Following up on Richard’s post on inspiring work. . .

One thing American conservatives never understood is that art is more important and powerful than politics. If you can create and impose your own aesthetic vision, politics will follow. And politics without art is untethered.

I’ve recently come across some videos that are truly amazing. I’ll go through some of them. If you only have time to watch one, watch the first. But please, take the time and watch all of them. You won’t be disappointed.

The first is by the French all-female band Les Brigandes, and it’s entitled “Le grand remplacement” (French for the “Great Replacement,” which denotes the dispossession of Whites and their replacement by other races). For more of their videos, see here. Counter Currents has a piece about them here.

Here’s another by Les Brigandes on antifas:

Lana Lokteff and her friends Sinead and Megan deconstruct “White privilege”.

Shiksa Goddess sings about Internet trolls:

Here’s another by Shiksa Goddess:

Finally, @UncuckTheRight on the Alt Right:

As Richard recently tweeted, You know you’re part of a real movement when talented and skilled people start coming out of the woodwork.

Alfred W. Clark blogs at Occam’s Razor.