I don’t know if you know, but you’re evil. Yes, that’s right, evil. The hall monitors at the Daily Beast want you to know this. They want everyone to know this. How else could they scare off our fellow upstanding citizens who might be curious about this hip new “alt-right” business?

A recent caller to Rush Limbaugh’s popular radio show introduced the idea of an ‘alternative right’ to Rush’s millions of listners:

“What I’m interested in, is all this stuff about conservatives being older people. But I think that’s gonna quickly change. I think there’s a group of younger people called ‘the alt right.’ And it started in the last few years in Europe because of the Muslim invasion. And I think it’s… They’re beginning to get people over here, youngsters between 18, 25, 26, to convert to what they call ‘the alt right.’ I think it’s gonna be pretty intense. I think you should keep an eye out for it.”

Limbaugh, of course did not know what the ‘alternative right’ was but likened it to ‘alternative media’ in an almost approving way. Of course the mandarins of our mass culture could not allow for this apparent slip up. The Overton window must remain where it is at all costs.

But fear not, citizens! Former National Review cub reporter Betsy Woodruff took to her new perch at the Daily Beast to make sure all right-thinking people understand just how evil you and I really are. She predictably squawks the usually litany of basic bitch insults. Neo-Nazi! White supremacist! und so weiter:

[T]he alt right is a neoreactionary effort comprised of right-wing agitators brought together by their opposition to immigration (in particular, Hispanic and Muslim immigration), animosity to Muslims, and general opposition to multiculturalism (they call it cultural Marxism). They hate political correctness, they like Donald Trump, and they love dubbing their enemies “cuckservatives.”

Foul lies. We actually worship Donald Trump, thankyouverymuch. We sing our vespers to his Trumpening every day after we’ve finished our ritual burning of the People’s History of the United States. No boring Betsies allowed.

She quotes one Marilyn Mayo of the wholly disinterested Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism just to let us know how serious this is:

It’s basically a term that white supremacists use who see themselves as part of a new movement…They want to differentiate themselves from the conservative or mainstream right. They see the mainstream right as being opposed to white interests.

She is right though. We are different from ‘conservatives’ like ole ‘belchin’ Bets’ as she’s known in the Beltway. That pathetic movement has done nothing more but (barely) secure marginal tax rates while their children grow up in a hellish dystopic mud world. But at least the liberals sometimes ‘like’ your Tweets, huh BB?

It gets worse: we’re Islamophobic, you guys!:

White supremacist leader Richard Spencer started that site in 2010, and it recently coined the term “muslimmivasion” to gin up fear of refugees fleeing the so-called Islamic State widely known as ISIS.

Richard Spencer: racist, loving life, and living large. You jelly, Betsy? Tell us more about those pig heads at a European resettlement camp. Quelle horreur! Such evil, it’s not as if we haven’t seen a major Islamist attack in Paris. Such clucking in the wake of the invasion of Europe is callous. Don’t tell me they left bacon too!

What we on the ‘alt-right’ stand for is identity. We stand for understanding who we were and who we will need to be in the future if our people are to survive. We are not “conservatives” in the Fox News-watching-Ben-Carson-supporting kind of way. We want a future for our civilization and our people. In their hearts, many of Rush’s listeners probably feel the same way. More are beginning to wonder why it is they never get anywhere through Conservatism, Inc.

It’s because those sort of things are nothing more then sounding boards to see how far our enemies can push cultural Marxism today. Anything and, more importantly, anyone who doesn’t further this agenda to wipe out our people is evil. Evil. Like you dear reader, like me. Fine, so let’s be evil. It’s better than being erased.