Many Jews support mass immigration and multiculturalism for the United States and Europe, while opposing such policies for Israel. Until about 10 years ago, this was the dominant position amongst neoconservatives and the liberal Jewish establishment, represented by the likes of Abe Foxman, Alan Dershowitz, Charles Krauthammer, Sheldon Adelson, Joe Lieberman, et al.

Pointing out such hypocrisy has two uses. It reveals the intellectual dishonesty (or, perhaps, self-deception) of many Jewish-founded multicultural movements. Secondly, it is rhetorically useful to ask, “If Israel can have a unique religious and ethnic identity, why can’t America and European countries?”

Over the past decade, however, this hypocritical consensus amongst Jews has broken down. First, many neoconservatives have vocally embraced immigration control. For instance, however repulsive we might find David Frum and Bill Kristol, they are better on the immigration than so many Gentile Republicans. In turn, a major force within the Jewish Left—for example, Max Blumenthal, Tim Wise, “Jon Stewart,” and George Soros—are hostile to Israel’s Likud government. Whatever this shift means, it is not a serious or effective argument to parrot some variation of “Why don’t you support open borders for Israel, too” to Jews who vocally criticize all varieties of nationalism, including Israeli.

Unfortunately, it seems many on the alt Right do not seem to recognize this new reality.

On Twitter, popular alt Right accounts have done the (Shit-) Lord’s work in trolling the establishment Left and Cuckservative Right. But a recent troll raid on Jewish leftist MJ Rosenberg shows how many do not understand, or are simply ignorant of, the new anti-White and anti-Zionist Left. Rosenberg undoubtedly holds hostility towards America’s White Majority, for a combination of racial and religious reasons; and like many on the Left, he has been tweeting hysterically about Donald Trump. As you can imagine, this led a few Right-wing Shitlords to respond with the Happy Merchant cartoon or put ((((())))) around his last name.

Rosenberg took the bait and tweeted,

Before getting to the response, let me briefly describe Rosenberg’s background.

MJ Rosenberg has been a long-time left-wing policy analyst. During the 1980s, he briefly worked for AIPAC, but has since become critical of the group. From 2009 to 2012, he worked for Media Matters, where he criticized neoconservatives and Christian Zionists with slurs like “Israeli Firsters.”

Christian Zionists, neoconservatives, and pro-Likud liberal groups all attacked Rosenberg. Eventually, a group founded by Bill Kristol and Gary Bauer, The Emergency Committee for Israel, ran a full page ad in the New York Times accusing Rosenberg of “throwing around the term ‘Israel Firster,’” which has “a nasty anti-Semitic pedigree.”

As the attacks intensified, Rosenberg resigned (likely under pressure), citing his desire to avoid dragging Media Matters into further controversy. Afterwards, the Jerusalem Post ran an article entitled “Jewish leaders welcome Rosenberg’s removal.” A few quotes from the article:

“I’m proud of whatever small role I played. . . It wouldn’t surprise me if there were some calls to Media Matters from the White House. . . It would have been a smart thing for somebody to have made it clear that the White House could not have any association to somebody who accuses [AIPAC] of not having loyalty to the US. That is such an off the chart accusation.”

—Alan Dershowitz

“For years, Media Matters has been spreading what the ADL, AJC, Simon Wiesenthal and others have all identified as anti-Semitic ideas and hate speech, and despite the departure of this person, this organization has yet to condemn or distance itself in any way from the vile things they have been advocating and paying him to say. The real unanswered question for Media Matters is who hired him in the first place? Clearly, though, they and others now understand that the Democratic party discourse has no room for that kind of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic rhetoric.”

—Josh Block, former AIPAC Spokesman who now heads The Israel Project

“‘Israel Firster’ is a term that demonizes Israel’s supporters and that has debased critical Middle East debates and deliberations—including a nuclearizing Iran. Media Matters’ removal of M.J. Rosenberg and his anti-Israel rants from White House access to the margins is appropriate and long overdue.”

—Rabbi Abraham Cooper, President of the Simon Wiesenthal Center

Even if one was too lazy to look up Rosenberg on Wikipedia, one could just read his Twitter bio: “Former AIPAC employee who learned first-hand that it should register as foreign lobby or shut down.”

The same day of his tweet about Nazis and Trump, he also tweeted:

Thus, whatever one wants to say about Rosenberg, he’s not a shill for AIPAC and the Israel Lobby. Nonetheless, most of the Shitlords responded as if he were.

Here are few of the many example:

There are literally hundreds more of these types of attacks. Rosenberg aptly responded,

I don’t want to overstate the importance of these twitter exchanges. Most of the Shitlords have moved on from Rosenberg and will, no doubt, engage in more successful troll raids. In turn, Rosenberg will continue to promote his anti-Likud and anti-White agenda with the renewed self-righteousness of being attacked by real anti-Semites and the smugness of thinking that they don’t even recognize what he believes. It’s all part of the circle of life.

Nonetheless, the exchange reflects the Right’s failure to understand the changes in the Jewish Left. Of course, I don’t expect grand meta-political analysis in 140 characters from self-proclaimed trolls. But it’s not too much to ask that they refrain from calling someone an Israeli shill whose entire political career is defined by attacking the Israel Lobby.

Put frankly, the alt Right should recognize, address, and seek to counter Jewish influence. But you cannot defeat what you do not understand.