At CPAC, I once overheard the late Andrew Breitbart marvel in front of some of his groupies how progressives would think nothing of calling someone a “homophobe” and a “faggot” within the same sentence. “The inversion of values” is key to the leftist vision of morality. A “badass” and strong woman is one who complains the world isn’t fair enough. A man who isn’t a feminist is “afraid” and therefore weak, as are Whites who don’t want to hand away their countries to other peoples. Men who are aggressive and physically strong are actually “delicate” and acting out of fears of inferiority.

Despite being published at American Renaissance, my article “ What is a Cuckservative?” didn’t mention “cuckolding” as a racial phenomenon but as a general psychological problem. More importantly, the figure generally credited with benefiting from the American Right’s impatience with the “cuckservatives” in Conservatism Inc. is Donald Trump. However, Donald “I love Latinos” Trump shows no signs of White racial consciousness, a staunch position on immigration, or even especially “right-wing” beliefs. He simply doesn’t apologize every time he opens his mouth, and this alone has driven the controlled media insane with rage.

Nonetheless, Jeet Heer at The New Republic thinks he’s got the alt-right pegged (no pun intended) because the term “Cuckservatives” pushes “psycho-sexual” buttons about race. He writes:

Racism and sexism have always been connected, with one of the prime justifications for racial hierarchy being the supposed need to protect white women from black men and also, more implicitly, to keep black women sexually submissive to white men. A cuckservative thus conjures up one of the supreme nightmares of the white supremacist imagination, the fear that white men will assume a submissive role (or position) in the sexual hierarchy.

The problem is that the alt-Right term really became aware of the existence of “cuckolding’ as kink when The Daily Beast promoted it as the “intellectual sex fetish” in 2010. The article was widely circulated as confirming what we all imagined about left-wing academics. As author Anneli Rufus wrote:

Cuckolding is rapidly emerging as the alt-sex fetish of choice for American intellectuals. Just check out the online forums like, where letter-perfect postings celebrate cuckoldry as a cerebral pursuit, transcending ordinary voyeurism and S&M as a dangerous game involving jealousy, misery, gratitude, shame, sharing, sublimation, lust, and trust.

As anyone who set foot in a college classroom knows, it’s not surprising academics utterly obsessed with rooting out the racially and sexually “problematic” implications of every cultural product find bizarre ways to act out their intellectual perversions in sexual form. Only a few days ago, New York Magazine unironically published a preening article by a Michael Sonmore about how letting his wife sleep around allowed him to more fully realize what it was to be a feminist. Some charge that this is a hoax, but that’s the point; in today’s culture, we have no way to know.

Though I felt no need to mention it, awareness of the racial subculture of all this is also eagerly promoted by the Left. Again, Rufus notes:

But there’s also a somewhat uncomfortable racial angle to cuckolding. Cruise the galleries at cuckolding Web sites and you’ll see the same dynamic again and again: white husband, white wife, African-American other man. In cuck slang, these black men are dubbed “mandingos” or “bulls.” Some sites, such as,, and, cater solely to this.

“It harks back to the notion of the forbidden,” says Paul, who doesn’t pursue this fetish-within-a-fetish himself, “and to that monstrous old stereotype in which all black men have two-foot cocks.”

These sexual obsessions pop up in the literature of various minority activist groups, from Malcolm X’s self-hatred about the “White rapist” blood in his body to the rapist Eldridge Cleaver strange tales in Soul on Ice (required reading at some colleges) about White men begging Blacks to have sex with their wives.

As Louis C.K. (who is now a “cuck” meme himself, after a particularly lame anti-White segment) once said of homosexuality, “I hadn’t been told people did that.” For most of us, had we not been told, it never would have occurred to us that this existed. However, even just within the last few days, VICE provides us with a video feature about “America’s fastest growing fetish: interracial swinging,” entitled “Mandingo.” As we live in a country where pornographers who specialize in such practices are then recruited to produce children’s programming, it’s hard not to notice how it is being encouraged, rather than being “forbidden.” It’s also easy to connect this practice of signaling superiority through ostensible degradation with modern leftist politics and moral philosophy.

White nationalism, or even racial realism, is often defined as an “extreme” ideology, and, indeed, there are undercurrents within it about rejecting mainstream thought, religion, morality, and culture. Yet in another sense, what is often termed the “far Right” is really just an energetic defense of normality. What leftists call “fascism” is liberty for most of the population, and what they call “freedom” is “fascism” for most of us. The state and the commanding heights of the culture are never “neutral,” and it seems reasonable such institutions should be used to promote healthy ideals that lead to better lives for our people. This means we should promote strong families, pride in one’s identity, and positive aesthetics, rather than degeneracy, self-loathing and a cult of victimization.

Most people, even today, would simply call this “common sense,” hence the somewhat justified paranoia of the antifa that the masses will turn “far Right” overnight if every spark isn’t swiftly stamped out. Even the most militant ideals are simply an acknowledgement that a great deal of force will be required to dislodge a system that is being upheld with a great deal of brute power.

