Tito Perdue comments at The Telegraph:

Racism is a wonderful institution that should be rejuvenated and inculcated in schools. It is the last barrier to global homogenization, and represents the default position of 99% of humanity over 99% of historical time.

A natural and indeed necessary sentiment, racism is just one method for people to evaluate others in accord with their genetic value. Without racism, the
world today would be dominated by Neanderthals, or by the class of people who mostly inhabit sub-Saharan Africa.
Civilization requires the leadership of society’s best people; those areas governed by less advanced demographics fall quickly into barbarism, as we see in so many places. In normal times, racism is so universally experienced that historians hardly bother to call attention to it. It is only in diseased and perverted eras, like our own, that elites rail against this ineradicable and precious human attribute.

Hate, too, is a necessary and valuable component of life, and anyone devoid of hate – (I’ve never known such a person) – isn’t living a complete life.

Racism and hatred are not illegal, no more so than vegetarianism or finger painting. A healthy society will never try to sequester such normal emotions, an effort forever destined to failure. I myself have a full supply of hatred and loathing and racism, which I take out every night and polish to a high sheen.

I’m shocked Tito would say such ignorant things … about the Neanderthals!


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