The cuckservative meme spread faster than the zika virus on steroids, terrifying establishment Republicans and inflicting a devastating blow to their morale. The power of utilizing rhetorical arguments is giving us the upper hand by deconstructing entire ideologies with a single pejorative. Such memetic warfare must progress and evolve if we are to gain the upper hand over the reigning neo-con establishment.

Now is the time to shift our focus to attacking the document that is at the center of worship for those who are giving away our nation to hostile aliens. No, I am not talking about the Bible (though that might be the subject of another article).

I am talking about the Constitution. You know, that quaint document that has been used by the Supreme Court to uphold and justify every major social policy that conservatives are at odds with, from the legalization of abortion to gay marriage. The only explanation for such fidelity towards its presently compromised existence is religious fanaticism, as displayed by creeps like Glenn Beck who once told an audience that the Constitution “came from God” and was a “sacred scripture.”

Respect for the Constitution was once and is today a unique phenomenon created by the collective expression of elite diaspora Europeans on the North American continent. As it currently stands, this primitive article of antiquity will not solve the problems we face in the 21st century. In The Current Year, the Constitution has ceased to be a vehicle for progress and has instead devolved into a major obstacle to our future.

Dysgenic trends, massive immigration from third world nations of people incapable of integration or maintaining our civilization, combined with overpopulation and the subsequent destruction of the biosphere, cannot be addressed within the current parameters the Constitution imposes on the executive branch. Capitalist digital platform censorship will further ensure that these massively growing problems will compound further to the point where there will be little, if anything, we can do to stop the ensuing chaos.

There is a need for a nation’s people to have in writing a safeguard set of values that obstructs those in power from abusing its people. However, when the laws enshrined in a nation’s Constitution no longer serve the best interests of the people (both present and future), it is the responsibility of that generation to replace it.

While the Constitution has provisions that make it amendable, it would be near impossible to mobilize a movement and muster the political will to ratify the necessary amendments to fix these problems. Our first step is to break the spell that the Constitution has over the Grand Old Party’s rank and file members once and for all. Until the time that we can redress our problematic scenario, we must do everything possible to discourage our people from elevating the zombie Constitution to the level of an unalterable sacred scripture.

We need a meme that not only demonstrates their foolishness, but also exposes the reality that nothing they love will exist if we do not rid ourselves of such a pernicious and constricting piece of paper.

My proposal: Any cuckservative witnessed making mindless hosannas to “defending the Constitution” will immediately be tarred and feathered with the label of Paper Worshipper and patronized about the stupidity of their comment.

Simply waiting for the opportunity to present itself will not be enough to get this “dank meme” of the ground. We must actively hunt these Paper Worshippers on social media, at family reunions, in public, and at social or religious gatherings.

The bottom line: Leave no space safe for Paper Cucks. No quarter for Parchment Fetishists. No mercy for Vellum Supremacists. Their pantywaisted reign of procedural suicide ends now.

Creative variations on the term are also highly advisable. Just like genes, memes evolve and take on new forms. Embrace them and victory will be ours.