Perhaps the chief fault that one can lay before the European Union is that of giving a bad name to the very good idea of cooperation and unity among Europeans. Not a day goes by without the latest illustration of European governments’ collective impotence in some perpetual “crisis,” the endless episodes of which have long bored everyone.

It was not always so. In the early 2000s, the project was still fresh, having consolidated a customs union and forged a common currency, both unprecedented achievements in European history. The Union kept growing, with post-communist Central European nations, in particular, rejoining their Western brethren. No one knew exactly what would be achieved. But many Europeans, otherwise adrift in this age of nihilism, were refreshed and even seduced by the noble prospect of working together on a “great project.” Many liberals, alienated by the “ugly America” of George W. Bush and the neoconservatives, sang paeans to the “European dream” and prophesied the emergence of a rival European superpower.

So much for all that. In fact, the European Union has been revealed for what it is: An incoherent confederation of semi-sovereign mass-media democracies, warped at once by the political hegemony of the American Empire and the cultural hegemony of liberal-egalitarian ideology. This “Europe” flails from one crisis to the next, torn between the electoral imperative of keeping the lives of the “posthistorical” Europeans’ as soft and “convenient” as possible, and the exigencies of globalized capitalism and multiculturalism.

The tragedy is that Europe could be so much more. The European Union is sustained in part by liberal moralism (“a union of signaling”) and in part by something nobler. François Mitterrand called it the European peoples’ “instinct of greatness.” This unquenchable, self-sacrificial, Promethean spirit I would name “the call of the stars.” This is the same spirit which compelled Christopher Columbus to embrace the mad ambition of circling the Earth and drove Galileo Galilei to contemplate the heavenly spheres and defy orthodoxy.

Jewish, American, and European elites have, since the end of the Second World War, carefully worked to suppress, segregate, and neutralize another of our instincts: The tribal instinct, the call of the blood. Nationalist parties and thinkers have been systematically ostracized and the imperative of maintaining the ethnic cohesion of our lands has been explicitly rejected.

It does not have to be this way. One can easily imagine forms of European cooperation and unity which, unlike what is currently on offer, would satisfy both Europeans’ patriotic instinct and their instinct of greatness. Indeed, embryonic antecedents for such great projects already exist.

A Great Wall of Europe is an obvious first choice for such a project. The Franco-German military-industrial giant Airbus could, instead of building walls to protect Arabs, build walls to protect Europeans. Billions of euros, cutting-edge technology, and international cooperation could be committed to securing the continent’s collective borders in Spain, Italy, and Greece. Nothing would better reconcile northern and southern Europeans, and enamor them with the idea of European unity, than working together to save our shared continent from Afro-Islamization. As the Great Wall of China protected that country from Central Asian barbarians, so would a Great Wall of Europe forever keep at bay invaders who, from the Umayyads to the Ottomans, and from the White slave trade to the ethnic cleansing of Kosovar Serbs, have done incalculable damage to our peoples.

The complete restoration of Europe’s strategic autonomy, allowing Europeans to enjoy full independence to determine their destiny, is another potential great project, one which would require continental or even transcontinental scale. Thus, Europe’s characteristic dependence on foreign superpowers, in place since the Second World War, would be undone. For instance, I think of restoring Europe’s energy independence, something which could only be achieved through a reconciliation with Russia as an integral part of the European family. In the latter respect, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s praise for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s action to “defend European identity” is extremely encouraging.

Another project would be for Europeans to work together to be at the cutting edge of pioneering research efforts to unveil the secrets of our universe. This is already the case with the CERN physics research center in Geneva, the ITER fusion reactor in Cadarache, southern France, and the European Space Agency. But more could be done and, in this respect, we must be acutely aware of the need to keep up with China. China is truly a super-nation, larger than all of Western countries put together, but with a level of cohesion approaching that of one of our nation-states. Assuming China can resist attempts to infiltrate her body politic, such as the Chan Zuckerberg Project, then that awesome nation will no doubt be the leading rival to European civilization.

For instance, China is pioneering new research on the very nature of humanity and in the art of eugenics, notably with the lavishly-funded Beijing Genomics Institute. The Chinese, as we all know, are already an innumerable, intelligent, and disciplined people. But how hegemonic would their power be if they were allowed to achieve a decisive edge in human evolution? Why have European governments and institutions not come together to fund, for example, a Berlin Genomics Institute for the common benefit of our entire civilization? Surely, the improvement of our humanity is one of the grandest endeavors conceivable for European Man.

Then there is the promotion of European identity and consciousness itself. This is the Alternative Right’s most important role. In this, European-Americans – precisely because of the hegemony of American culture in Europe – have an absolutely critical role to play. If the Alternative Right can discredit or subvert American liberal-egalitarian ideology, then Europe too would be mechanically liberated as a result.

Further afield, we can imagine an Identitarian Europe in which the Franco-German cultural TV channel Arte would not broadcast degeneracy and the Erasmus student exchange would not just be an excuse for the European youth to binge drink in another country. We can imagine a Europe in which service of our biocultural heritage and civilization would be a sacred, even spiritual calling.

Finally, there is the fate of White America, of European America. There should be nothing more shocking and enraging for a European contemplating America, than the sight of the persecution and decline of our brothers of blood and spirit across the Atlantic. European-Americans are massively underrepresented in many critical areas of American society, such as elite academia and the media, not to mention the financing of the Democratic Party. European-Americans are being physically displaced and their historic nation and communities are being destroyed as an explicit objective of the U.S. government, in favor of creating what President Barack Hussein Obama calls “a hodgepodge of folks.” What’s more, these injustices and this destruction are being legitimized and enforced by the systematic demonization of European-Americans in academia and the media. There are severe punishments meted out to anyone who would explicitly, and often merely implicitly, defend ethnic European interests, even as other groups such as Jews, Blacks, and Hispanics systematically organize to defend their own.

This persecution of the Europeans of the New World must be intolerable to all Europeans of the Old World, and we must organize to come to their aid, lest they end up like the extinct Europeans of Saint-Domingue and Rhodesia. Conversely, if European-Americans emancipate themselves first, then it will be their duty to join in the struggle to liberate the European motherland.

All European peoples must be vitally concerned with the freedom and right-to-life of all other European peoples, and above all, of those on both sides of the Atlantic. That is the great struggle of our time, our great project, answering both the call of the blood, and the call of the stars.