Love might be one of the most overused words of our time. If it’s not trying to sell us some inane product or media monstrosity, then it’s being used in service of the hegemonic liberal discourse of our age. If there’s one thing I’m sure we’re all sick of being told, it has to be “love everyone” and that “love wins,” or Jeb Bush’s lame pronouncement that illegal immigration is an “act of love.”

But has love really won?

Every day we see signs that despair, not love, has woven itself into the very fabric of our lands. More and more of our people are dying, and we are being replaced by wave upon wave of others. They don’t even know our ways, let alone have the ability to “love” us, whatever that would mean.

But the signs continue to shout “believe in love,” like during last week’s Super Bowl. What, exactly are we supposed to love? “Gay marriage”? “Diversity”? “Bud-Light”? “Coca-Cola”? In our post-modern landscape, “acts of love” have become their own consumer choice. Just as you can be one of countless “gender indentites” on Facebook, so you too can make your devotion to “love” in the politico-consumer choice of your own. Would you like that rainbow soda in Coke, or Pepsi?

There is another way.

As identitarians, love, not hate is built into the very fiber of who we are. Yes, hate, for what is being done to us and anger at those who carry it out is crucial. But love for who we are, and what we can become has to be in our hearts.

After all, none of us would work to reverse our situation if we didn’t care. If we didn’t love who we are. We are European men and women with thousands of years of shared history. From the Apollo of the Belvedere to Apollo 11, our people have shared a destiny.

If we never find love, real love, for who we are and what we can be, we’ll never make it out of the darkness. While our enemies prattle on about their “love,” let’s re-discover the real thing. Love of our accomplishments, our people, and yes our future.

From the individual level to our civilization, identitarian love is revolutionary. In a time when love means “buy more stuff” or “equality,” a radical love of one’s people becomes a defiant act. It’s what our enemeies hate.

So go out there and love. For yourself and our people.

Love is our resistance. Not theirs.