On the alt-right we know that “racism” is a rhetorical club brandished by political enemies to prevent Whites from freely associating, speaking, and defending their legitimate group interests. Only by placing onerous burdens on Whites can the imported Third World hordes ever coexist among our homelands. Whites play with one hand tied behind our backs out of a perverted sense of sportsmanship, an obtuse classically liberal aversion to the reality of hierarchy, and out of necessity due to the ever-proliferating canon of dystopian “equality” laws.

The carefully vetted, politically anemic Whites in the mainstream chattering class spend more time apologizing for their existence and for having any interests at all, than they do asserting their right to exist and advancing their interests with vigor. They virulently oppose racially conscious Whites who attempt to stand up straight. They are like a long-suffering prisoner who hisses at their liberator when the hour is late, huddling in a cell corner and raving madly about their jailor’s virtues.

These hegemonic invalids are so degenerated by their prisoner’s scoliosis that they spit at the appearance of health. Middling intellect David Marcus of the Federalist is a good apparatchik, enthusiastic to “[create] the level playing field,” ready to take purging matters in his own hands because there is “isn’t much more the state can do to promote racial equality”:

“On social media, conservatives have been quick to quibble with racist Donald Trump supporters, but not quick to address it in our pages. It’s time that we do. The Trump nativists often post horrible anti-Semitic and anti-black cartoons of a kind we thought long gone from discourse. They are not long gone. They are right here with us, and they demand rebuke…many black Americans have come to feel disconnected, if not flat out threatened, by our society.”

Let’s not address hysterical blacks “feeling threatened,” but sane whites “being threatened.” Whites cannot even profess to identify with their racial group, much less express preference for it, without facing the potential loss of their jobs, businesses and reputations. White students are intimidated and berated by the beastly Black Lives Matter thugs on university campuses where they are laboring to assume progressively more onerous positions of tax responsibility to support the imported Third World, along with any children they might have after they’re 30.

At the once-magisterial Dartmouth, Black Lives Matter agitators recently accosted white students in the library, pushing, shoving, and screeching obscenities, even pinning one young woman against the wall and shouting in her face that she was a “filthy white bitch.”

Yes, “conservative” Federalist luminaries, why is there a double standard on blacks getting away with racial slurs?

Despite their slavish gestures of friendship to Slate writers and “blacktivist” (LOL) personalities, the midget mandarins of those haunts repay their groveling with contempt. Even with their high-minded eagerness to “engage in dialogue,” deep down these cuckservatives resent being on the back of the bus. Their Twitter feeds are full of jokes mockingly accusing each other of being “racists” to lampoon silly hypersensitivity, but when it counts, they turn their rhetorical birdshot on the alt-right cavalry. They are such well-trained prisoners that they are allowed to roam the grounds.