Ramzpaul really nailed it (so to speak) in his recent video on the hysteria over Rooshv and his proposed Return of Kings meet-ups.

Whatever we might think of Roosh, ROK, and “game” culture, the fact is, activists and governments around the world are freaking out over—and cracking down on—the mere proposal of men gathering together as men and thinking politically incorrect thoughts and sharing politically incorrect ideas.

You know where that leads! (I don’t exactly, but apparently it’s someplace in southern Poland.)

This is why even something as goofy as the Tea Party—or as overtly anti-racist as the German PEGIDA movement—must be opposed by the system. Regardless of what people might chant at these rallies, the mere imagry of White people gathering together and fighting for their interests sends shivers down the spine.

I thus stand in solidarity with ROT and its fans.

As Ramzpaul points out, it is psychologically revealing that liberals have been terrified by Roosh’s hypothetical arguments for making rape legal on private property. They have been silent, however, on the real rapes and molestations that took place beneath Cologne’s cathedral this past New Year’s Eve. One event fits the narrative of “the Patriarchy” and female victimization. The other fits the narrative of Donald Trump. Thus, it must never be spoken of.