Polls will close for the South Carolina GOP Primary at 7:00 p.m.(EST) Donald Trump remains a threat to Conservatism Inc., will it last? Feel free to comment here as results come in through the night.

Here is a brief Radix Trump roundup to hold you over until the results are announced:

A Time For Choosing-Gregory Hood

The Crack-Up-Hannibal Bateman

Principle Interest(podcast)-Richard Spencer and Kevin MacDonald

As they Lay Dying-Gregory Hood

Brief Mention: It appears as if Hillary Clinton has overtaken Bernie Sanders in Nevada. One news outlet trumpets it as “riding minority support” to victory. The future face of that party can not be clearer.

Radix Live!

At 9:30 PM ET, Radix Live will return!

Richard will offer his reactions to the results from South Carolina and take questions from commenters on YouTube.