The Alt Right boomlet may come to an end sooner than any of us expect, as the System moves to cut off our access to the outside world. 

It might begin with Twitter, which has been the scene of successful trolling operations such as #Cuckservative and #NRORevolt. Now, Twitter is moving to ban so-called “hateful speech,” which may “directly attack or threaten people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease.” Twitter claims it supports “freedom of expression and speaking truth to power.” But just as the job of the modern journalist is to track and punish dissent, so will a medium ostensibly designed to promote discussion shut it down. 

The way this will be done is by suspending or banning an account that makes people not “feel safe” or that “harasses, intimidates, or uses fear to silence another user’s voice.” The problems with this are obvious. First, we can take for granted that this protection does not extend to racially aware Whites (or even conservatives in general). Will “anti-racists” be suspended for their attempts to “silence” people? Hardly likely when every other mainstream media story is an attempt to “call out” and punish someone for saying something obviously true.

The second problem is more subtle and insidious. “Threatening” means whatever the weakest person in the room wants it to mean. After all, we live in a world where Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkessian lectured the United Nations on the supposed problem of “cyberbullying,” even though people (allegedly) sending them mean things on Twitter is the entire basis of their careers. 

When you subsidize something, as many kosher conservative friends say, you get more of it. We live in a world that subsidizes weakness. Not surprisingly, we seem to be inventing new forms of it and professional victimhood is the only growth industry.

It may even be the defining aspect of our civilization. Earlier this Current Year, sociologists Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning claimed the “culture of victimhood” was displacing the rights based “dignity culture” that has defined the liberal order, since it replaced “honor culture.” In an “honor culture,” men avenge slights through the willingness to inflict—and suffer—violence. Most societies have been “honor cultures” historically, and it remains the norm among certain social groups. An honor culture is the Way of the Gang, or the Way of Men. But though it’s attractive in many ways, honor cultures tend to be dominated by self-destructive violence and instability. After all, the largest honor culture of today is the Arab world.

“Dignity culture” is the system where we have inherent “rights.” Francis Fukuyama postulated this kind of society satisfies our desire for recognition, or thymos, and thus constituted the End of History. Rather than private vengeance, we look to the state to solve our disputes and generally pursue our own rational well-being. 

But as the state expands, the demands for official intervention have grown. As racial and cultural diversity undermine trust, potential conflicts increase. More importantly, as it becomes economically more attractive to be a victim than a worker, people create ever more elaborate forms of categorization (dragon kin, etc.) and ever more petty forms of “microaggressions.” As Michael Enoch observers, this is simply the manipulation of language for the purpose of rent-seeking. 

Conservatives, as they so often do, miss the point. Reacting to the recent spectacle of the mostly Black protests on college campuses, conservatives call the students “wimps” or “pussies,” sometimes via crappy memes featuring liberal Hollywood actors. They argue these students and social justice warriors’ lives are easy compared to people around the world. And many complain how in the good old days, 18 year olds would bravely go fight and die to defeat Nazis, instead of demanding protection sexism and racism. 

But they have it backwards. Even an elite soldier who has taken life and faced down death takes orders from these supposed cowards. A man can deadlift 500 pounds, but if he depends on his job to survive, he is ultimately weaker than the transsexual student intern who reports him to the human resources manager. And moral disarmament and the chains of gold around of all us ensure this hierarchy will survive for years to come. 

At the same time, though they take advantage of this hierarchy, leftists pretend they have transcended it. Within their organizations, the best way to secure leadership is to be the most vociferous in denying any leaders actually exist. Tactics from the “progressive stack” to “calling out” newly invented “isms” are just various ways of securing a place in the status system you ostensibly repudiate. And power shifts quickly. In a matter of weeks, Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner went from “stunning and brave” to a problematic and “privileged” oppressor.

We even have degenerate celebrities who attempt to use this trick of appearing as low-class victims. Senator Chuck Schumer’s cousin Amy is fat, unattractive, and constantly talks about how unpleasant she is; therefore, we have to pretend she’s a comedian, entertain her views on gun control, and regard her as some kind of feminist activist. Carrie Fisher’s publicity work for the recent Star Wars movie mostly consisted of her bragging how obese and unattractive she’s become, even though her career (such as it was) was built upon her serving as a sex symbol for geeks. Somehow, this constitutes a blow against the patriarchy and increases her status. 

