A brilliant summation of the current political theology at The Right Stuff:

Every successful religion offers its adherents a path of salvation that seems attainable to them. Some combination of virtue, participation in sacred rites, and spiritual enlightenment will lead you to eternal bliss, an upgrade in the next round of life, or whatever the religion posits about your destiny.

In the latter half of the 20th century, our civic religion was egalitarianism. If you got accused of the sin of racism, you could atone. And as long as he hired a few token women, paid off the Rainbow/PUSH coalition, engaged in ritual recitation of of “I Have a Dream,” or voted Democrat, a heterosexual white male could atone for the original sin of his birth.

The problem is that in the last ten years, the Cathedral has undergone a doctrinal reformation. The old creed, “Race is only skin deep,” has been replaced with a new one, “To be white is to be racist.” The means of salvation have been taken away, and it is now taught that there is literally no way for a straight, white male to find salvation, to get right with the god of the age, to be restored to respectability.

Why follow a religion that offers no redemption? Why listen to its priests or care about its rites? The cult of equality is losing its grip on white males, because more and more of us are realizing it offers nothing to us whatsoever. Its condemnations mean nothing now. A church with no salvation is a church with no adherents.