We seem to be at a turning point in the rise of European consciousness. Europe was lawlessly invaded by 2 million African and Islamic settlers last year. Never before have so many become aware of the demographic changes underway and the threats they pose to our continent. Never have so many witnessed, either in the media or in their daily lives, the petty criminality, mass murder, and rape that is occurring in almost all great European cities as a result. And, thanks to the all-pervasiveness of the Internet, the power of media gatekeepers to control the narrative on these events is weaker than ever. Identitarian memes have taken on a life of their own.

Yet in France, the official nationalist party, the Front National, has been nothing but a spectator to these developments. The party progresses steadily, her humble cadres winning remunerated elected offices with negligible powers and enjoying media appearances for the leadership. But the party is a strange marginal artifact: Neither allowed to participate in the rising explicitly racial discourse, nor allowed to participate in the normal “democratic” politics of the country. The FN is in a strange no-man’s-land, despite being the single most popular party in the country (“the first party of France”).

Of course, divides on race and political correctness are nothing new at the FN. Numerous French intellectuals – Alain de Benoist, Dominique Venner, and Guillaume Faye among them – have long urged French nationalists to embrace a European and Identitarian destiny. Jean-Marie Le Pen was always more of a populist than a racialist, having a Muslim elected on his party ticket during the Algerian War and having a right-hand man (the amiable Bruno Gollnisch) married to a Japanese.

Yet, Marine Le Pen and her spin doctor Florian Philippot went further than her father in purging her party of anything the media would find disagreeable. Finally, Jean-Marie was kicked out of his own party for defending the White race and refusing to call Marshal Philippe Pétain a traitor.

Can Marine Le Pen’s symbolic patricide finally prove her virtue to the media-political gatekeepers? It is unlikely even this supreme and dishonoring sacrifice will prove sufficient. As the aged Jewish political journalist Jean-Pierre Elkabbach explained to her on public radio, when Le Pen said she had yet to visit Auschwitz:

Jean-Pierre Elkabbach: In the meantime you should watch Shoah, the film by Claude Lanzmann. [Le Pen smiles.] That would be an opportunity to learn. No?

Marine Le Pen: But learn? I know full well, sir. [. . .]

Jean-Pierre Elkabbach: Have you seen the film? Have you seen the document? You haven’t watched Shoah for nine hours1 and you haven’t been to Auschwitz. You see there are still many things . . . But perhaps between now and the next show you will have done one or the other.2

As Léon Bloy once said: “Once you’ve pissed your pants, you may as well shit them too.”

Now you may think this exchange betrays some arrogance on the journalist’s part against the representative of France’s leading political party. But Marine Le Pen is the impudent shiksa begotten by the man who , allegedly, is the most dangerous goy to have graced the face of Europe since He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named blew out his brains 70 years ago.

I am not one to overly criticize people who are actually getting their hands dirty and trying to do something difficult. And what is more difficult than politics? Especially for someone who must, in the face of the media, walk the line of heresy. If Marine Le Pen’s “Perónist” strategy pays off, I will not complain. And, given that the French Jewish community appears increasingly divided on the FN (many fearing Islam more) and that half of French police and military personnel support the FN, I do not think conquering the French state legally is a completely vain hope. This would hardly be a panacea but would mean a revolutionary change in the entire European situation, in which our demographic and cultural struggle would be pursued in massively improved circumstances.

Every strategy should be attempted.

At the same time, there is a sense in which the FN has simply been house-trained by the media. They haven’t said anything new, let alone anything of interest, since 2011.

I am rather struck at the parallel between the mainstream media’s relationship with “authorized” nationalist parties and that of the German authorities with the press in wartime occupied France. Dominique Venner informs us that after only a couple weeks of actual censorship, the Kommandantur could then have a fairly hands-off approach as the editors knew how to self-censor appropriately . . .

But other Right-wing politicians have not been so shy in exploiting the migrant crisis and trying to shift the country’s politics in an Identitarian direction. That is, on focusing less on bashing the European Union (whatever its real faults) and moving towards ethnic realism or even outright White advocacy. That the nation is not simply, as the FN’s current program might suggest, a means of defending France’s obese welfare state and “social acquis” (French for “gibs”).

The most impressive of these politicians is probably the FN’s former youth leader, the charismatic Julien Rochedy, but he has decided to withdraw from direct politics for now.

Unfortunately, most of the other politicians moving in this direction are rather mediocre, particularly in signaling their inoffensiveness to the powers that be.

One is Robert Ménard, the former secretary-general of Reporters Sans Frontières and the current mayor of the southern town of Béziers. He instituted ethnic statistics (a taboo in France) and has opposed the opening of kebab shops in the name of France’s “Judeo-Christian tradition.”

Another is the mainstream conservative politician Nadine Morano, who made history by being, to my knowledge, the first person to explicitly defend the White race on primetime French television. “We are a Judeo-Christian country – as General [Charles] de Gaulle used to say – of white race,” she said. Of course, Morano consciously misquoted the General: He referred to France as White and Christian, but not Jewish, and famously termed the Jews “an elite people, self-confident and dominating.”

Morano was then, in her own words, “lynched” by the media, to the joy of anti-Judaic activists Dieudonné and Alain Soral: You see, adding “Judeo-” didn’t protect you. In fact, she was not too harshly punished and one neoconservative Jew, the usually hysterical Alain Finkielkraut, actually defended her statement.

Finally, there is Aymeric Chauprade, a once-promising academic who had lectured on geopolitics at the French War College. He was kicked out for examining the September 11 Attacks a little too closely. Chauprade then joined the FN as Marine Le Pen’s foreign policy adviser and was elected under the FN ticket as a Member of the European Parliament. He has since been kicked out of the party, partly for making too many independent politically-incorrect statements and a bizarre incident in which he helped two French pilots in the Dominican Republic escape drug charges.

Chauprade is now signaling hard his willingness to be recruited by the counter-jihad movement to engage Europe in the clash of civilizations against Islam. He made a big speech deeming France to be at war with Islamismwhile otherwise being pro-immigration and pro-assimilation (“France is much better than a race, it’s a civilization”). He recently made the ludicrous tweet: “The cross and the #kippa# are part of France immemorial, not the headscarf!” We’ll see how this works out for him.

Now I certainly don’t condone these statements, but I understand why they were made. As the head of the official French Jewish lobby (CRIF), the aptly-named Roger Cuckierman, has said: “The Jews are the guardians of democracy.”

That’s a statement worth contemplating. Really.

Anyway, those who are engaged in the metapolitics of cultural struggle have the pleasure of remaining relatively un-compromised. We will not be swayed by some cheap neoconservative knock off: While we honor the memories of Charles Martel and Jan Sobieski, we are not interested in destroying Muslim lands on behalf of the American Empire or Israel. Our only interest is the survival and flourishing of our people.

The FN, as a semi-authorized nationalist party, is the fruit of the power of media gatekeepers. Yet, the media’s power itself is waning, bleeding out to the self-organizing communities of the Internet. Something is in the air, even in Germany, where a ruthless anti-nationalist dictatorship rules. Our traditional nationalist parties, who are part of the System, could well be swept away with it. The fire rises.