Sing in me, Muse! What’s that? I’m not feeling anything, and chances are, dear reader, neither are you.

Taking a stroll through our postmodern landscape, one of the few places an alt-righter or identitarian might find solace is in museums. Amongst the splendors and glories of our ancestors, as depicted by our great artists.

Like me, I’m sure these visits nourish your soul and give a respite to the mud our enemies fling at us through the media-culture swamp into which they’ve sunk us. But alas, a “safe space” for how long? If events at the famed Amesterdam Rijkesmuseum are any indication, not much longer.

The museum has implemented a massive program to remove “racially offensive language and titles” from its thousands of works. Martine Gosselink, museum mandarin and good apparatchik, explains:

“We are not throwing away the old titles and whitewashing history, but making an adjustment to make people aware,” she explained.

This colonial language may be a more sensitive issue today, with the process of democratisation and emancipation. The first generation of Surinamese Dutch people came in the 50s and 60s and perhaps did not open their mouths, but people born here feel they are like every other Dutch person and stand up for themselves, and that is a good thing.

Also, in Amsterdam, we are proud that we have 186 nationalities living here. No person is an exotic element of society any longer.”

The key words there are at the end. If no one is “exotic,” then everyone is. This is a succinct statement on the the logical outcome of “multiculturalism.” For Europeans, increasing alienation and atomisation is the order of the day, all as our lands are colonized by foreign tribes.

In fact, while this mad maven spouts on about the joys of “diversity” and “inclusion,” just hours south the Belgian city of Brussels was recently on a citywide lockdown due to the logic of Ms. Gosselink’s celebration of “diversity.”

So it goes. Or as we like to say, und so weiter.

Buried in all of these changes though is another, perhaps more significant change. In addition to updating titles and terminology, the museum will also update its term for “white.”

It will be changed from “blank” to what the Telegraph describes as the more neutral “wit.” I won’t claim to be an expert in Dutch, but this follows the zeitgeist of “the current year.” From denying “whiteness” to straight up conspiracy theories about what “really happened” in history.

All of these are attempts to erase and deny our identity. Beating Europeans over the head about the supposed evil of our ancestors, or how “you didn’t build that” is part of the long game of demoralization.

One can still go to museums and see visions of the beauty and the glory that was once ours. We should hold these monuments close to our hearts. But we should look to re-capture the spirit that birthed them. To reconnect with the muses of our people, we need to rediscover who we are.

Pregnant with this identity, our people’s spirit will give birth to a new renaissance of culture.

So sing in us, Muse! Before it’s too late.