress funded Barack Obama’s unilateral mass amnesty, the Confederate flag has come down, and the only piece of legislation that has been passed is the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a bill seemingly designed to confirm the liberal stereotype of Republicans as corporate shills. The failure of the conservative movement to do anything other than perpetuate its own existence is so complete, transparent, and obvious that it is impossible to take their hatred of Trump seriously. They are angry not because he is a “liberal” or not “credible,” but because he is openly revealing their irrelevance.

Since Donald Trump entered the race, the Overton Window has shifted so that there is serious discussion of banning sanctuary cities, putting America first when it comes to trade, and, while we’re at it, discussing the open secret that John McCain may have been a collaborator in Vietnam. And Trump accomplished this not by “playing the game” but by treating the press and other Republicans with open contempt, performing an end run around the “Cathedral” (or the Synagogue, if you prefer) of interlocking institutions that manage acceptable opinion.

More importantly, only Donald Trump could have done this. Only someone with outrageous wealth, direct access to the “megaphone,” and utter contempt for the governing consensus could even achieve the modest level of support Trump has been able to garner. There is no other figure in America other than Donald Trump who meets those characteristics.

For a moment, consider the hysterical
economic retribution
directed against Trump by both private and public institutions for the obviously true comment that Mexico is not sending its best people to the United States. And then consider that even now, figures such as Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn calmly collect massive salaries from prominent and respected institutions without so much as an inconvenience. The double standard and the redefinition of “extremism” is breathtaking. Like Trump, one literally has to be a billionaire to point it out and not face personal destruction.

Trump also has direct access to the mass American public. With his millions of Twitter followers and his reputation as a “celebrity” and not just a businessman, he has direct access to the hoi polloi. The Beltway Right is belatedly trying to stop him, but they set themselves up for this by trying to appeal to him when he was simply a celebrity. Al Cardenas, the racially conscious Latino who ran the American Conservative Union until 2014, may have driven Ann Coulter out of the respectable right and CPAC, but he continued to provide Trump a platform because of the resulting media attention and (one assumes) money. He’s regretting that now.

Back when people watched The Simpsons, a flashback episode featured a young Homer telling his father about his dream of one day becoming President. Grandpa Simpson responded, “This is the greatest country in the world! We’ve got a whole system set up to prevent people like you from ever becoming President!”

Similarly, the current American system is deliberately and carefully constructed to prevent anyone with White racial or even national consciousness from even approaching the levers of power. Trump is so startling not because he’s “right wing” (he’s not), “racist” (he isn’t), anti-Zionist (you joke), or even because he has interesting ideas. Donald Trump is the only person who seems to regard the United States of America as a real country possessing a national interest that he would pursue. This alone separates him from every other Republican and Democrat in the field, with the possible exception of Jim Webb when he is drunk and alone.

Will Trump win? Probably not, and it’s even too early to speculate about him winning the nomination. Yet the odds against him aren’t significantly greater than those facing any other Republican. Trump would have a better chance of turning out the White working class vote than Marco Rubio or the great Establishment hope, Jeb Bush, and his winning message of “Americans need to work longer hours.”

However, if by some utterly unprecedented series of events we saw the Trumpputsch, we could expect action only on immigration and trade. Though Trump occasionally provides amusement with his comments about “the blacks,” there’s no evidence Trump would do anything about racial preferences, Section 8 housing, or restoring the right to free association. A Trump foreign policy would most likely lead to more unsustainable American involvement abroad and would probably be worse than Obama’s, Trump’s promises of a bro-mance with Vladimir Putin notwithstanding.  Even if Trump did something to limit immigration, as Richard Spencer has repeatedly said, it’s too late to really matter.

Yet Trump is worth supporting. He is worth supporting because we need a troll. We need someone who can expose the system that rules us as the malevolent and worthless entity it is. We need someone who can break open public debate. We need someone who can expose and heighten the contradictions within the system. And we need someone who can call out the press, the politicians, and the pseudo-intellectuals as the empty shells they are. The fact that Trump himself is part of this same farce is utterly irrelevant.

Those who accuse him of being a “clown” or saying he’s not “serious” need to look at the alternatives. What are we supposed to regard as trustworthy?

The selfless public service of Hillary Clinton?

The support of the American worker by mass immigration supporting Bernie Sanders?

The deep seated love of country of Jeb Bush?

The ideological consistency and principled dedication of Rand Paul?

The decades of success from “the movement conservatives?”

Donald Trump is far less of a clown than a figure like Kevin Williamson, who writes articles for NRO about how Bernie Sanders is a dangerous nationalist, how Republicans are the party of civil rights, and how Detroit was ruined by “unions.”

The survival of the current political, economic, and cultural system is a death sentence for the European-American population. A government that goes out of its way to import populations because they will dispossess and harm the European-American population of this government is evil. Call it nihilism or call it cynicism, but anything that keeps the system functioning as it is constitutes complicity with evil and just about anything that disrupts it should be supported.

Trump creates an opening to disrupt that system. He’s already opened up debate. And if you are going to bother with electoral politics at all, he’s the only one who even has the potential to create a positive change.

Ultimately, of course, this is a sideshow. Real change will occur by building our own institutions, markets, and tribes, and fomenting revolutionary consciousness among the forgotten men of our Hollow Empire. But electoral politics will affect us, even if we try our best to ignore it and remain independent of it. It doesn’t change the nature of the struggle, but it affects our actions depending on whether Trump, Clinton, Bush, Walker, or Sanders is President.

So it is worth at least some attention. We might as well spend a few minutes supporting someone who can cause a shift in our direction, infuriate both leftists and the Beltway Right, and then get back to the serious work of building a real movement.

Don’t give Trump your money—he doesn’t need it. Spend your time on organizing among your acquaintances and friends, and donate to groups within our own movement. But when it comes to who to vote for—screw it. Vote Trump in 2016. Besides, the White House would look better plated in gold than covered in the rainbow flag.