In 2016, we are going to explore video. I will start video-blogging weekly. These episodes will be extemporaneous and causal, and they will allow me to discuss current events, as well as bigger ideas I’m writing about, in an immediate fashion. (I promise never to unbox anything or video my real-time reaction to a movie trailer.)

At least every quarter, we are also going to produce a scripted and more polished product—one that takes up an important topic and that should have a long shelf life.

For our first of these, we’ve produced a video that expresses our fundamental values at NPI and Radix and our conception of identitarianism.

I’m proud of this first step we’ve taken.

Who Are You?

I’m not talking about your name or occupation.

I’m talking about something bigger, something deeper. I’m talking about your connection to a culture, a history, a destiny. An identity that stretches back—and flows forwards—for centuries . . . an identity you can glimpse in the face of a grandparent, or your child . . . An identity you know through experience . . . through people . . . through places . . . through music.

Our ancestors had a strong sense of identity. They could say: I’m a Roman . . . a Saxon . . . a Dane . . . Some could say I’m a European. To be exiled from their communities and identities was a fate worse than death.
Today, we seem to have no idea who we are . . . We’re rootless . . . We’ve become wanderers . . . perhaps, we’ll also become seekers.

Who are we?

We are often told that being an American—or a Briton or German or any European nationality—is about being dedicated to a collection of abstractions and buzzwords: democracy . . . freedom . . . tolerance . . . multiculturalism . . .

But a nation based on “freedom” is just a place to go shopping. It’s a country for everyone . . . and thus a country for no one . . . it’s a country in which we have become strangers.
Man doesn’t live, and man doesn’t die, for abstractions like “freedom.” Man lives and dies for a homeland . . . for a people and its future . . . for beauty . . . for the power of being part of something bigger than one’s self . . .

Who are we? We must cut to root of it.

We aren’t just “White.” “White” is a checkbox on a census form. We are part of the peoples, history, spirit, and civilization of Europe. This legacy stands before us as a gift . . . and a challenge.

For what our ancestors took for granted, we must discover, we must renew.

Some might say that our task is impossible. That we’re swimming against the tide . . . going against the grain . . . living against the time. And we are.

But nothing necessary is impossible.

So long as we avoid and deny our identity—at a time when every other people is asserting its own—we will have no chance to resist our dispossession . . . no chance to make our future . . . no chance to find another horizon . . .

So I guess the real is, are you ready to become who we are?