As The Cuckening rolls on, both those who despise the term and those who gleefully deploy it understand it is effective because it is so devastating. As Michael Enoch of The Right Stuff explained in his appearance on The Radix Podcast, being “cucked” cuts to the core of a man’s sense of value. The blogger Heartiste phrased it even more directly some time ago—being “cuckolded” in the most brutal sense, by unknowingly raising another man’s child due to infidelity, is the female form of rape.

Yet the soul-crushing pain of that scenario only results if a man actually discovers he has been betrayed. Most men will convince themselves that a child who doesn’t even look like them is biologically theirs. New mothers are evolutionarily wired to find physical similarities between their child and their current male partner, a mechanism to subliminally reassure new “fathers” so that they assume paternal responsibilities. As about three percent of births in Western countries are products of cuckolding, millions of men are unknowingly raising the spawn of another, having convinced themselves otherwise.

And anyone who has experienced infidelity—as the victim, the perpetrator, or both—can understand how this occurs. The flimsiest of excuses are eagerly accepted by a partner who wants to believe their loved one is remaining faithful. In retrospect, of course, your boyfriend’s car didn’t actually break down on the way to your house at three in the morning . . . of course your girlfriend didn’t stay with her “old friend from college” last weekend . . . But with ego and identity at stake, the human mind will more readily believe an obvious lie than a difficult truth. Our brains interpret new facts by incorporating them into our already existing worldview, a worldview often constructed to guard our own heroic self-image. And when a man is forced to confront a horrific and undeniable truth about himself, it may destroy him utterly.

For that reason, our mind is heavily guarded against an unwelcome epiphany, fortified with mental blocks preventing our consciousness going down the wrong path. It’s a kind of protective stupidity necessary for our own psychological survival. When someone does change their opinion about something fundamental—particularly when it comes to something deeply held like religion, moral philosophy, or politics—it rarely comes in a sudden flash but takes place as part of a gradual process, something far less threatening to our own well-being.

Which brings us to the conservative movement. For a brief period of time, perhaps as little as a few hours, there were signs that the Overton Window in the conservative movement was going to shift, and that certain forces within the conservative movement were showing what could be the first signs of racial awareness—a practical sense of how utterly self-defeating it was to be so showily post- or anti-White. Yet with few exceptions, the new orthodoxy within the Beltway Right was quickly established and loudly protesting the use of #cuckservatism became the new way to signal your loyalty to “respectable” American conservatism.

Indeed, many conservatives decided to champion #cukservatism as a banner of pride. A small sample:

@BanCollectivism I am PROUD to be a #Cuckservative. It means both my brain and my heart work properly.

— Jefferson McIrish (@MrCuckservative) August 2, 2015