The recent terror attacks in Paris have brought the cultural differences between Western Europe and the Muslim world into stark relief. Many Europeans who seek to defend their nations against terrorism—as well as the flood of migrants fleeing Syria and other parts of the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa—often assert (or at least tacitly assume) that “Western Civilization” is a superior social and cultural order, especially vis-à-vis the Islamic world.

They are not being honest with themselves.

While the modern “West” might be superior in areas that Europeans value (like technological and economic development, religious tolerance, and artistic expression), it is severely lacking where it counts. In turn, Islam possesses characteristics that will likely make it a more lasting civilizational order.

At some point, whether before the West collapses, or after it has collapsed, some may finally recognize this fact—that Islam is superior to “the West” in the area that determines the future—demographics.

In the contemporary West, children and families are not valued. A stable, two-parent family is mocked as boring or staid. Homogeneous communities, which were once recognized as being essential for a harmonious population, are attacked as insular, narrow, and backward.

This culture of death is now being played out throughout the United States and Western Europe. For example, there are numerous recent examples of German women killing their own children, either because they had no money, they had no room to house them, or they simply didn’t want them.

This situation did not arise in a vacuum. For the last 60 years, Western elites have shaped both government and culture to attack native population growth and to attack the cornerstone of European civilization—the family.

Much of this push to transform both the population and culture can be seen as a response to the death and destruction of the Second World War. Western elites viewed one of the chief causes of the war as Lebensraum (“living space”). Friedrich Ratzel coined this term of human geography, to emphasize the degree to which habitat is a factor that influences human activities and the development of a society.

In the aftermath of the Second World War, Western elites sought to attack any form of Lebensraum on the European continent to avoid future wars. In 1952, John D. Rockefeller III created the Population Council, which was dedicated to studying demographics and population growth throughout the world. With heavy cheerleading from the environmental movement, as well as other elites, over the last 50 years, Western nations dramatically reduced their birthrate, under the assumption that this would help save the planet and ensure sustainable societies for their children and grandchildren. The road to hell was always paved with good intentions.

We are currently witnessing a new Lebensraum, which could now be characterized as an “Islamoraum”—the expansion of a foreign culture and people into a defenseless West. And this expansion is seen as necessary for the survival of the invading horde. In the popular press and throughout social networks, discussion of this displacement is being censored and controlled.

And there is no end in sight. Currently, demographers have indicated that world population growth will not stabilize even during this century.

The questions for the Western elites are as follows:

  • At what point do you start to defend your own people and your own borders?
  • At what point do you start to insist on carving out a living space for your children and grandchildren?
  • Where will the French, Germans, Dutch, and Swedes run to when their nations collapse?
  • How many rapes must occur? How many native children must be aborted because there is not enough room for two competing civilizations?
  • Shall Europeans status on the continent be that of servants to a new dominant population?