Yesterday, The Daily Beast asked me to comment via email on John Boehner’s surprise resignation. The story, modestly titled “White Supremacists Are Glad Boehner’s Leaving,” features quotes from Jared Taylor, End Cultural Marxism from Twitter, and myself.

I was asked, “There’s a meme going around on Twitter that the Speaker ‘served his special anti-White purpose.’ What do you think?” Below is an unadulterated version of my comment.

John Boehner is really not any more “anti-White” than most every other Republican. He and his ilk are outmoded more than anything.

Boehner is a “Chamber of Commerce” Republican: he thinks in terms of pleasing big business, making budgets, cutting taxes, etc. In other words, he thinks in terms of issues that are only relevant in a prosperous, White society (America in the second half of the 20th century).

Today, the Republican Party is haunted by the specter of White dispossession and ethno-politics. This is what the Trump phenomenon is really about, and this why Trump is loathed by establishment conservatives (FOX, the GOP, the “conservative movement,” et al.) and why he appeals—on an instinctive, unconscious level—to White Americans. White Americans recognize (again, in an instinctive, unarticulated way) that taxes and budgets are meaningless in the face of White dispossession. It’s only issues of immigration and demographics that really matter. Boehner is generally weak on the immigration question. Thus, he’s lost his base of power.

That said, I’m not particularly impressed with the putatively more “conservative” Republicans who are in position to take Boehner’s place. Indeed, they seem just as much products of the past as the current Speaker.

In the end, politics is a lagging indicator of social change. And the Right of the future is just now taking shape.