Stop the presses! Or should I say, hold that Pepe! They’re on to us. They know about our plans to fill the Internet with dank memes and commandeer the Overton window to our glorious identitarian century using only our power levels. And they’re really upset that they’re such boring losers.

Who is they you ask? None other than the reactionary commissars over at the Southern Poverty Law Center. They are “reactionary” in the sense that all they can do is “react” to what we do. They watch and wait, defending the post-modern liberal hegemony of our age, all the while raking in record donations!

They represent a rearguard action, defending gains made by a liberalism in the middle of last century that seems to have finally have run its course. Their milquetoast liberalisms, and that of their allies, act(ed) as a managerialist ideology designed to administer a mass multi culti/multi market society. And now even these idiots are starting to understand that their universalist strip mall scheme is coming apart at the seams.

Even when groups like the SPLC try to stay “relevant,” they do nothing more than trot out what will be every cuckservative’s talking points in five years. From listing “black separatist” groups (“See! We don’t see race.”) to pleading direct mail pitches to aging Aquarii, the SPLC might as well be the Liberalism, Inc. to the even more ineffectual “conservative” groups in the Beltway.

They are nothing but a lame-as-hell opening act for the decidedly unchic flyover dupes that turn up for a Huckabee jamfest. Neurotic cultural geriatrics brunching over derivative peans to keep the masses submissive and in tune with the program. Glorified propaganda peddlers. Boring, bland, and utterly incapable of countering our growing forces that they cannot control. Wholly ripe for constant memetic subversion. We racist revolutionaries here at Radix take trolling such pencil-necked apologists for the disgusting and bourgeois status quo to be both a duty and a joy.

In articles like these, one sees that the “defenders” of our liberal hegemony are operating on the Schmittian friend/enemy distinction, though they’re too dull to realize it. They need to publicly trot out and shame some “extremist,” some “racist,” some “evil” group as an enemy in order to rally the flag to their cause (and more shekels to their donation coffers).

Groups such as the SPLC are the dying gasps of yesterday’s “vital center.” Its “hatemap” and other such tools are outward symbols of liberalism’s decay. It must constantly be 1965 in Selma, Alabama. They are living in the past as much as any attendee of “Reaganpalooza.” The era of identity politics is here and the cultural superstructure which has undergirded American-style liberalism for so long is showing stress. And, to our great mirth and entertainment, they know it. It’s a great time to be a shitlord. It’s almost like the lifeless stooges at the increasingly irrelevant SPLC are envious of our fashy fun.

The lame SPLC accuses us of “culture jamming,” which as the rather ponderous (and probable gender studies major) intern over there informs us:

is a tactic normally associated with anti-consumerist movements, and typically uses satire and irony to discredit commercial or political messages and claims. In that context, it has sometimes been referred to as “subvertising” or “guerrilla communication.”

I don’t know about most readers of Radix, but I always considered us at the cutting edge of anti-consumerist thought. Whether it’s my own brief musings on Black Friday and pop culture or Richard’s admission to having more in common with the “left” than the “right” on these issue, we have always seen radical identitarianism as an enemy of the mass culture peddled by major corporations.

After all, what is more dangerous to a soulless, global megacorp than a people with an identity and values greater than a dollar sign? In fact, what being a good identitarian means is to put those primordial facts of existence first and in opposition to the twin abstractions of commercial man in the marketplace and the SPLC’s hollow men of “equality” in society.

Worst of all, however, was this line: “Radix and its publisher Richard Spencer claim to be the bourgeois thought catalog of the ‘new right.’”

Bourgeois!? Bohemian faux-aristocrats, please. (Being ‘Mis-Classed’ triggers us, it makes our health deductions go up!)

Of course, these leftists for whom “radical” thought is supposed to be the norm cannot grasp true radicalism. What is radical is edgy, and we are some of the edgiest goys in the game. What is radical is nimble and multi-faceted in thought, which we are. What is radical gets to the root of who we are. Radical, after all, comes to us from the Latin Radix, or root.

I can assure you dear readers, you will find no thoughts more radical than those from your friendly racist hipsters here at Radix!