Those of us on the nationalist or identitarian Right are maddened by this modern world. First, we are enraged by the violent and coercive destruction of our European homelands, through alien settlement, mass rape, violent criminality, and, as we have just seen again in Paris, bloodthirsty terrorism. Yet, as maddening as this is, we are often yet more enraged by those who, whether blindly or consciously, are enabling our doom: The liberals.[1]

Let us consider, however unpleasant, the liberal mind and its beliefs for a moment:

  1. Continuously import Muslims (and other unassimilable non-Europeans).
  2. Destroy Muslim nations (Palestine, Iraq, Libya, and Syria).
  3. Be very, very surprised—nay, “deeply shocked,” in the words of the ruling German Chancellorette—when a small minority of Muslims (and it only takes a very small number) murder Americans, Frenchmen, etc., en masse.

Rinse and repeat.

Albert Einstein is supposed to have said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” (He didn’t, but it doesn’t matter.)

This enrages us. No, no one has a right to be “surprised,” “shocked” or anything of the sort when Blacks or Muslims murder Europeans or rape European girls. Leftists, whose appetite for smug pseudo-moral posturing knows no bounds, even exploit the tragedy to shame nationalists and identitarians for proposing concrete solutions to the problems of inter-ethnic strife.

And yet, even as my blood boils, I cannot help but understand the liberal “steeple” among us—you known the feminine types, changing their profile picture to a rainbow flag one day, a #JeSuisCharlie the next, etc. All societies are necessarily made up, in their overwhelming majority, of this conformist, follower, slightly dim-witted sort.

No, let us save our rage for those who mislead them: Our cultural and political elites, whether they be of European or foreign blood. Our people have become wholly brainwashed. They have had anti-nationalist, “anti-racist,” and Holocaust-centric values beaten into their heads from the day they were born, by their television screens, their radio stations, their newspapers, their left-wing teachers and professors, and often their friends and family, too.

And so, the liberal masses suffer, too. For the real world never corresponds to the lies of egalitarianism and multiculturalism. And our people, our liberal steeple, then suffer from cognitive dissonance, from the contradictions between their ideology and reality. They become hungry for anything that could comfort their theology: They look for scapegoats. And the hostile elites that rule the West—the Paul Krugmans and the Emmanuel Todds—are happy to provide a ready-made scapegoat: ethnocentric Whites, Christians, conservatives, nationalists, et al.

Man is not foremost a rational animal. I rather think of him as an animal merely capable, at his best, of rationality. We learn the hard way. Old beliefs die hard. Max Planck once said: “Science advances one funeral at a time.”

In truth, I had hoped to write something positive. I had been so energized, so inspired, made so optimistic by the National Policy Institute’s recent conference in Washington. And, actually, I remain boundlessly optimistic. The people there could only convert you to such optimism, to an ineradicable faith in Greater Europe. Even if we fail in the short term, even if our people remain comfortable and blind, even if our children and grandchildren become a minority in the United States, in Great Britain, and Continental Europe, I remain optimistic.

Boundlessly optimistic! Talk to a U.S. Marine, he’ll tell you how the Armed Forces’ combat roles are overwhelmingly manned by Whites. Read of William Shockley’s and Steve Sailer’s solutions. Watch (and rewatch) Mishima and The Battle of Algiers. Above all, meet, organize, take that energy, evident at “Become Who We Are,” and cultivate it, live it, try to be with it at all times.

Here is the truth our enemies are only too aware of. If we Europeans awaken to our identity, our interests, and our heroic potential destiny, nothing can stop us. Certainly not some inbred Levantine tribe. If European Man should die, it will not have been because of the strength of Africans or Muslims, but because he had already been enslaved to the selfishness and cowardice of bourgeois comfort, because the will-to-life had already been extinguished in his soul.

But we will not allow that. We on the Right have already seen the evil dream of the hostile elites who rule the West: to destroy our nations and turn them into hellish mongrel lands, a cross between Yugoslavia and Brazil, filled with rape, violence, and inexpiable tribal hatreds. They believe they can hold things together with a multiculturalist dictatorship, with reinforced surveillance, censorship, and persecution of nationalists.

But they cannot succeed. The enemies of our people fear one thing above all: White men meeting, discussing, and organizing to defend their interests. And they have every reason to. Let the cells of the “spiritual Ethno-State,” the vanguard of awakened Europeans, crop up and spread everywhere across our ancient civilization. We have nothing to lose, and a world to gain, if only we will it!

  1. I will not discuss the case of the Jewish community, whose typical liberalism has very different motivations than the ethno-masochist European, as Professor Kevin MacDonald has already amply explicated the subject. I refer you to The Occidental Observer and, in particular, to Kevin MacDonald, The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Twentieth-Century Jewish Intellectual and Political Movements (1st Books, 2002).