Are two Republican presidential campaigns trying to tell us something?

Exhibit A

New York magazine:

A flyer put out by the Jeb Bush-supporting SuperPAC Right to Rise USA got a little overzealous promoting the candidate’s diverse appeal this week. The mailer, which R2RUSA sent to 86,000 Iowans, was attempting to answer the essential question, “Why Jeb?” and featured the smiling candidate standing with his hands on his hips — except one of the hands definitely wasn’t his, or white:

And if you look at his other (right) hand, you can see that it was digitally colored white as well, as the awkward supposed shadows are the same color as the black hand.

Exhibit B

The Daily Beast:

Donald Trump tweeted an image of him, the White House, cash, and soldiers—that upon closer examination are clearly Germans in World War II—overlayed with an American flag. The men, who appear to be reenactors, are wearing patches of the Waffen SS. Michael Niemerg spotted the German infiltrators on Twitter, and a few minutes later Trump deleted it. Trump’s organization blamed an intern, of course.

Of course, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

But then other times. . .

And speaking of revealing photos, I never knew that one of Jeb’s hobbies is ventriloquism.