This has even moved into presidential politics. The media is even trying to shame Donald Trump on the grounds that his supporters have allegedly emailed mean things to people. More broadly, Trump is hated because he is attempting to sell himself as unapologetically successful, powerful male who gets things done. His “kingly appeal,” as Peter Brimelow phrased it in an interview, offends those who prefer the passive-aggressive approach of a Hillary Clinton. Many Americans are comfortable with tyranny, but they will not abide a crown. 

All societies incorporate hypocrisy. Ours is built upon it. Those who enjoy the benefits of an empire more powerful and invasive than any in history protect their status by concealing it in the cloak of victimhood. It appears the indirect approach is more effective when it comes to securing authority over others.

Meanwhile, the Right defends hierarchy as an ideal and an aesthetic even as we are all but powerless. From the young edgelords reading Might is Right to those fashy haircuts, we’ve championed a certain aesthetic, even though revealing our power level to the wrong person will cost us a job. 

One could call this LARPing or even pathetic. Our enemies often do. But I’d simply call it honest. Racially aware whites—and only racially aware Whites—understand the real nature of the System and see that the reality of power hasn’t changed. 

What stops power is power. What we call “liberty” is merely a space where force checks force. Many American conservatives seriously believe that “the Constitution” is what gives them the right to free speech or to own a gun. But whatever the problems with the American Founding, at least the Revolutionary generation understood words on paper meant nothing unless backed by willpower and weapons.

All of us live with the consequences of this hard reality every day. Anyone reading this faces real, concrete consequences for dissent, not just mean words. Violence is used against us. We can’t expect on the protection of law. We can’t count on the sanctity of property or words on a contract. We are subject to open incitement, with people openly fantasizing or even explicitly calling for our death and genocide. Claiming to be a victim brings us further scorn, not pity and money. It’s obvious but important that if they were attacking anyone other than Whites, a “mainstream source” like Salon would be the most extreme “hate site” on the Internet. 

We also know it is the precisely the most privileged groups who try to use the concept of “privilege” as a weapon. Pointing out how Whites generally make more money and are imprisoned less than blacks is taken as proof of “White privilege,” but merely noticing the high income and influential positions of Jews is sufficient to constitute proof of anti-Semitism or “Jew hatred.” 

Peter Brimelow once commented that Americans are already acting like an occupied population. At any moment, we’re all vaguely aware “they” could come for us, but what does that really mean? Though violence isn’t uncommon, usually it’s more subtle. Social shaming is an important aspect, but the Alt Right has grown sufficiently large such that even a person “outed” as a thought criminal will have a social network. The real threat is what Malcolm X (in reference to Jewish tactics) called “the economic weapon,” the threat of job loss, career destruction, and crushing poverty. Look at what happened to Frank Borzellieri

Of course, there’s a limit to this. If a sufficient number of people are driven outside the System, they can constitute a counter-system. For propaganda purposes, it’s not a good thing if we are mostly just talking (and, unfortunately, fighting) amongst ourselves. But ultimately, building economic and mutual support networks is the best way to ensure we have a future. 

More importantly, we have something no one else does. We have agency. We act. We create. We build new worlds in the ruin of the old. Every aspect of the current system, from the predatory financiers at the top to the non-White “activists” begging for handouts at the bottom, ultimately depend on White people. 

The great lie of American race relations is that Whites somehow gain or exploit the “Black bodies” among us or depend in some sense on other groups. Who depends on whom? Just as we can judge a society by observing how people “vote with their feet,” we can dismiss the claims of racism by watching how all the groups who claim to be oppressed can’t wait to live among as many racist White people as possible. What vitality and power this system has left is drained with every second it continues. 

And that’s why our approach to power can’t be like that of our enemies. Ultimately, power cannot be sustained on a weak foundation. We aren’t trying to scramble to the top of a collapsing pyramid. We are trying to build something that endures. More importantly, we are trying to build something that provides a meaning and an up-going, not the bitterness and rot characteristic of our so-called “elite.” The command for each one of us always remains constant, however you see your role in the struggle. It’s only two words, after all: Become Stronger.