Despite the eternal faux rebelliousness of the Cultural Marxist Left, they are the Establishment. And today, it’s not White Nationalists having nervous breakdowns over lurid tales about “our women” copulating with Negroes. It’s progressives breaking into hysterics over about how all normal sex is rape, how using English pronouns constitutes oppression, and how police in America are murdering innocent Blacks for no reason other than “hate.”

Generally speaking, the current American “far Right” isn’t composed of grim-faced political soldiers marching in militaristic uniforms, ready to purge for the Fatherland. The traditional institutions needed to serve as the basis for that kind of a movement no longer exist. The alt Right is ironic, subversive, and cynical. It’s about turning the tactics of the Left back on itself, deconstructing the tropes and narratives forced upon us.

It’s composed of people who spent their formative years listening to tenured mediocrities with six-figure incomes shriek at them about “privilege,” suffering through speeches by “conservative” politicians about how “Islam means peace,” serving abroad and risking death to bring “democracy” to hostile Third Worlders, and watching reports about raceless “youths” attacking people in the streets. The response from the Right to all of this is less, “Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg?” and more often, “Are you serious?”

This is what neither the Beltway Right nor the liberal press quite gets about the whole cuckservative debacle. Robert Stacy McCain seems to suggest the Hillary Clinton campaign is behind #cuckservatism, and this is bad, because “If we can’t defeat Team Hillary, America is doomed and deservedly so.” And Taylor Millard at Hot Air, attacking the “Cuckservative Lie,” says it is all “idiotic thought and tribalism at its worst” because (you guessed it) “all men are created equal.”

Here, we have both the essential premises of the Beltway Right—that our fate is tied to that of the GOP as currently constituted and and that the Enlightenment, egalitarian rhetoric of the American Founding is a good thing. Rhetorically, this is the equivalent of waving a totemistic statue from some savage tribe in front of a 19th century Englishman, or for that matter, preaching Biblical fire and damnation on a 21st-century college campus. Nobody cares, because no one is taking it seriously as a source of authority.

Despite many tactical disagreements, the alt Right is largely united in the contention that the current Republican Party leadership is essentially a group of glorified corporate lobbyists hostile to their own White base and far more patriotic towards the Jewish state than their own. Yes, we know racializing Republicans will break the Party as currently constituted. That’s the point. And ironically, breaking your stupid movement will actually do more to “conserve” the limited government ideals you claim to believe in than campaigning for Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney.

Furthermore, neoreactionaries, White nationalists, Identitarians, and even some racial realists are gradually coming to the conclusion that the American Founding was fatally flawed and that what the United States was able to accomplish was chiefly because the Founders didn’t take the egalitarian propaganda seriously. It is self-evident that all men are not created equal. Jefferson’s goofy slogan is now being exploited to destroy the very people who came up with it, as was inevitable.

It’s unclear why “tribalism” (I’d call it loyalty) towards our fellow European-Americans ( and Europeans worldwide) with whom we share kinship, identity, and interests is somehow wrong. It’s even less obvious why service to a self-defined “proposition nation” composed of mutually hostile ethnic fiefdoms and ruled by people who want to destroy us is a sacred duty.

Conservatism Inc. keeps invoking ritualistic phrases that no longer elicit the usual response. We don’t think it’s clever to talk about “liberal fascism,” “Democrats are the real racists,” or that “Martin Luther King was a Republican.” We think it’s shallow, self-deluding, and most of all, pointless. Such phrases actually further the interests of an increasingly hostile elite anyway. And these hoary clichés simply won’t suffice for a generation that has been propagandized with lies their entire lives. If alt-Right activists and thinkers were the type who believe what they’re told, they’d be Social Justice Warriors.

The term “cuckolding” works because it speaks to something primal. At its core, it’s less about sexuality and more about a creature that actively works against its own interests, knowingly or unknowingly. The term comes from the cuckoo bird which tricks birds of other species into taking care of its eggs. The bird doesn’t know it is devoting time and resources to a competitor, indeed, the very competitor that just destroyed its own offspring. Clueless, it serves the interests of its enemy.

Some cuckservatives know full well what they are doing and are either cowardly or filled with inverted moral righteousness about their actions. Others, just like the victims of the cuckoo birds, might be ignorant. Yet in the end, the result is the same. European-Americans are being used to further the interests of every group except their own, even as they are targeted on specifically racial grounds . And however Whites define themselves, the words of Sam Francis remain true:

At a time when the self-declared enemies of the white race define themselves in racial terms, only our own definition of ourselves in those terms can meet their challenge. If and when that challenge should triumph and those enemies come to kill us as the Tutsi people have been slaughtered in Rwanda, they will do so not because we are “Westerners” or “Americans” or “Christians” or “conservatives” or “liberals” but because we are White.

“What do you want us to do?” conservatives may ask. The answer is simple. Stop pretending it is illegitimate for European-Americans to work in defense of our own interests. Stop pretending to be offended about “tribalism,” when you accept the “tribalism” of non-Whites and glory in the tribalism of Jews. And above all, stop apologizing.

We aren’t the ones who have the weird hang up, sexual, moral, or otherwise. We simply claim the right every people takes for granted, the right to advocate in defense of our own. For some reason, this common sense suggestion throws our entire political and cultural system into turmoil. And in the end, that tells us more about the inherent perversion of the System that rules us than anything else.