I am pleased to announce the winners of Radix Journal’s 2015 essay contestWhy I’m an Identitarian.

First Prize

Tim Smyth

“The Celts and the Their Cliffs”

Second Prizes

Nils Wegner: “The Absolute Essence”

Rémi Tremblay: “Why I’m an Identitarian”

Patrick of Macha: “The Coming of a ‘We’”

Honorable Mention

Ruuben Kaalep: “Son of Europe”

Melvin Davila Martinez: “Identitarianism—The Unknown Ideal”

Recluse’s Daughter: “The American Millennial”

Vincent Law: “Becoming Who We Are”

Judging this contest was more difficult than I had imagined. Early on, the winning essay, “The Celts and Their Cliffs,” stood out; it is an evocative, compelling, and poetic piece of writing. Alongside it, there were numerous essays possessing merit and insight, more than I could include in the winners circle. I profited from reading each one; and I’m confident that each author profited from writing. But in the end, one must make a choice, however imperfect it might be.

Thanks to everyone who submitted his work! Each demonstrated thoughtfulness and courage.