Are you feeling alienated these days? You’re not alone.

Any moderately-engaged college student can bullshit some argument about how the capitalistic mode of production necessarily corrupts the relationship between a man and his labor, thereby dooming him to material bondage and spiritual decay. But they have been prepared to battle an irrelevant monster. The alienation of today stems not from a separation of a man and his labor, but from the separation of a man and his heritage.

This should be evident to anyone with a genuine concern for social justice. If the outputs that a man creates hold spiritual and material significance for his well-being, then so must the inputs that create man. The land that we live on, the people who live and have lived there, and the rituals that connect all of these elements together are critical archaic catalysts for our full human potential. When these values are commoditized and controlled for the profit of the powerful, despair is sure to follow.

An unholy alliance of vote-hungry demagogues and cheap labor business interests continually conspire to further degrade the lands, communities, and ritual contexts that ethnic Americans need to survive, as Peter Brimelow and Ann Coulter have ably documented. These groups benefit handsomely: We submit to enticing masters and spend beyond our means to fill our inner voids.

The exploitation imposed by the multicultural mode of society has been ingeniously marketed to Americans by our hostile elite. Decades of anti-racist programming have so effectively instilled false consciousness among the people that they lack even a language to describe their own dispossession, let alone a viable channel for organization and petition. What’s the point? Increasing “diversity” leads to decreased trust, as Robert Putnam was agonized to discover. Demoralized Americans no longer pursue the kinds of meaningful charity and civic projects that strengthen our communities and ourselves. And around the drain we go.

A host of recent polls shows that Americans are becoming aware of their alienation of identity. One alarming survey reports that 58% of Americans do not identify with what their country has become. Another 53% say they feel like a “stranger in their own country.” Millennials in particular are now beginning to feel the heat. A recent poll from Fusion finds that around a third of young white Americans do not believe the American dream is alive. They are “unmoored” from our institutions and feel little patriotism for their country. What else could we expect in a country where more than half of all births are to foreign opportunists?

The results have been predictably catastrophic.

Charles Murray’s excellent book Coming Apart chronicled how the loss of ethnic fellow-feeling during the tumultuous 1960’s has consumed the working classes in America. Abandoned by their betters and patronized away from their traditions, the proletariat class that the revolutionary Left once championed is now being crushed by waves of silent nihilism. Family, church, and duty have been replaced by FacebookCheetos, and antidepressants. Social pathologies rage unabated among our most vulnerable communities, leading to personal and communal ruin.

Did you know that a heroin epidemic has been ravaging lower class white American communities for decades? There’s a good chance you’ve haven’t, even though it’s a much larger problem than the 1980’s crack outbreak.

More recently, economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton published a stunning report that found that the death rates for lower class, middle-aged white Americans since 1999 have skyrocketed while those for all other demographics have declined. Our demoralized cousins have turned en masse to drugs and suicide and no one really noticed or cared. Deaton, who happens to be this year’s Nobel laureate, contextualizes: “Only H.I.V./AIDS in contemporary times has done anything like this.” But such explosive findings were not interesting to the Journal of the American Medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine, which immediately rejected the paper for publication when first submitted. These were not the victims they wanted.

It is clear that the toxic social effects of the alienation of identity far exceeds the cartoonish Marxist scare-story that justified the slaughter of so many in its service. Yet discussion of how multiculturalism exploits the innocent to profit the powerful is actively suppressed by this scheme’s beneficiaries. The cause of white identity is therefore the cause of justice.

We refuse to stand for this injustice. We must relentlessly will our own salvation. We will watch our enemies while we inspire and educate our friends. We will discipline ourselves and become strong. We will prepare ourselves now for the clash that must occur. And we will never forget what has been done to our people.